to Make odds even vs SPEEDLINK (14307 views)

pl fanatic
pl ska
pl hassaN
pl errol
pl Voodoo
nl joshua
de Bl4d3
de duKe_
ch gifty
de sNoOp
ESL 5on5 Winter League 2010 - Division 1
Grand Final

pl tMoe way to the final:

4:0 vs nl OVERLOAd
4:0 vs fi RAAB
4:2 vs de SPEEDLiNK

de SPEEDLiNK way to the final:

4:0 vs be WcK
4:0 vs eu mvp
2:4 vs pl tMoe
1:0 vs eu mvp

Team SPEEDLiNK has to win twice. If SPEEDLiNK wins 1st game, 2nd game will be requested
02.03.11 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Robert (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 154735
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Radio Commentary
gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT
Listen to TosspoT
Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 267


1st gl abort :o
where is krest?

gl bl4d3
SL wnb H2k!
no krest no win gg PL
tMoe so good?
vs RAAB 4:0
nice work m8s :O
no kresti no win, but gl SL !
hf abort
soon duke and bl4d3 gona get kicked/leave

and butchji/dialer/zerender to replace

hheheheh2k ??
epsilon cc5/6 hehe
gl SL

go abortje <:
fanatic kelner wieczoru !
sup with kResti ?
Left for AoW mate, kReSti, sTOWNAGE, FLoPJEHZ, s1LENT and gr0ss
Probably better for him
I'm not the only backstabber, finally :D
gl, will be a good game, tMoe have really proved themselves, best of luck
gl fanatic :)
omg Tosspot omg :D
gl h2k
omg Tosspot omg :D
looks a bit like h2k gaming :)
omg Tosspot omg :D
Could be fun, I'm having an injection in my gum for a filling 3 hours before then. The injection is supposed to last exactly 3 hours so speaking could be a bit of a blur...
Dentist: How are you feeling ?

This my friend, is the way forward :d
Not gonna stop her from drilling me though :(
I wanna drill my dentist, she fineee
oh, you just read my mind :D
Same thought about your mom
is there any truth that you actually have teeth like a row of sugarpuffs wee stu?

hf then
sounds awesome! :D
omg Tosspot omg :D
omg Tosspot omg :D

hf jorryt!
tosspot que ?
gl abort & SL
tosspot ftw
Abort suc6 niggu!
Good luck abortje <3
:O abort
Does betting only include the 1st match?
"If SPEEDLiNK wins 1st game, 2nd game will be requested"
gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT
and im gonna miss it :(
You have € 56 on pl tMoe Cancel bet
Possible win: € 97.44 xd

why isnt roEujen shoutcaster

no1 will listen to him i guess, bcuz of tosspot
because it's mdEujen :x
Only one star, TosspoT. polskie gwiazdy et to, to samo co polskie gwiazdy show biznesu.
3 stars for TosspoT pls.
Abort ^^
gl abort
tosspot? wont believe it till the actual cast.
abort omg 1e on SL
gl abort :D :3
no-one cares about the game ffs. tosspot is shoutcasting... theyll all be listening to that. he could be talking about the weather, or how he saw a dog chase a cat and fuck it earlier that day, or even about the dentist rubbing his crotch in a saucy manner, and it would sound like velvet words wrapped in silken poetry kissing your ears.
you have a way with words <3
Have you ever thought of being a poet?
gl superstar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ciezko bedzie :). Jesli sklady pozostana bez zmian, to 4-2 dla Speedlink.

p.s. tMoe wybieracie sie na LANa? :)
Jak trafie 6 w totka to ich wysle :!
wtedy to na Wyspy Kanaryjskie :P.
Szkoda w sumie, bo mozna byloby zrobic teraz dobry wynik na lanie :)
gl joshua!
gl 8D
This gonna be a close match
gl duke snoop am gifty <3
easy moeny
You have € 2818 on tMoe
Possible win: € 5297.84
joshua deserved spot
joshua? bet canceled
You have € 700 on pl tMoe Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1337

