Belgium vs Hungary (7945 views)

be edge
be mLy
be Sui
be syL
be viX
be Yoda
hu BoRi
hu Dody
hu DooM
hu islam
hu Ocelot
hu zenith
Pre-Cup ShowMatch
18.07.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW-Cup NC I
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: MerlinatoR (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 17393
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Return To Castle Wolfenstein TV
gb WTV-eZbash cup
By: MerlinatoR (none)

Total Slots: 25
Viewer Peak: 27


line-up be ?
Nice to see some RtCW action, again. :)
tu comptes la faire didi ?
j'aurais tellement voulu ouais mais bon ils ont préféré prendre des mecs qui viendront pas ou vont leave après 1 semaine ou qui ne viennent déjà plus..
Mieux vaut une NC skilled & inactive
ou une NC low sans no-show... ?

Reponse pas facile :s
hmm...j'avoue que la franchement c'est pas évident du tout ^^
where vila ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I would like to watch 'mAus' playing wolf if he has the same AIM than ET ;D

syL, dAv1d playing?
Trust me, no.

syL should play he is the best in Belgium at the moment, but dAv1d... don't know how he performs but he has been inactive for long time.

Maybe just maybe:

Hehe some noobie name in there :)
<3 edge, yoda, mly, jin...
why? what's different in rtcw?
mAus won't play RTCW..
he has played it before so it is not impossible, how do you know? (:
enigma knows, he hangs out with highskillers and plays with them in ecc, dont mess with him
:D made me laugh that he kicked everyone from his team to cocksuck some skillers =]
actually none of the members before it was actually in that team was created by me, 7ele, domi and suvi somewhere in january
excelly you sucked the admin his dick and let him stole my team, so I created it.
Plz stfu now :)
He had to suck mine twice before I played a match for his nerd team.
extra hard

and wedafuk u been in the last week :ddddddd
was at my gf place
he said skillers freezimate
referring to pretty much everyone in that team except you.
luckily you never saw me playing
otherwise he would lay down on the ground and trolling at your skill!!:D
luckily you don't know either, so i'm not worried
how the fuck would u know what maus will do?
cuz he doesn't know or he will play himself
its totally different
he's still good tho :P
Not really...
he is still a good aimer in rtcw, when i saw him playing at least.
Believe me he is not... And when I say that I mean it.
He played with us, and indeed he was pretty decent - this was quite a while ago though so who knows now.
stop getting caught up in rtcw's arsehole. we just saw skk do pretty well in the last rtcw cup on aiming power.
Just because they had owzo rAzbo and Leonneke otherwise they'd be getting raped.
GL Yoda - mLy
PM me if one of your players drop the cup....
Belgium will roll!!!!!
gl belgium, i will be in greece supporting you all!
no homie no win :(
gl edge !
gl yodor!

You better check every dark corner twice, Hungarians =)
Je me sens obligé de réinstaller le jeu du coup... ;D
fait le! :P

or something :P
gl edge homie mouly silletje<3
GL Hungary!!!!!:D
no BoRi no win
Lineups not confirmed, date is confirmed!
mLy will fuckin destroy the opponents.
Return To Castle Wolfenstein


someone still mad for getting lugerfullholded ^^
Zenith, Doom, Isl4m > *
gl belgium !


Yoda still alive ? LoL :D
gl cave mates <3
bori will deliver!
jeje :)
gl bori
no vix no win! :P
gl Yoda, Use the force.
wheres syL? :(
THink this will go to the hungary team...! could be a nice match to watch..! Show us some nice things.. trusting on your aim Doom and on YOur power Isl4m!
GL OCELOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

efterlyst owner )
BE, old school players! :)
lol edge is hacker
gl Kevin :D
please god, let vio play
izi for kevin :o
Someone finish this with correct scores pls
go go syL ;)
ggs :) hope everybody enjoyed the show :P
I'm gonna need you guys to go ahead and provide me with downloadable demos as well as RTCW TV. I appreciate your attention on this matter. kthxbai