zeroPoint! Gaming vs pingwins (9356 views)

19.03.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters
Manager: eVo (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

de vp.ETTV.Server
By: arni (ettvd)
us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: Phoenigore (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 344


oh wow, u are the first poster. what a great feeling that must be ! i would yell and scream because of my hapiness.
2st xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD should be 2nd i think
lineup pingwins?
gl Fette
I wish you an amusing game pingwins.
zP > pingwins :[
gl Gifty :]
<3 zP! pls.
se FeTTe
at potter
at darky
de butchji
de keran
ch gifty

easy for pingwins
zeropoint will take this no doubt about it. But ggs both teams.(wont even bother to place a bet lol, can win 5e max -.-)
were is rapture ?
Lol , didnt u know that rapture was FeTTe's fakenick....
lol, rapture = fette!
rapture cant go to cpc2
Your bet: 295€ on zP!
Possible Win: 306.80 € (+11.80 €)

pls -.-
go FeTTe !!
pingwins, simply attack butchji with several players. that works wonders. for it's irritating as fuck :> you'll get there eventually. good luck with it :O
wow, thx for the nice tip!
Yea, throw a satchel on butchji and you win!
He's like a walking crew-served mg. But with 45 acc then...
He has a built-in aimbot in his hand ffs
why not 3 satchel chargers? you have to make it 100% sure!
maybe 3 more to gib his body from resurrecting!
+1 panza.. again to be sure!!11
i hope butchji reads this so he can prepare for the "rape of the year"
butchji will crap in his pants!!
abort will pistol whip butchji np!
why not Hatred?
Hatred > keran
Hatred > keran > FeTTe
senseless to compare.
:< well ye okay your best others sux imo
Your bet: 1000e on zP! Possible Win: 1,030.00 e (+30.00 e)

da gibts aufn sack chaozlan!
schau ma moi dann seng ma scho

aber im i-net alles np
easy bash for zP!
IRC: #Impact.Gaming ?!?! why stand there the irc of impact???
et masters is a tournament hosted by impact gaming afaik
you sir are correct
pingwins will do surprise now i feel!
yeah.. and FeTTe will do 6 men kill at once.
GL Pingwins ! <3
it will be so cool to see butchji and fette on the same team
we're trying to get mAus for keran who will go inactive, be beware
mmmm will be nice game!
it wont be easy for zp

Your bet: 24€ on pingwins
Possible Win: 419.52 € (+395.52 €)
it was gg
I dont think you're worth wearing such a nice tag ;P
i lold at anyone betting on pingwins :<
Nils i lold at anyone betting on pi

lucky you that it actually states a shorter message on the right hand side.
im tired, i dont get it m8 :<.... prata svenska perfo !
when u check comments at the right side u could watch ur comment as:

i lold at anyone betting on pi
(coz there is no space to continue)

But ur comment was:
i lold at anyone betting on pingwins :<

and thats why perfoboy lold...

call me if u have some problem Nils! :DD
aaah i get it!