Japan vs Australia (23008 views)

jp sirokuma
jp stain
jp shick
jp Stacker
jp Raketen
au riCo
au iceman34
au maxxxx
au ikez0r
au HM
au forty
After being defeated by Australia in last years world cup, Japan has come to get payback, ET style.

Last weeks defeat to Europe left Australia licking their wounds and Japan has stepped up to the challenge. Will we see them handed the same fate that ruined their world cup campaign, or will they put Australia to more shame in ET land?
14.01.07 12:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Misc
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Syd (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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us Radio iTG
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
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Viewer Peak: 582


Aussies fo sho
I only hope ill be awake :p
can japanese people play this game without getting motion sickness? unexpected
spec stain he is :O
all in on japan
lol, australia ofc.
Japan are very good, so this will be close. I definately think it'll go to a 3rd map.

Website for more infoooos?
Japanese will win \o/
<3 forty
i want to be in japanis vent :DD
lol everytime they get a kill: "haha! SHINE TEME!!!" (die bastard) ;)
stfu delbar
why...? cuz you can't handle me? :P
Your granny told me to tell you :<
stfu pls...?
admin ban him
omg why? Cuz i reply to your post? :o
nice! gl aus <3
very exotic match:) imo aus
all on australia!
Japanese eyes = natural wallhack. xD
chinese eyes > *
Too bad chinese don't play on NC!!!
u didnt get the joke

gs ftw :)
ok explain pls. >:/
fi chinese eyes.gs

A gunslingers player
tnx :*

nice nick ;>>>
first two nicknames in Japanese team, lawl xD
Japan cool:D
shaggy isnt playing ?
GO JAPAN! !!!!!!!!!
wtf japan plays et? :D

gl Australians!
they r nerds they r playing 1337/24 f0sh0 they will win !

gl japan !1
good luck ETroos!
sambal bij?
hh nice match!
gL jP
gl AUS
lol on which server will they play? taiwan? philippines?
japan @ all servers 300 ping :?
Thanks to my ISP play with that ping on european servers...
rofl japan @ ET !?

my money on them !!!
They've got like 100Mb connections at every house :O
yes japan are the here way one too, how but they aussie whitch play here server all on :). jap but one yes winner !
I english teacher me talk i am good english !!!
I think, that you want to be really funny or you're 3 years old :<
W T F?
pls try again, and this time put the words in the right order ;)
await game
:OOOOOOOOO am i dreaming? :O
ET = Global Game x)

Go Aussies!
Australia will win.
u must be blinded man
you need to get off meth MAN
Jap > AUS : DDD
go go riCo :D hf
world isn't big enough for two rico's!
hmm but hes better than u! so rename plz
Go go go JAP !

Btw how many ET players does Japan have? ...
Considering that Japan is the only country in the world with special withdraw centres for gamers I think there are plenty of ET gamers over there.

( Don't know if they play competitional though ).
Actually The Netherlands has a special clinic for gamers as well
nice !
We should get a live shoutcast from Team Japan's Teamspeak / Ventrilo
haha, I hope its gonna be exciting cuz I really want to see japanese playing :)
Japan! Roundkick on AUS:) + Hadooken!+Hadooken! and shoryuken! win fo sho;) gl hf:D:D
korea would win, but japan ? who knows :[


edit: Asia vs Australia?
kad u so shibaful :<
I really gotta see this match.
easy baz for japan
go japan ! >o
nice :)
Japanese geeks can do it (o:
adding maxxxx and ikezOr makes this pretty much strongest Aussie lineup

2/1 Aussies
3/1 Japan
cool :D
japan sux
Go Japan GO! Japan - best

why didn't i get invited though? -.-
didnt even know japanese people played this game :o
you just stfu tardish cheater wanabe loser etc :)
i almost feel sorry for you, that you have nothing else to do :(
i wouldnt underrate japan...
pinglaggers!...r u WELCOME!
are u mental?

