Impact Gaming vs Belgian Fraternity (9929 views)

gb R0SS
gb sqzz
ee reload
gb Adacore
gb eVo
be uNDEAd
be AL1
be chizz6l
be syL
nl Lun4t1c

Erdenberg_b1 Showmatch!

Download link here:

Quote by KrosanNext to the two top teams we will also bring you the one and only gb Owzo, who shined through as he casted numerous spectacular games at AEF.

Not only will he be casting this match on an entirely new map (which ought to be a challenge), he will also be holding a postmatch discussion with both teams' captains for a broad analysis of the map and its architecture!
05.08.10 20:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: Killerboy (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 18611
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Radio Commentary
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By: owzo
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Language: English

Total Slots: 200
Listener Peak: 31

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
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Download link for you ppl, if you do not have this map @ hdd:

KillerBoy ! nice stealing my link :DDDDD
go undead!
gl sqzz
3v3 or 5v5?
undead will carry
bF will roll
great success
all in on impact
gl gifted
Really why the hell take clans that dont give a shit. Rather have some med or med+ skilled clans who has stable lineup and who still enjoys playing.
they are going to make tactics, and they can give the best feedback cos they played this game for many many years on top level, and know how to fix a map.
hayaa Thursday, 5th August 2010 14:40
why is my name there :D?

proves your point.
[13:33:07] [@eVo`i] ross sqzz hayaa definite
[13:33:14] [@eVo`i] meez and xylos not online yet
im not avi, dunno why he says im avi
trolled hard
why is my name there :D?
don't you dare dodging this one hayaa!
xD, glad people asked me if I can play
but what about all those fans, who come to spec you. do it for the fans.
Nice nice nice
The map is pretty nice though :)
I guess I'm prolly avi for Meez or Xylos... is the map any good? :D

If it's meant to be with tacs I guess that means I'm coming back from work early...
first stage is good, it's like supply 1st stage.
second stage is too small (+ corridors to go for cp)
cp is too overpowered for allies, axis cannot defend it imo, once allies get cp, its too easy for allies, takes them 8 seconds to get to the flak cannons (last objective = dynamite 2 flak cannons)
Maybe we should disallow the use of the cp for now?
i can play if xylos & meez aint ready :D i am ready! :O
I guess I'm prolly avi for uNDEAd or AL1... is the map any good? :D

If it's meant to be with tacs I guess that means I'm coming back from work early...
GL Gifted!
Good luck to both teams, <3 R0SS

btw make sure the ETTV server has the map
go impact
<3 killerboy;**
Match will be shoutcasted by gb Owzo!
who is the mapper ?
all on bF
gogo undead :)
will there be a link for shoutcast?
I only count one top team.
Yeah Impact is med max
I guess I'm prolly avi for Meez or Xylos... is the map any good? :D
gl hayaa, R0SS 'n sqzz !
gl impact mates
no meez no win'
Why do i love Owzo so much? <3
because his voice is magic :P
sorry the shoutcast isnt live yet, the server i was originally going to use isnt actually online again so im just trying to get another one asap :P
post link etc if you have
bad game
Get even teams next time.
explain? :d
nerds vs team with 2 managers
who u calling nerds? :s
2-2 looks even ^^
To be fair, once we learnt the map, was pretty even :D
2-2 isn't even enough?
get even teams please :S
who was undude in the match?
is this map gona be in cb and esl leagues?
why do u think they are testing it?
i would like to see it in cb or esl, but not before it reached b3 or b4
god no