eGGheads vs In7 eSports (4262 views)

gb garin
gb mistry
gb street
gb FumBle
pl pius
pl nORAs
pl th0rdis
pl cymky
pl despero
15.08.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 3on3 Summer League 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: garin (Requestee)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 6742
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 9


gl garin =)
street :o Gl :D
Gl In7
Who agreed that this match gonna be played today ? :o
ESL says 15/08/10 20:00 so far
edited :)
kk, ill contact you soon to schedule this
hf street ;)
gl in7
Powodzenia Pius i "Pan Th0rdisek" ;-))))))))))))))
gl eGGHeads :)<3
nori ssie jajca poznaniowi
btw good luck thordis i noras jajossijca
mistry aint playin ?
gl garin
fl gumble!
gl fumble, garin,hste,..
gl fumble and street
gl garin fumble and tommyboy!<3
despero to nie ten zuczek z hstv?
ten co?!
a nic, tak sie tylko pytam z ciekawosci bo zapamietalem ;D
gl in7
take it garin!
hf in7
formatted my pc, so cfg feels weird .. doubt i'll play good.
gl street ! :D
cmon the eggs!
pius! thx! :D
gl Krzysiek :D
gl pius!
Today 23:00 CEST ?
Shouldn't it be 22?
Gl cymky :)
thanks all :)
gg wp
wp i just went tired after gr :D