Deus vs Kiss my Pass (4530 views)

fi bEEbEE
nl Wazaa
nl Sebastiaan
pl Baek
pl Lurtz
pt Chazz
pt hellblack
pt Strider
pt takerj
pt koshito
10.09.10 19:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup V 5v5 » Matchlink
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: Masterseries (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 12059
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 18


gl both
Wohoo, but too bad time :/ Gotta watch the replay I think :(
GL both, but more Deus :P
KmP is now knowed as StopNplay.ET
our lu will probably be:
rofl nerds playing on friday evening :xDDDDDDDD!!!
ye time sucks, those portugese guys wanted to chance the time ^^
gl Sebastiaan :)
ghahaha gluck Deus kurwa
lololol takerj lololol
boa sorte miudo do meu coraçao
You have € 50 on pt KmP Cancel bet
Possible win: € 316


lets go for the money !!! <3
tenho dinheiro em ti meu puto jp, depois da nossa conversa de ontem vais dar pau <3 amo-te
GL Lurtz
GL KmP :)
Gl Deus (:
GL KmP/StopNplay ~

btw: You have € 100 on KmP
Possible win: € 547

i belive!
nice etbot is nice sebastiaan
goku cuntface
je bent te obvious man :D
dont act like you wouldnt cheat , retard everyone saw it , so just stop acting like you are the overpro , owning everyone , while aiming through the wall ...
he does just re-watch it and you will see , obviously you are blind
just get eyes he was obviously hacking , you can ask gokusan , you can ask every1 who specced him @ ettv . just look his nades in adlernest ....
well cheated sebastian ;)
i belive i lost my mind.
fill in le score i want iz are my moneyz
You have € 19 on DEUS
Possible win: € 26.98

gon' win big.
You have € 254 on eu DEUS
Possible win: € 360.68
You have € 50 on pt KmP
You lost

: [[[[[
never bet against cheaters!!!11oneone
dont think they were cheating at all, werent they playing with slac?
slac isnt detecting all cheats so...
herm what?
it doesn't instaban as PB
goku cuntface ... accept my xfire friendship !
slac is only detecting like 10% of all cheats , slac detects all cheats with the final version
what shNz said
Slac is detecting only randoms cheats downloaded by google. It doesnt detect humanised bots, unfortunately :<
nice knowledge , cu @ slac banlist
wp deussizasd
You have € 5000 on eu DEUS
You won € 7100

wp :)
cheats or without cheats sebastian will not be busted... SLAC SUCKS MORE THAN PUNKBUSTER AND THATS ALL .... its only a lose match for us on group we have more 4 games to get de high places on the table so . DEUS if you r thinking you can do something here ....u are crazy!!!!!!!

wp anyway !