One4One vs Team - Helix (11243 views)

fi Lepari
fi Iron
fi Decem
fi Squall
gb Sheep
gb Razz
de MurDa,
de ramin
de drago
de riddla
nl Bull
nl Azz0r
ET Masters Group Game
12.03.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters
Manager: eVo (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
By: gtv`rampage (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

de tfs.ETTV2
By: GTVd
us CwG ETTV Server
By: Mo00mi (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 101


141 gonna take this.
easy 4 helix
of course ;)
if that finnish nap plays it s too izi for hx...
if not they 141 got a chance
naja easy 4 one4one i think
7th.. go 141
go 141
Imo i think easy for 141 Squall <3
why do you sad low lifes say 1st and 7th sad pricks
Screw you and your daddaj:)
gogog Sqall :) gl 141
close close close ^^
Nice match...
easy bash for 141 :)
helix will win for sure...
gl my bitches
why arent you playing :<?
Spirea and Sanda ? wtf ? I'm confused ...
Sanda & Spirea joined helix :]
nice match
will be close 1 imho
141 will take this
easy fo 141 ^____^
sheeeep <3
Line Ups pls :)
unexpected vegi dont go for the LAN? :D and decem replace him?
Vegi is away couple days only
decem hacks for sure, I would be more worried about him !
et masters = lan ? tell us more
he thought the change would be permanent.
well he also thought that vegi haxx :o stupid fag imo :D

<3 vegi :<
du bist ein idiot ****unexpected**** LoL
decem&141 ? O,o
Strange how with the new odds 1.30 / 4.34 looks quite close, whereas before it would have seemed almost as one sided as dignitas vs noobs :D
what is the function for betting system? parabola, right?
one4one 1.30 vs 4.34 Team - Helix Total pot: 20727 €
Your bet: 5€ on 141
Possible Win: 6.50 € (+1.50 €)
gl 141
so easy 4 helix..

Your bet: 18836€ on hx
Possible Win: 43,511.16 € (+24,675.16 €)

bet on 141 pls!
of course u do faker...
go helix
go go go helix
Possible Win: 660,578.52 € (+641,742.52 €)

Keep 'em coming!
one4one 1.03 vs 32.69 Team - Helix Total pot: 996403 €
Your bet: 2000€ on hx Possible Win: 65,380.00 € (+63,380.00 €)
Gl Sanda & Spirea :*
helix ftw
helix <3
gl riddla ;)
gl hx my money :d
lepari ftw
hx line-up?
one4one: sheep - lepari - squall - vegi - razz - iron - pliss
Team Helix: MurDa - ramin - drago - riddla - Sanda - Spirea
141: squall / lepari / iron / decem / razz / sheep
nope im back !!!!
easy money for hx!
ez bash for lepari

gl decem & squall
Nice odds ffs!
goldrush is gonna be ez bash for 141 :p
lol @ the odds one4one 1.03 vs 31.33
vegi pls
go helix go
i see decem, i bet for hx
gl lepari & iron :)
(+1,337.47 €) x)
miks otitte lowskillin (decemin) tiimiinne? :O
zomg rescheduled, thanks now I can watch elite vs pingwins!
need vegi
Your bet: 30€ on hx
Possible Win: 562.50 € (+532.50 €)

easy money
Your bet: 45€ on hx
Possible Win: 745.20 € (+700.20 €)
Your bet: 31€ on hx
Possible Win: 635.50 € (+604.50 €)

( if i bet on 141, i can win 32€, not funny, i like suspense :) )
whee you need money??:D
Result ?
Result ?
score ? :<
Status: Cancelled
vegi > decem imo
GL both it's gonna be a good match to watch imo ;)
LOL you must be kidding me!
Total Slots: 45
nice if these odds will stay
gl both
helix to EU top again plz!
easy bash for decem.
where are sanda and spirea? :o)
unexpectedly not in hx anymore ^^
didnt squall quit 141 because of CPC2?
He will have got an accident in +-3 weeks i guess...
Bull-Azz0r wtf ^^
GL dutchies
drop decem and you might have a change
This new odds system is fcking retarded...
Bull & Azzor ftw
go 141. 141 will win np 4 'em.
eeemm where is sanda and spiera?:<
-brauche ein Bnc- pmme
gl hx!!!!!! <3 :D
that razz guy had option see through walls, or was that another razz?
he could never see through walls
think u mean the right razz.. but he didnt see trough walls, he had used rivatuner (saw trough bushes & trees) and got banned from cb a while ago. his ban has expired so hes back
thx, ill sure go spec him
he's not what he used to be imo :) but ur call
Of course he was a lot better without tree leaves.
helix good luck
4:0 one4one
gg onehundredfortyone