avarice.nl vs Badmeesters (4779 views)

nl joshua
nl saKen
nl NoHead
nl SQuid
nl xPERiA
nl teKoa
nl Lun4t1C
3on3 NationsCup Qualifiers
The Netherlands
Grand Final
02.01.11 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: 3on3 NationsCup 2011
Hosting: 3on3 Nationscup
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 24345
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 104


gl tekoa <3
gl avarice!
gl copain ^5:D
komop saken swaffel ze hard
You have € -22.98 €
Possible Win: € 0

gl NoHead teKoa <3
gl saken
tekoa noob
jackie^^ = ?
gl nohead
gl avarice! =)
gl joshua & nohead
You have € 65 on nl Bad Cancel bet
Possible win: € 132.6

common badmeesters :D
gl avarice!
holland smokes 2 joints
go go go nohead :D
ps: go jaymod :D
Lun4t1C <3
inspi you love lucron we all know it
teKoa epic truck/tank driver skills tonight? :D
Henk = ?
Willem = ?
Joran = ?
tis eigelijk niet de bedoeling dat tek mijn naam steelt :<
epic map choices, gg !
Kanker mongolen.
epic map choices, gg !
squid in = insta win
epic map choices, gg !
You have € 42 on nl Bad
You lost
You have € 244 on avarice
You won € 692.96

kinda expected :p
You have € 60 on nl avarice
You won € 170.4

thanks :*
You have € 50 on nl avarice
You won € 142

You have € 48 on avarice
You won € 136.32
You have € 229 on nl Bad
You lost
SQUID = WIN. facts is facts....

and fu for joining and losing my moneys squid :< :P <3
stupid lineups
other team had about 5 players at the start listed, including perfo, and all of a sudden this lineup ^
so you thought we were going to play 4on5?
ye mate thats what i thought, or i could of thought that perfo was going to play instead of xperia -.-
?;d i shot highest dmg all the time :< and if my brother wasn't playing with 40* fever he'd have played much better aswell, if it was a 5on5 thingie sure perfo would've played instead of me but now? would say im the better 3on3 player of MY team ! and of this match anyway :P
ofc i guess the jump style made ur team win on etice... ;)
sense, you're not making it
wouldn't have made any difference since xperia is way more of a 3on3 player than perfo
You have € 5 on nl avarice
You won € 14.2

gg thx
what the fuuck `o´ ???
Goddamn Joran/luna :o
You have € 2554 on nl avarice
You won € 7253.36
thanks for money <3