3 against the world vs heroes4ever (6024 views)

fi flashdown
gb Razz
gb Jinosta
is rNz
ca monkey
fr sMiRZz
fi webe
Grand Final of the ClanBase Summercup 3v3

heroes4ever need to beat 3atw twice to win!
19.09.10 18:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 - SummerCup 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Deuger (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 32114
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 58


gl both
gl jinosta
gl monkey jinostAr
gl both!
izi monkey :=)
i m not avi :o comp is broken again :(
we will lose
you got more 3rd's who are as good as Devix probably ;d
ye but we all didnt play for 1 weak and jiji didnt play for like 3 months :DD
don't you prac with any 5on5 team atm? =O
i arrive at 22:30/23:00 CET everyday of school so no.
ofc u will without me ;)
gl arnar & jinosta!
gl flashdown & jinosta!
gl les zizis !
gl monkey
... wanted to watch MYM PD final fu fags
gl apina smirzz and sean
monkey own all
monkey own all
gl razz jinosta rnz <3
gl both<3 hope u can find someone to replace me!
se vei multa veroni, mun aika ei oo siel mis muiden.
gl 3atw
gl razz & sean m8 :) bring the pocal home
gl razz, seanosta
webe koodaa kaikki kumoon
koodaan sun mutsis kumoo homo.
paska tiimi sul

edit: ok defe
Wat? Monkeyhan tuolta on ainoo joka tuhoo ja vitusti :)
dont think ive ever seen someone to forget adler and sd from mappool :) idiots :P
you cant play the same maps twice
they already played them =P
atm 5-3 for hFe

last(?) map delivery starting
Monkey my new favorite player <3
fu hfe
You have € 1781 on 3atw
You lost
You have € 100 on fr hFE
Possible win: € 366

well carried ape
see what i mean monkey :P with a player as bad as Webe you still managed it.

You have € 3500 on eu 3atw
You lost
oh you, I did highest dmg in 2 maps If i recall :(

5 maps, congratulations, and you probably mean 2 rounds (from different maps) :P
On adler atleast whole map top dmg, not sure about b4, might have been just 1 round.
when devix was playing with us he said that was the map you guys played all the time, if you got to choose. i guess you can be semi-skilled at a map after playing it 500 times :)
So what? How about braundorf, get another excuse for it too and after get out stupid low :)
does braundorf need an explanation? :D low polaks can hold decent 3on3 teams on that map for 10minutes :) because it's a map where bad players can shine, like delivery.
Then your team should play b4 and delivery more, so they could shine ;[
it's funny that you call them bad players when you try to make friends with them =DD

calling jino by his first name with every good luck on gtv, when he doesn't even know you :D desperate for friends, poor webe :P
with "them"? Ok sir, cant decide whos more retarded you or searell.

and i remember a few times you were trying to do buddytalk with ARNAR :DD and he always replied with "what do you want?" ;D

[21:17] <@BaptoOo> dont even try to speak with artstar on gtv

others know you are fucking retarded too.
splth is an asslicker who changes buddies every week. maybe you can find yourself someone to play with who is as much of an asshole as you.

and you say "who the fuck is arnar" but you were the one attempting to talk to him and he was saying that sentence about you =D
when did i attempt that? rofl :D and im fine with playing with devix ruoska hevimies altsi burneddi

also smirzz and monkey are ok :)
yeah i've got to admit i'm surprised devix can be such a nice guy but still play with an asshole like you :)
I m just trying to be nice for almost everyone(except some nl rage nerds) and for some wierd reason everyone seems to be nice towards me too =D
yeah i noticed but webe is such a moron it's just surprising that you managed to play with him so long.
we r nice to eachother :P
too bad you are an asshole to everyone else then
I dont care :P Im just the way I am, nice to some people and I dislike you & some of your mates for a few reasons :)
congratulations for that, and I dislike you for being an asshole.
vice versa.
only im not an asshole
En tiiä oliksul huono päivä vai mitä mutta olit ihan surkee (siihe nähe mite oot jaksanu renkuttaa jotai camppipelimuotoi) mitä katoin sua aina välis nuo 3 vimppaa mappii.
grushissa oon ihan paska, sen takia sita en halua pelata. delis en nyt tiia, kyl ma siin iha hyvin pistelin attis. sama adlis
Pokaali tuli ja se on tärkeintä
ei tosta saa kai pokaalia :(
miksei sais
Ainakaan 2o2 SC premierin voitosta ei saanut, ja adminit puhu ettei summercup 2o2 ja 3o3 saa pokalia.
You have € 50 on hFE
You won € 183
1-3 & 2-4??
You have € 95 on eu 3atw
You lost

OMG GTFO You have € 90 on eu 3atw
You lost GTFO LOWS