Netrunners vs The Last Resort (17347 views)

pl kot
pl gotti
pl chester
pl buzka
pl rio
pl Robol
hr aCoZz
lv Clown
cz marv
nl M1lk
be dAv1d
es Winghaven
Losers Bracket Third Round
01.02.07 22:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Slots: 1,050
Listener Peak: unknown

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 937


Netrunners, I guess.
aMenti 4 sure :P
ur aMenti will be NETRUNNERized! hi evan :)
lol that was pure bad :D hi trev
hi cheater
zOmG an eVan FanbOi
hi cheater
ZoMg ReAaLLy
im gonna get my call of duty hack and pwn you on et ....
go for it
yy the cod players <3 cheaters same like ppl in et.. whats the diferenc cheat there and here he destroy fun of other players couse he is nub and retard lol game is game
hi cheater
someone came to me today asking to buy my cod hacks, i said no! feel some love for me!
hi cheater
dude, dont be stupid and retarded at once :S
u should be banned bye
Exciting match again :Ooo
this had to be pi vs netr imo
team pie suxs
i've never seen you get as far as we did in EC "superboyy" so please shut the fuck up and go play 3on3 where you suck as well
o0, why so pissed of prfo, is your new "super i can hear people around corners headset broken"?
take it easy perfo, no need to flame right away, u pwned cdap after all :D
he pwned cdap? oh wait... ... ... I dont understand :D:D:D
Hmmm... I don't understand either... Afaik perfo is in cdap, so I must've been in a weird mood when I wrote that ;)
dont be angry cuz you lost vs. amenti ;(
why shouldnt he be lol
cuZ hes headset was broken so he had to play without his #super hear around corner sneakers headset"".
preparing for lan
sounds like playing without beer for me :((
i like you! evan = fi finwe :o
but noone likes you imo im so happy that you don´t write reports any more can you die fag ? do it for me :)
actually cujo is pretty good 3on3 player
hi cheater
lol cheater :)
lol daun
i still dno why, but for some reason i like you and your comments
because you are gay
Thursday, 1st February 2007 isn't the final date.
aMenti! <3
aMenti just do it ;)
Winghaven <3

aMenti ftw
Your bet: 1200€ on NETR Possible Win: 2088 € (+888 €)
Netrunners will win amenti and netr going to final and lose idle there ;< I hope they win this ec
I think that too ;) NETR will win with aMenti and lose again with idle in final ;(
there is a zP still there
zp has no teamplay at all so they can never stand idle
but they can stand netrunners
and netr - zP ??
i forget zP.
so now, tell us what you think about this match? will netr progress?
holy shit go clown!! U BASTAD
aMenti ftw
gogo Netr!
aMenti 4 sho
Netr will take it imo... But it will be great match...
amenti ...for sure...netrunner naps :D
netr will beat sluts :D
gl NETR ,I hope so...
Your bet: 55€ on aMenti Possible Win: 97 € (+42 €)

aMenti ftw
well.. hmmm like both teams, no idea who will win.
amenti's bash
nice match :D
good lag chester
imo netr 4:2
NETR 4:2 aMenti
5 bucks on clown !!!
NETR ftw
NETR imo :) GL guys
i want NETR but i thinks Amenti ;(

very close game (50/50 imo)
Your bet: 151€ on NETR Possible Win: 755 € (+604 €)

will be a fucking close game, hope NETR will do the honors and win it tho =)
gl aMenti :)
gl amenti
close -> closer -> NETR - aMenti
gl kot &co
clown fun ! amenti ftw :)
will be gg
easy for Netrunners
kot ftw !
Your bet: 10€ on NETR Possible Win: 50 € (+40 €)
gl NETR but i gues aMenti win :(
easy money !!1 go go NETR :D
imo 2
soooo many fags faking my flag 4 : 0 me
Your bet: 522€ on NETR Possible Win: 2610 € (+2088 €) I HOPE im patriot so i can only that bet
gl wing
imo NETR
imo aMenti
ok.. (idle-el beszopod.;) )
maybe englisch would be nice ?

imo NETR 4 - 0
damn,i wanna see winghevan panzer frags:/ like this ? :P
hh :]
:D yeah is saw this on live...but please make one good panzer kill:) i spec u all the time

damn i'm so freek:D i have seen only your panzer frags in your movies

gl and hf winghaven!
NETR morale is very low, plus no wiesiek and wrobel i dont know why.

aMenti - 4 : 2
wiesiek and wrobel not FF ?
wiesiek and wrobel in Netrunners, are u kidding?
Your bet:63€ on aMenti Possible Win: 164 € (+101 €)

ofc easy bash 4 aMenti :!o
I hope netr will win :D
yeah netr will win
Your bet: 2500€ on aMenti gl guys :>
Go Go NETR ! Polish clans are The Best !
aMenti is multicultureel! :D
gl aMenti :)
GL chester and marvi <3
NETR Ofc better TP
Ofc? lol...don't be so sure;)
amenti ofc
amenti fo sho
gogo netrunners
aMenti FTW ofc!!!

Your bet: 300€ on aMenti
Possible Win: 966 € (+666 €)
when is the reply bug getting fixed? this suxs
GL NETR gogogo !!
Netrunners, close, but 4-0
aMenti imo win ,not eazy but win... Polish teams sux last time :)
xonn hahaha wez ty i shout twoje texty sa pro hahaaha
oijc i kocio kicio ahahaah
2:0 amenti
2-2 :S
4-2 amenti :D nice
4-2 amenti
wp chester and kot
nice game
great game, ty amenti

Your bet: 300€ on aMenti Won 762€
Your bet: 20€ on aMenti Won 51€
Your bet: 3791€ on aMenti Won 9629€
so what? u just set >10% of ur capital on this one... pathetic posting it in there then... :S
gg amenti!
01/02 22:30 NETR 1.65 vs 2.54 aMenti 449€ on aMenti Won 1140 €
01/02 21:30 zP! 5.00 vs 1.25 idle 225€ on idle Won 281 €
28/01 21:30 aMenti 2.99 vs 1.50 cdap 225€ on aMenti Won 673 €
21/01 22:00 aMenti 1.82 vs 2.22 hx 124€ on aMenti Bet was cancelled
21/01 20:00 [<<] 1.61 vs 2.63 sFx Murso 124€ on sFx Murso Won 326 €
18/01 21:30 zP! 2.10 vs 1.91 cdap 80€ on zP! Won 168 €
poser =)

Netrunners 1.65 vs 2.54 aMenti Total pot: 492387 €
Your bet: 5€ on aMenti Won 13€
who cares :O
u are so skilled =)
nice game wA ! wing
ale i tak mimo porażki: Kot jest THE BEST :D