Pharaons vs Keskus Rikos Poliisi (6235 views)

fr Isoh
be aieuh
fr Bowler
fr didi
fi Blindi
fi Hon-player
fi kolibri
fi tazJE
21.10.10 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 - OpenCup Fall 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Bowler (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 41973
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 36


GO GO Pharaons ! :)
easy for PHA ! GL ! :)
Tant qu'il n'y a pas Lemoufl, je peux reprendre mon cher "always bet on PHA :>"
Lol :D
à la longue les gens vont vraiment croire qu'on est intimes .. mais .. t'es qui ?
ahah j'tai niker ta place sur gtv :p
Mille je crois que je suis devant toi desormais au gbooky
Easy for taz the only low player here seems to be Blindi, sorry mulkku :S

inb4 hang yourself or go to the graveyard blablablah
jvous conseil de gagner bremen parce que ça va se compliquer sur grush, bien qu'ils soient pas aussi magiques qu'avant.
go PHA
goo go copain :)
You have € 50 on PHA
Possible win: € 133

Gl les zizi !
You have € 12268 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 14108.2

2 izi 2 fucked odds :p
All money on PHA, KRP playing with shit lu again :/
You have € 3 on fi krp Cancel bet
Possible win: € 22.05

GL mtz :)
pétez ces attardés mentaux de KRP !
gl didi & mtzz !
I miss the oldskool KRP players :<
krp scared again and playin with matias sample ?
I think they can't ...
?? they did play vs us @ oc match too
Ye, that must be the reason! And that counts in every sport, teams playing with good players are scared X-dddddd

J E R K.
yeah like football.... when the amateurs getting the players from the pro team ...
every amatuer-team does that !!
Emm, do you know how long Sample has played for KRP? :D
doesnt change the fact hes above oc prem
why wouldnt we play with our own players? you want us to take mercs or what? you're making no sense.

maybe you should go seeking for a forfeit win on your next match to proceed to play-offs with us
KRP getting the "own" players from f5 ... huh

Sample Sunday, 17th October 2010 20:31
np, just called f5 to help us :P
I believe Sample has been member of KRP since 2007 and Matias has been member since 2008/9. f5 formed 2k10
Im sure that if they wanted to play ET on serious level they'd be playing for some team that could win EC but since they both are retired from active gaming they long for playing with cool blokes like me and Taz :)
Id also find mention-worthy that most of the unofficial games they've played this year they've played with KRP-tag

@ fi Sample's statement:

you should also lick your country's best ET players' asses like me so you'd get highskilled mates to play ET with, oh wait - austria is all medskill xD xD xD
:DDDD ur sooo stupid with ur kiddy insults...
i rly thought ur cool guys .. till our offi.. when u started to insult one of our members on a rly asshole way

seems like its no use to discuss with u anyway....
no need for discussion since we're so much above your level in intelligence, ET and woman-sexing
only thought only sample was brainless, seems like 90% offi community is
even in krp mix wars they used to have better line-up, so saying they got those players from f5 is bullshit.
Sample Sunday, 17th October 2010 20:31
np, just called f5 to help us
why you keep repeating that? You dont even understand that message and u keep posting it lol

@ Sample's statement:
true that we are not on the lvl as f5
Well thats bad if you arent on lvl as TWO f5 players since only sample and matias was from F5 in war against you...

Like you said all other players suck and are lowskill so this is really sad that TWO highskill players can beat your whole clan :DDDDDDD
öh i never said they are lowskilled?? seriously learn to read... or understand it :D
but yeah this 2 gave us big troubles and thats why u were the better team

but as i said.... i not gonna discuss with u guys anymore... because only thing u can do is insulting on an asshole way ... and i dislike to talk to insulting retards
moron spotted
So Sample and matias play ?
seems like... u can read above that matias and sample are main lineup players... and everyone who thinks they would play for another team is stupid.... not my words
tbh I can't imagine Matias plays as he said he was about to go inactive
he and sample also played vs us @ oc
i heard turbot recruit squall, so turbot vs krp grandfinal
gl PHA
Gl didi :_D
Jesus, the odds were like 1:15 / 20 and now they are shit :/
You have € 12268 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 27234.96

vous gagnez je passe 2eme GL :p
Le mec qui suit le classement gtv tout les jours
laisse moi ma seule joie de vivre !
SLAC ON PHA OFF humour! :)
You have € 20 on fr PHA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 44.2

gl PHA
gl mes gars
faites les split ! :)
Easy PHA!
easy bash for f5 :)
Thx to taz, blindi and kolibri from F5 :)
three lows who didnt deserv to play the OC, even in the 4th league =))
This is 5on5 premier league

Not 1on1

5 players = team

I'm part of team and that team won your team :)
dont play with me u know only sample & mattias won, three others were here juste to be 5. Mattias / sample / 3 others fintards will win against us.

