Izi 4 Pandas @ National eSport vs Team Survive (4523 views)

pl tanch3z
pl pow4h
pl morfey
pl Woozie
cz ZajaC
de PhiL
de SpyTe
de predi
de paN
de phazor
You can expect an epic battle where srv currently holding unranked position will face pandas currently ranked bad.
Both sides haven't been around for quite some time and wont certainly be able to bring you some entertainment on your active tuesday evening!

Players to watch?

de SRV|Phazor | insane aim and movement, he also represented 9th-Dimension the last few weeks
plPANDA|rifle |
22.02.11 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: stray (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 10562
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 14


2 izi 4 srv! lowpolaks!
gl tanch3z pow4h morfey
gl zajachu:)
Gl my love zajac <3
gl/hf jungs
pan :D :D
wo ist Peter ?
GL Pandy
gl kevji
ich sehs schon kommen..
gl predi
nä ich leave nicht! :-)
wir sind besser :]
wengistens haben wir nicht son kleines äffchen im ts das die ganze zeit rumschreit ;)
neh ihr habt 1 zurueckgebliebenen!
ne du spielst nicht hier aber tolles argument.
Kommentar führung closed.
.ignore stray
easy for survive
gl phazor :)
survive using the best tag in ethistory a must-watch!
haha kann ja nur phazors wunsch gewesen sein, gl survive <3 ;)
+1 :D

dachte mir nur, wie schnell doch wünsche in erfüllung gehen können :D
für mates tuen wir alles :)
dann lasst mich auch noch spielen, habe auch noch so was offen :D
gl survive.

hf phazor ;)
gl phazor
SRV|Phazor | insane aim and movement, he also represented 9th-Dimension the last few weeks
PANDA|rifle |

I am better then phazor :DDD
gl srv!
stray n00b!
will he be able to carry srv to victory?

powah: "its enough that u are from the most retarded country"

dutched hard id say xDxDxDxD
its so fucking true so why are u laughing?
u are saying germans = dutchies so what should we expect from u :DDDDDDDD
well, to explain it to u, cuz u obviously dont get the obvious:

its ridiculous if a poltard, clearly the most retarded people in the world (ok not all, but most of them) says that others are retarded.

but to make it even more ridiculous, u call them "dutch tards" when they are clearly germans!
why are u talking that poland is most retarded if germany is?
ok to explain u furthermore:

there is no such big "retardness" concentrated in any other part of the world, as in poland

so poland is clearly the most retarded country!

end of discussion, u wont win it anyway!
why are u talking such a bullshit?
its known from ages that ger has most retarded people and most ugly girls in da world
well tbh german girls (many/most) arent good looking, that is the first point ure right in today

but come on even german girls are looking better then polish!

but this wasnt my point, and as i said polish people are the most retarded, this is just a fact face it!
the best example that germans are most retarded is that ur talking that ger girls are better than the most beautyfull girls in da world
u cant be serious, saying that polish girls are more beatiful then german girls!

edit: be serious that polish girls are the most beatiful in the world!
polish girls are fairly good looking overall tbh, the ones I've met @ UK anyway.
No, thats Finland.
here is the proof, that the most retardes country is poland!!!:

here is that these are gertards
de b4lu Tuesday, 22nd February 2011 23:14

man stop arguing and learn fucking basics in english, fucking shame
da hat mein bind doch wieder perfekt zu gepasst :D
all you can say is polish ppls are retarded but the fact is this is one big bullshit you've met prolly some polish trolls and belive me everywhere they are hiding somewhere so your argument is invalid this is first of all and secondly basicly you made your own opinion which is based on few mongols so gz on being the one retarded here
well as i said in my comment above, i dont say that every polak is retarded, just most of them!

there might be some clever ones too, but this is clearly the minority

but the fact that u and powah got mad my by non argumentative statements, just proofs my point!

thx for that
im not mad i just like laughing of guys like u

mad was phazor who lost match and asked friends from team germany to improve his ego after lost.
cant say anything to the match of yesterday, didnt watch it!

but what i can say is, that he knows those guys for a pretty long time, and played with them for a long time, and they play mixes quite often!

