aRachnids Blue vs inglorious barstards (4744 views)

fr kurvZ
nl Niels
no MoeN
fr Popo
be Nickje
gb potty
pt rAhzel
no moldu
nl Ironic
gb miXer
07.11.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 - OpenCup Fall 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: CraftY (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 3199
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 13


gl ib
omg nickje omg :P

good luck potty&co
gl Nickje
Gl ib
izi win for ib gl kurvz and potty
will be a onesided game.
gl to us tho :o
Gl les gars, c'est faisable
faisable* :D Je n'y crois pas trop mais bon on va essayer :D !
with nickje playing won t be an easy match.i dont really can t say who is going to win it
haha, thx but you're wrong :D
i think is time u find another name for this team potty.we both know why.fuckin faggot!
u mad?
i m not mad faggot i just dont see any point for u to use our name since u left the inglorious bastards fuck off,play your shity game but with another name!
I like the tag ib so ill keep on using it! :>
u dont want a war with me over this faggot.i sincerly suggest u move away to ia shity clan u made apply to join and forget about us.otherwise what i promised for server ia might happend to u.and don t make me say smt about your kid.if u piss me more i will !
u mad?
fuckin faggot when noon told u if he mets u he breaks your face u didnt said anything.u just disconected from server like a fuckin pussy u are.what ever u did or said to him to make him so mad that he told u this i dont know but as i see u doing things i can imagine it wasn t smt nice.u are a fuckin cunt
uhmz this is really working in your advantage of credibility, not!

Just get over it
u think i give a fuck about credibility?what credibility is that?internet credibility....pls . i understand your feelings for potty but defending even when he is wrong isnt a lil bit hypocrite?
noon has never once told me he is going to break my face. I talk to him on facebook every once in a while and im pretty sure if someone would of told me they are going to break my face I wouldnt leave and run away from the situation. My repsonce would proably be. "u mad?" in this case im going to ask you once again... u mad bro?
tool :D
Its like trying to argue with someone who doesnt have anything to argue with! ITS SO FUCKING HARD I DONT GET THE COMEBACKS HE IS PUTTING?!
Or maybe just take a fucking other name for your team you back stabbing ib not us!
you should follow suit if I get banned for banning a cheater =D
got banned for smt else (and u know for what), and not for banning/abusing a member with no prooves.seriously for a next father guy u are incredible stupid and full of yourself
potty u faggot u forgot when u came on the ettv server after me ,noon was there and when u said hi to him he said smt back not to nice to u and u disconnected?u forgot ok.but let s go back to our sheeps.u ban a member and your explanation is :because i m potty?who da fuck u think u are.u wanna tell this comunity u can ban ppl only cause u are potty,with no prooves ,no witnesses to agree with u and not even a decent demo?go fuck your self u nab!u and anybody else who agree with u on this one.i dont care who u are u dont ban ppl without prooves.that s one thing.and the second i really suggest u change name of this team.or else i fuckin hope u wont have the time to enjoy what u expect in december u 4 eyes cunt!
Such a serious incident. I guess theres a doctor located at the nearby corner of your house.
I dont see any point of raging unfogiven , but potty cmon, your low+ shit player from uk , wake up from your ego :).
"i dont know u.i just wanna ask u if u dont know what is this all about why da fuck u interfere like a little bitch?dont be such a macho man ,watch your fuckin bussiness and shut da fuck up. "
for god sake i dont know who u are but i just wanna tell u what potty thinks:he thinks he is awsome.prooves?he thinks he can ban some1 on my server with NO PROOVES,when other admin asked him why u ban this guy he replied:BECAUSE I M POTTY?and i am supposed to give this guy a break?as u say he is low+ player but for me this never matter.even if he was fuckin maus doing same thing as he did i would not allow it.i wanna see a demo mister I M SO AMAZING.your shit on ia forum won t help u build up the reputation.u see potty fucker i dont care about my reputation i m not going to any lan and i dont play for performance.u on the other hand u wanna be respected as et pro player?i wonder what respect u get when u go to a jaymod server where somebody gave u power to ban players and u do ban them with no prooves just cause u are potty?i think who ever respects u for that is even more stupid than bad u have 22 and u so ego.i m sorry to tell u but are an idiot!
Rofl u seriously are too serious about this xDDDD
oooooh u so mad and your english is pretty bad
go flame someone else poor romanian tard

