Izi 4 Pandas @ National eSport vs 9th Dimension Wnbpro (6389 views)

pl tanch3z
pl pow4h
pl morfey
pl Woozie
cz ZajaC
de meNtal
de moppel
de buqja
4th Matchweek / 4th league - #easy.cup

21.02.11 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup VI 5v5 » Matchlink
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: tanchez (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Frostbite
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Total Pot: € 9482
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 16


gl yermans
merci, kann nie schaden :)
gl izi 4 pandas
powodzenia pandas !!!
gl bugja
gl plPolagzZz
gl tanchouz
Morfey dupo karaj tam!!!!
GL zajac
izi 4 zajac :D
izi 4 izi 4 pandas
gl hf bene :_D
yo glz0r buqj0r
gl zajac <333
morfey cipko!!! GL!!! ;)
morfey wciaga kupe lewa dziurka od nosa!!!!!!
gl :**
gl tanch3z : *
gl tomek :)
gl zajac!pwned.. izi for zajac:))..
zajac <3 good luck pusinko :D
izi 4 zajac :D
gl phazor, mental
all in on poltards
gl tanchez
gl woozie
gl öhööööhöö phazor :p
wp :)
gg, still funny
gg wp :)
fucking random poltards inventing their own rules, wow. normally this should be forfeit for us.
what happened?
they added a random player to their lineup even if it wasnt allowed, SLAC id's didnt match as well. Cupadmin (playing in the same team) said, "I can switch players during cup". gg.
show me this quote from the game please
second look rules :
last thing about players ! enjoy
oh nice, he wasnt at lineup this time, we said, you played.. so your fault..

and nice own admin using... thats skill ;)

e. maybe ask before using mercs, but no you take it without any saying..
hmm admin is admin for every team, in this case it was admin team;p i can allow team to take guy during the competition as it is written in rules. There are any exeptions from the rules that admin can't add guy to his own team !
nice... and you are proud that you did it omg...
do me a favour and learn english, poltard.
quote was like:

RAMOZ: you can add players during the cup...
tanchez: i can

and the same is in the rules, do you have problems with reading ? are you blind ? i dont understand your complains

e: i didn't write this rules, but i can use them, and part of them says that every team captain has to read them all, i see you missed something
the complain is, you played with a Player which isnt at Lineup... we said it.
tbh: i don't know if you changed the rule about the players during this match, but if you did, this is a rly unsportmanlike actionq
he cant change rules imo

nice pic you got there, bro.

e: Member For: 1 year and 3 days

get out of my internet.
ye right, "izi" to change rules during the fucking matchweek, wow, pathetic. seriously, why dont you challenge team-survive and we do a quick rematch with my older mates?
will see how "izi" it is for you then, randoms.
challange us in ladder ;p
why some random is calling us randoms?
im less random than you, im playing since 2004 and i have more knowledge of the game than everyone of your team and won more than everyone in your team.
do me a favour, shut up, i dont care about such a random cup hosted by random polaks who invent new rules.
cu lan (?).
niezle niemcy
flame flame flame :D

good game, over.
its shame that only u are normal in this team.
but u have to if u are friend of vib :D
haha, vib <3 ( Best voice in ET )
is vib still active?
i dont think so, atleast not in clan maybe he sometimes plays on pubs but i think that he doesnt.
nope, i went over to the quake community :d

playing very rarely either though
ah ok :) well see you round
anyway, gg, we played too ego, so we lost rightly
ihr salatköpfe! hättet ihr lieber auf grush ordentlich den tank attacked un nich minutenlang sone einzell rumrennerei, hätte euch am ende die zeit nicht gefehlt. :/
tja, und hätt ich in der defence nicht 20x full gefressen, wärs auch gegangen :/
selbst wenn.. aber wer 5 min lang einzeln den tank attacked hats am ende auch nich anders verdient als mit 1:30 zu verlieren tbh, fullspawns hin oder her :)
phazor gegen hurensohn polen verlieren :(
You have € 500 on eu PANDAS
You won € 1250