For sample & mattias, its not very fair to play with lows, only to win the OC 1, u r just two attentionwhores who loves when fintards suck your dick. no challenge for you, not interesting, worst than cheater, fuck off.
I won you lost

And now you are mad? :D Haha thats so nerd to be mad after losing game in OPENCUP
excuse me, but hmmm who r u ?
I am taz :) Leader of KRP :)
tell more 'bout you
he is low and he is playing with krp :D
kolibri low :D

fuck off random french
Nice ego :D krp
Why Ec skillers are proud to win vs random ?
et c'est à ce moment précis qu'un mec apparait pour t'éclairer:

well, they did play pretty good in bremen as its their home map so ofc Im proud ;)
nice try but krp just too good ;)
egoboost from the lowest boys of krp cuz they're rollin thx to sample & matias.
so what be smart and play with better players. And its good that they are playing since they couldnt swap for 2nd division because of admins
ECworthy :pppppppppppp
honestly, quit your whine - f5 was basically an all-star krp team - just check krp's lineup in cb - ensam, matias, sample and olbaa are for sure in the krp lineup (and have been since god knows when). dno about squall tho.
yeah thats true .. but in my opinion they should play in a better league than oc prem.
thats why i dont think its a nice move
what the fuck they should play in better league??? score was 4-2 ? what the fuck is your point ?. they aint so fucking good they will be rolled in premier im sure
i meant the players of f5
And why they should play in EC? If they dont want to play so seriously anymore and they just want have fun with old mates from KRP?
You should get some highskill friends too so you can win something :)
egoboost from the lowest boys of krp cuz they're rollin thx to sample & matias.
real egoboost since we've only been playing with them for 3 years
egoboost from the lowest boys of krp cuz they're rollin thx to sample & matias.
naah, we're used to this
they didnt win 4-0 cause they were playin with three lows
to be honest, i just pointed out their egobosst altho they haven't rly owned their opponents. additionaly, it's not sample & matias who're egoboosting but mostly blindi cuz hes so proud he managed to beat a team @ OC prem, wow so coooooooool.
krp can take any players they want but please why the fuck almost the whole team is wanking on a such victory lololol
well reading this all these comments it seemed that pharaons / their fanboys started this flamewar.

blindi's trolling anyway
"their fanboys"

ok man gtfo.

Friday, 22nd October 2010 23:21

hahaha, stupid nerd sitting on his PC whining about their loss in computer game while I was drinking vodka and womanizing xD
i go out after 00:00 you stupid fintards.

not my fault if your mom said to you to come back at home before 23:30 stupid kid :d

"about their loss"

try again copain

Edit : vodka shit alcohol man sad4you :(
Ill hit your mom and dad with wrench :)
Saturday, 23rd October 2010 21:02

hahaha, stupid nerd sitting on his PC whining about me in computer game while I was drinking whisky and womanizing xD
i go out after 00:00 you stupid napoleon shit homo : D

not my fault if your mom said to you to come back at home before 23:30 stupid kid :d
"Va te faire enculer, sale fils de pute!"
fi KRP too good for stupid nerds hahahaha :D
hahaha fin tards :DDddDDDDDDDDDDDDdddddDDDD
GG KRP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Je voit pas pourquoi il discute ce connard de taz , quand tu regarde grush tu voit clairement matias/sample vs nous , aprés il a un ego surdimensionner , normal quoi....
pour la prochaine EC faites les qualifs =D

ps: même si vous passer les qualifs vous aller vous faire flam par quelques peulots fr, leur comm' de merde est dead donc le flam sera supportable xD et de toute facon qu'il a à 5 ou 20 cest tous des cons et des gens bornés imo il devrait jouer en local vs des bots ils ont une chance de gagner comme ca.