..and tell ur mum to stop calling me
gl Japan!
Your bet: 729€ on JAP
Possible Win: 3645 € (+2916 €) =]

biqq in japan!
riCo > all Go! Aus!
we need to see bsr @ team australia.. or is he too low? :(
We need to see decem @ team Europe.. or is he too low? :(
Japan has more names starting with S so they win, gg.

- Sypher.
Japan might be not good but they are superior. Ergo they win.


PS: Not many ET Players in Japan. Most of them are console geeks. That's why we should PROMOTE ET IN JAPAN! and all over the world ^-^'.
giko's closed
"That's why we should PROMOTE ET IN JAPAN! and all over the world" god bless you!
WOW - Japan vs Australia - ET = LIFE! hf both! <3
5 on japan
ukhm...you said 11:30CET ?

It's 14:31 now ;=o
It's Friday now ;=o
Frankiej @ sarcasm detector mode.

Hybrid @ got something wrong but wont admit it mode

k fag
you obviously dont know what sarcasm means.
easy bash for germany

According to my history teacher both germany and japan lost :s :p
Japan even got some radioactivity so they schrunk and couldn't reach the keyboard anymore.
myeah, but that was unfair, Aussies sided with USA then and USA had radioactive nades ;)
the yermans were working on it too but ze US beat them by stealing their scientistsssssssssssssssssssss!
wakarimasoe ka? Isoge! arigato.

Gl Japan
Jap can win.Because Jap has 5 great nickname starting from "S".
Their "S" is that of Sadists imo.and MiRUKU always says "my Nickname's "M" is that of Masochist".
If they can have hardcore sex on 1vs5 within the match.they can win then.
Pings going to be lovely <3
very interesting match :o)
pLZzz Add The Score...
Japan 2.00 vs 2.00 Australia Total pot: 142309 €

kroep poek blij mleneer
someone should be called Hiroshima
or Nagasaki
you two should have been there. not funny.
dont blame them for being stupid, blame their parents for not educating them.

gl, all my money on japan !
no, itachi
close one! but AUS will win...
Your bet: 5€ on AUS
Possible Win: 8 € (+3 €)
jap > aus without dersaidin ;(
Possible Win: 818 € (+325 €) gogogo aus, but gl jap :)
uprimnou soustrast :P
all in AUS GL!!!!1 you should bet too
good luck guys
Yoko Ono ftw! =)
should be closer than au vs eu... au to come out on top

Radio ITG Offline???
Fake ETTV servers! >:[
where is tosspot!
What's the score already?
2-0 Aus , a bit lucky with returning the obj though :(

radaar now
edit : adler cause they can't to drawfoliage 0
No their just not smart enough to reload the config.
was about to then they voted :<
woohoo! won 35 euros!
i am rich, bitch!
australien nabs
WP Japan.
<3 MiRUKU uber rifle
gg japs :>
Your bet: 1000€ on JAP Won 5000€
4-2 Japan
japan :>
good game!
disputes wow!!
gg JAP :)
update pls
wp japan!!!:D
Your bet: 300€ on JAP Possible Win: 1500 € (+1200 €)

thnx for the money my panoramic eyed friends
omg :/
unreliable australians :(
oh my god
rofl japan cast >* :DDDDDD
bb money :'<
Your bet: 250€ on JAP Possible Win: 1250 € (+1000 €)
Your bet: 1500€ on JAP Won 7500€

otu :)

Japan 5.00 vs 1.25 Australia
zOMG how can you lose from the jappers
d*mn it !
Your bet: 6000€ on JAP Won 30000€
ty m8s
gg wp :)
yoyoyo i won 25 €
Your bet: 3040€ on JAP Won 15200€

Your bet: 5€ on JAP Won 25€

I knew it!

GO GO GO ANIME 'n MANGA ;D (naruto, shaman king and yu-gi-oh :D)
Your bet: 100€ on JAP Won 500€

mhm zodiac
just watched the replay. gg!
Total pot: 207563 €
some people got pwnt very hard.
haha n1ce
Your bet: 729€ on JAP Won 3645€ :P
btw very ugly tags japan
I luckily forgot to bet for this match, otherwise i'd have bet on the aussies
anyone got demos?
only ettv ones sorry