edit: omg now im mad too:o
now u r really mad
unforgiven, u piece of shit. Shut the fuck up for once. Noone wants to listen u swearing like a little abused kid. Just stfu retard. Fucking annoying shit
i dont know u.i just wanna ask u if u dont know what is this all about why da fuck u interfere like a little bitch?dont be such a macho man ,watch your fuckin bussiness and shut da fuck up.
Macho macho man... dun dun! macho macho man!
shelby mad.
rofl shelby :D
gl garin, try not to be too obvious
GL aR'
all this arguing over such a little thing
all this arguing over a shit clan name!
Artstar you know why im doing it yea?
coz this guy is a mongoloid and even has the tag in his gtv name? xD
I just love the reaction im getting. You think I care about what this team is called!? :D
spaces.where are they?LoL
potty if u say one more thing my next comment u will not like it.i guarantee u that.bring it on show i can show u how much i give a fuck about some things.just say one more thing u cunt!
Lol he was mad :D thanks brother x
Just amazing who has access to the internet nowadays :y
Yea :D Allthough wonder, he did bring me many emotions when I was reading these comments. None of which are the ones which i think he wanted me to feel. Pitty comes to mind :D
ye, what a mess lol. But what the world would be without those retards?
im ur biggest fan!
Proably a better place :D your brains?to much if u ask me .to much spaces
go gaymod
unforgiven, come scandinavia u duff guy, fucking irritating punk
oh you mad, did you choose your clanname because of the movie btw? inglorious basterds?
cu @ lan, gonna shove ur teeth down ur throat.
LAN ? Stop cheating now then!
only a noob would think im cheating xd
Indeed, you're too low to cheat (I hope so...) OH WAIT!
i know, im not good enough to be a cheater :/
u are romanian, ur life is over =s not like romanians have money anyway, would have to become a male sex slave to get enough for the aeroplane meal
is there a big difference between a romanian and a rat? :P
u replied to me, not the other way around. get your facts straight retard.
i'll post where i want, about what i want :) if you have a problem, cu@lan.
fuckgtvadmin > ArtstAr
Go sleep bitch.
umad + low. bashed you everytime, even in offis =dDD=d

Not understood.
Anyway just stop answering here, you're low retard boy (I guess). Go play with your skilled mates (clean)
every time i play vs u, you call me a cheater and then u ragequit :D u even ragequitted in 3o3 offi :D:D
good old time :(
it's your fault that things turned retarded : )
I'm also a romanian, so careful what you say. :D
just making him mad :P i also insult polish guys like this, but got some polak ebuddies :~>
potty: making people mad with his good looks since 2010
Haha, sup dongo? Keeping you intertained with this guy who likes to RAGE on the internetz?
Sounds like a good list. Also sounds like u mad!
not avi
gl ironic m8 :D
<sign that says hi mom>
This game is violent
Im supprised actually, unforgiven managed to add "faggot" in almost every come back to potty.

Quote by ibunforgivenpotty.we both know why.fuckin faggot!,,,,,,i m not mad faggot,,,,,,u dont want a war with me over this faggot,,,,,,fuckin faggot,,,,,,,potty u faggot

GL to us ! :)
gl potty xD
gl potty & Garin
gl potty clanleader and copyright owner of the clan name ib!
its the best clan name of all time. I now claim this name in the name of me... Jesus I cant even belive im trying to act like this retarded romainian :D
gl hf ib
potty you r retarded scum
U mad that you suck at life?

U mad that I am better than you at everything?

U mad that I am not taking you serious?

U mad?
Ask him if he is mad in romainian please :D

Ready for your quote:"i think is time u find another name for this team potty.we both know why.fuckin faggot! "

Your such a fucking muppet go back into your little slum style house and get back to fapping of females over the internet as you havent seen a real vag in years. D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:
its deserve and not deserver btw..
gl le potty ;)
gues potty will play for us iso old ib in the scrim
easy for arachnid
gl Nickje
gl potty & garin ;)
gl !
kga ff porno kijken
kan niet
heb dalijk offi
dan ga ik slecht spelen
creaaji zegt:
meen je dit serieus
je kan porno kijken je aftrekken en van hun winnen tegelijk
je bent goed in alles wat je doet?

Gl kurvz ; popo & aR
Drop garin and add miXer
give ip PttZr
Inglorious Lowtards
gl ib :)
0-4 for us, thans for game :)
wp bruv
i sucked mate haha ;p Thanks tho <3
You have € 161 on ib`
Possible win: € 173.88