Aero Gaming vs Team Decerto (5831 views)

be AL1
nl Lun4t1C
be uNDEAd
nl xPERiA
be Jere
nl joshua
nl saKen
is pzyhic
de boNg
de s1LENT
16.11.10 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ZOWIE ET G-Cup
Manager: Robert (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 67918
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 47


situations? o_0
5 vs 7 not fair... :(
gl jere :D
gl ovr! =)
izi for the germanz ;)
ez ovr
gl Gifted !
pzyhic :d
LoL looks like a epic match. 4-2 for Aero imo
gl saken s1lent phyzic bong schatzis.<3
should be an epic game, gl phyzic saken bong gifted :)
gl pzyhic
gl brothers
cant play not at home :(
resheduled till tuesday
they only have 3 players -_-
why not claim forfeit? :)
could've claimed 2 forfeits today xD
why not do it? stupid cunts :D
polaks.... who want to have them?
They maybe want to win DECENTLY, and not thanks to a fucking FORFEIT, WHAT DO YOU THINK....
bong & phyzic got another match on tuesday, guess you need to reschedule.
2-2 decider is delivery
QuoteJere Sunday, 14th November 2010 20:35
resheduled till tuesday
I think that means the match is resheduled for Tuesday :)
i know that, just wonderin wtf sup3r is on about :d
rofl close game :P nice panzer of AL1 to save the day
hah mongol :) they kicked me like they kicked u, lets make a new team
hee stabb6l leef je weer? :P
gl bong & silent
gl phyzic you drunken scandinavian!
s1lent bong phyzic <3
gl brothers
szykuje sie wpierdol dla cweli
overload has a good chance to win i think :-)
:D easy for Aero :/
ovr should win
`gl lunatic:D
2-0 ovr
2-1 ovr
Awesome! GG ovr! =)) 3-1 ovr
3-1 ovr
gg wp
You have € 300 on nl ovr
You won € 930
hahah aerolow
ovr > aero > turbot
me > all of you turbot fags
nice joke

ext3[phyzic]: i talked to killerboy
razql: u can
ext3[phyzic]: you'll be banned soon
You have € 104 on nl ovr
You won € 322.4

ty phyzic
you have no idea how mad :D
You have € 50 on nl ovr
You won € 155
You have € 32 on Aero.
You lost

fuck you :(
ligt ni aan mij eh :D
moest gy nu maar ni aan uni zijn eh.. :P
studeer nu in leuven eh:D
Wa zie'k nu? :O
weet ek! hebt ge daar misschien decent i-net? :o
You have € 1 on ovr
You won € 3.1
wp pole
ou have € 2000 on Aero.
You lost jebane low
You have € 117 on nl ovr
You won € 362.7

Always thrust ext3
You have € 51 on ovr
You won € 158.1
Thx overload :=)

bong :P
hättest es ja auch ma früher sagen können.. arsch ! :D

You have € 171 on Aero.
You lost
You have € 100 on nl ovr
You won € 310
You have € 437 on gb Aero.
You lost

no comment... just low
first suprise IMPACT