#sydamenasialla vs smashed (2575 views)

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fi Jofaa
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fi Slarto
fi Hardyrah
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OpenCup Fall 2010 3rd Division Semi Finals
Quote by Xo: wp fins!Stupid allstar team :<

Quote by RazZaH: i hate people who are "skilled" and play on lower divisions to win some cup srsly...gtfo to premier and leave the lows alone
05.12.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 - OpenCup Fall 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: IOWA (Requestee)
Maps: Supply

Total Pot: € 5246
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


mystic ?
i smell fintards lulZ
gl guys
u gonna take it fintards :<
gl valar :D
omg wtf mystic
another lowskilled tard adding good players to his team to get "pocals" on his cf profile xD
same situation was when you get to play with winghaven and other highskills and they carry your medish ass? :D
there is 1 basic difference,i actually play at least :)

and you will never see me writing those stupid quotes
i dont play? :Dlol you dont clearly even have no fucking idea who we are :D
yes,you dont

Gold 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2010 6th div :`)

http://www.gamestv.org/event/22982-sydamenasialla-vs-four-question-marks/ Cant see you in the lineup =)
lol so fucking what :D it would be difference if i playd one game and rape those 6th div teams?? had alot more job to manage these games than play. seriously its better if you go eat your burritos andele andele.
thx for prooving how stupid you are :)
i dont care what you think about me :) now "I" know why people say your so fucking retard :D
sorry but im just desperate

I have 0 pocals in my profile so far -_-
Dont say you are talking about slarto :DDDDDDDD This team is at its best with the players who started the OCjourney.
i was talking about iowa obviously,and with good players i meant mystic,slarto,jofaa and hardyrah for example
well im not suprised that you actually think we have mystic :D but you have shown how smart guy you are xD
np :) you guys just have no idea about this xD and its sad how this thing works so well and in 1st day so much whine and cry coming :)
Umm, first of all, IOWA is in mainlineup and is equally skilled to rest of the team so dont really see the problem? yes we have real mystic.. NOT -.- sorry to ruin your fantasies but regardless of the _AMAZING_ fragmovies by slarto he aint carrying the team at all and in my eyes not even needed by the team. jofa have played since the beginning and is a good friend of IOWA so logical to me that they are playing at the same team and last but not least hardyrah, he is not even playing in the mainlineup :DD

Your argument is invalid. VANISH, SPANIARD.
then blame your mate IOWA for making fake lineups and not me,and get normal face and muscles btw
boohoo fake lineup :(( im angry alejandro from spain and i must give my opinion on this! cry me a river nerd :D
i hope this team is better than lambs :-D
you will see then :)
UUU, nice insults man! "get normal face and muscles" :D Nothing wrong with my face tbh :p and how fucking stupid you are to think that MYSTIC is playing with us :DDDDDDDDDDD SPAIN GO SPAIN ;pPpPp
get muscles
Umm, I have enough muscles but thanks for caring :)
still crying here? :D you fucking skinny alejandro bitchass fucker who the fuck are you talking about muscles plsss :DD
so easy to troll you really :o)
Just shut up already :D You already made yourself a fool, too late to draw that trollcard anymore... As I already stated, please vanish spaniard <o/
Are u sure i am the fool here? XDDDD
take it easy serrano

at the end of the day its about playing a game and having fun, I guess everyone can play wherever they want.

and Im basically 3rd div skill myself :)
i know that you dont even know how fucking stupid you are :D starting egoing in games whats not your business and you dont even have any clue about us :D just gtfo :)
gl valar :* <3
omg omg
gl sydamenasialla! iowa deliver ;P
No problem for Iowas fop skillz !
gl iowa and smashed
wtf mystic?
Quote by IOWAwell im not suprised that you actually think we have mystic :D but you have shown how smart guy you are xD
ET soap operas are fun.....ass kicking... GO!
i agree about the fake mystic issue but man.. u whine alot for a spanish dude.. u need a siesta ;D
gl magico
magico will roll, np4us
gg magico playing low divs
do NOT bet on smashed.
do NOT bet on smashed.
do NO bets on smashed.
gl smashed hurensöhne
gl valar du schaffst das scho
gl sydament:) .. and <3 iowa :)
gl valarius :)
gl yermans und rollt die fin noobs :P
<-- setzt auf smashed