but ye he could have been a bit mad, dunno :D

but u sir is mad!
tanchez Monday, 21st February 2011 22:33
challange us in ladder ;p

ur m8 "asked" for the match, so don't blame phazor for it oO
he proposed that and tanchez agreed on it. cause we are not affraid of losing against some germans.
thats 9th dimension coludnt get into a mind that they were raped by some "randoms polaks."
friends from team germany? xD
ye for exaple kevji
who cares that he played in team germany he sucked hard :D
If I may repeat my personal statement with some new aspects: 9th dimension is a new team with a new Lineup - survive is an old team with good friends who played together quite a long time. Even then it wasnt my intention to show you how "skilled" my teammates are, but just that your presumption "phazor low" etc was not justified. To justify that I can play much better than I did in the 9th dimension offi is, that I normally take the position as mostly defensively playing medic or fieldops which i definitely could NOT play during the 9th dimension war. Additionaly, its not necessary for me to search "good mercs" just to beat you, especially when the team existed for a long long time in the past. Furthermore I played rifle in the 9th war what I just started with at the end of 2010, means, Im not quite experienced with rifle and everything what gets connected with it.

All in all I can definitely presume that you guys should know who I am and with which guys I used to play once, just to confute your assumption "im better than phazor, phazor low, phazor random blablabla".
And last but not least I just have to mention that "whining" about "fakenicks" or anything else is at least as twice as emberassing as us from 9th complaining about the playerswitch you did at the ECC match which was surely justified.

Good Game, well(?) played.
EDIT: Prejudices against my country, which get into connection with ww2 or anything similiar just give me an approval how fucking immature you guys are.
i dont get this switching players. Woozie is playing with us since around month so ... It was mistake that he didnt be in LU on ECC page. He played in last match versus Possessed and they didnt make any problems, and he is in LU on CB and ESL.
as you can see he played in this match http://www.gamestv.org/event/24091-izi-4-pandas-national-esport-vs-fight-arena-trickjumpers/ . and in every match later.

and srsly this "discussion" wouldnt take place if u and ur teammates werent so dumb in 9th-pandas match.
like phazor said
like phazor said
like phazor said
like phazor said
as I said...Izi 4 survive...
:D gg wp, made germans happy, gave them one day of happines, to be proud , beacuse all world fucked them up in WW2.
mmmmmmmmk, i'm assuming you're trolling here because Poland was penetrated in the anus by the Germans during WW2.
i am not quite sure how long germany needed in ww2 for poland... was it smth about 2 weeks? or 2 hours? not quite sure...
i see you are the stupidest german i have ever seen, poland was the country who fighted the longest time (i mean from countries which germans owned soonly, beacuse uk has never been defeated). I see no skill, no brain ;p
It's important to say that germans are proud of hitler what is sad that we can find one person in german history who made germany powerful.
your country was the first which got rolled.... i have no idea, what you learn in your schools, but it seems to be quite fun... 4 sure the teachers tell you, that a polish agent kidnapped hitler & they killed him in pl...
how dumb u have to be if ur proud of most tarded gay ever-hitler?
how dumb do u have to be to still asume hitler was german?
he was german born in austria.
btw where did i say he was german?
did he ever say he's proud of hitler?
have i ever said that i am proud of hitler? NO, Sir, i just asked, what you learn in your history-lesson, because you have obviously no idea, that poland got rolled as first and was the country germany conquered at first & fastest with military force...
I know that hitler attacked Poland at first place. You say about it in way like ur proud of it
well, i am not proud, that hitler killed jews & he started the ww2, but i am quite impressed, how well the german army did in ww1/2
woah i wouldnt be so impressed considering this 2 retarded mongols ribbentrop-molotow, kinda sad u needed russia to own us, but keep being proud of destroying already destroyed country you 12yo shitface
merkel? >:}
hahahaha WAT
Quote the stupidest

yeah dude, stop blaming urself already..
why are you even answering such stupid comments in first place?
wnb bePhiL
phazor happy :O
expected :P
i see mad polaks!
z honorem to niech sie te paly naucza przegrywac.
w dupe wczoraj dostali to koles poszedl sie poplakac do kolegow z repry niemiec zeby sobie ego poprawic.
z scmz kza kramplo i gabto paly repry zeby ego poprawic.
a ty co teraz robisz? placzesz :D
ojejku, wzial kogos z repry niemiec ojej, rozplaczmy sie, nie ma sensu grac :D jak tak do tej gry tak podchodzisz to powiem ci tak - szkoda twojego czasu, przestan grac, bo z gowna piany nie ubijesz. dziekuje dobranoc
nie placze, to bylaa odpowiedz na komenta, ktorego ktos skasowal.
hehe :D