DreaM vs Zero Empathy FiF (10250 views)

04.07.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Killerboy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 79353
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 71


gl dream
gl fos
izi 4 dream but gl zeroE <3
gl Flashy mixtape owner
Gl NoHead
Gl rizkk Mr Alone
we cant play this on thursday..
idd , we can't .
pm dream to play on sunday
Kheb dream al gepmd, kheb verzet naar zondag 22u, cva?
all money on rizkk aka le gay
gl zeroE :D
gl nohead, flash and fos
cz jalo and nl joshua instead of shaky and menth
God bless u that u chose JALO ! :) gl DreaM ;)
hes bad
actually, he just needs more experience, cause his aim isn't that bad :)
i agree jalo isnt bad but your agumentation makes no sense since 99% of the community dont have bad aim
jalo has extremely good aim, not just not bad
wouldnt agree with that
there's a world for that... disagree
there's a world for it? oh shiat
gl motif
gl MOTIF gl Jo0f

gl nohead
gl flashy
Easy for DreaM !
gl flashy/menth!
ooo nohead du schwein :D gl
flashy :d hf
izi for MOTiF NoHead and shaky

gl you guys.
:)! thxbro
good luck Flashy :d
fostrum vs nohead :D gl mannen!
en de flash natuurlijk :)
all on DreaM
GL nohead
gL NoHead, heard you shot 106hs with 48acc in a random 3on3 war on 1map :]]]] shame I didn't play that game, would have been nice seeing that
saw sAs1 shoot 112 before in 1 map!
sas pro :PP nohead not :PP
Lol? :D
10 gibs only? Son I am disappoint.
you were playing against FtF, low/+ team, gratz.
READ random war , i played with jaymod friends
cool can i have that demo wanna see how you played :_D

I had 107 like a month ago :P
pak ze frits & mike :)
You have € 15 on DreaM
Possible win: € 71.1 gl
gl motafo
hf rizzk
enjoy <3 jalo <3 shaky

riskkkfait moi rêver : si tu gagne je te paye l'abonnement a Grand optical pour toutes les lunette

et alors ton brevet copain !
je vairai le 6 juillet mais le francais sa va faire kARn4J dans mes point
ok bah on vaira bien
shaky sleepingplace robber!
gl dream
go go fostrum ! :)
fostrum will deliver together with flashy
Go go go Rizk, mange des banane avant !
motef the murderer on a parole?
gl vanq
wuuuut noHead
fif will do it
4-2 fif
Lekker flashy! =D
3 van de 6 rondes waren goed :p
hedde veel gespect? :>
gefeliciteer dbaas
rofl flashy, wtf is he doing there
You have € 53 on eu zeroE
You won € 72.61
You have € 21292 on zeroE
You won € 29170.04
Easy money !
lekker fostrum!