Tmoe is destined to win.
need video to your dentist-voice :<
Thanks, that makes it a lot easier :)
if you've recorded commentatory, reply meh :)
can someone get me a video stream? sucks donkey balls to only listen to Tosspot without an ET-able computer around :D
You have € 2000 on pl tMoe
Possible win: € 3740
did i understand smth wrong or said tosspot that ross is touching small kids? Oo
nope its all true...
i fail currenty, i try to post a pedobear-pic... whatever...

btw: watch a bit out for mutlikills, duke mowed 4/5 man at main while they were defending tank, you are a bit rusty :p
grannybears > pedobears
Shoutcasting requires a perfect oral hygiene.
4:0 tmoe
joshua no replacement for kresti, sry >.<
he was just a merc eventho he did well
mmmmmmmmmmmh.... naja, wenn man nen aimer mit nen teamplayer (ich kenn joshua net wirklich) ersetzt, dann kanns ja eigentlich net klappen, oder irr ich mich da
theres no replacement for krest.
kresti does fit way better than me in here, too bad he doesn't want to play
u is joshua?
wasnt really saying u r bad or anythin like that.
just saying that krest is an amazing player.
Wasn't also replying to you:p but ye this is some old 'gaming' nick I played with. But krest is aimwise just better than me and does fit better there. And today I was also not really aiming very well.
dont get me wrong meight, u r one of the guys who improved the most lately. i just think that krest is a bit better.
u cant judge a player because of one game anyway. so just dont mind what other say ;p
aha I don't judge you :P thnx!
You have € 2818 on tMoe
You won € 5269.66

You have € 1600 on tMoe
You won € 2992
good job!!
Thanks TosspoT, was a nice shoutcast =D
You have € 500 on pl tMoe
You won € 935

Numeric: "tMoe 2 liga"
masacre D:
nice cast tosspot!

dont blame me! it was my mate annoyed by your story, but he has no irc!
I think tmoe is able to achieve smth in next EC... nice game guys
rofl why would that be? speedlink did not even qualify for EMS last season and neither did they make it into EC playoffs. tMoe dont stand a chance against the teams that will form/return for ec xxiii
I can't even understand how they're beating SL and some other teams. They've never seemed capable of that when I've played them.
5th place EC XXI and 5th place at AEF, so i dont know what you are talking about
Quoterofl why would that be? speedlink did not even qualify for EMS last season and neither did they make it into EC playoffs.

was a different team, so i still dont know what you want to say
everyone is acting like tmoe just owned dignitas or something so im just pointing out that beating sl is not some amazing achievement
Look at SL's lineup, and then look at the names in tmoe's. If you've played them around the xmas/january period then you'll be surprised! :P
last time i played them was like november, practicing since then is enough time for them to beat a team like SL! :P not calling SL bad but they aren't performing amazing atm as seen in the last few months :D losing to oxid and so on. lets not forget tmoe won oc prem already so they can't be that bad ;d
tMoe new EC winners.
jcrois pas que t capable de survive 1 journee sans PC.

Argument invalid, sorry.
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Argument valid.
Rapport? :D je spam, et? je request des ETTVS? et? :D
a chaque fois tu me dit ce vieux comeback de merde qui prouve rien
vu que je t'ai jamais parler, pourquoi tu rajoutes " a chaque fois? " :D
tu ma deja reply avec ce "comeback" de mongol
Non, je t'ai jamais reply avant aujourd'hui, peut etre une fois, mais tout a fait hors sujet de cette conversation.
tu ma deja reply en disant la meme chose : ARGUMENT INVALID JE SUIS CON COMME UNE TABLE.
non, je t'ai jamais reply, je confirme et je re-confirme
le tg
le je defonce ta moustache
le tg
le tg
le tg
Team Poland 2
moze jakis meczyk jak grali z Uk ciekawie by bylo uof
you did well with canceling your bet fuzzm8 :)
unexpected but gg
czemu zmieniles tresc komentarza? :P Widzialem to :P
no te 2 wygrane mnie pozuytywnie zaskoczly :) szykuje sie drugie FF :D tylko 5v5 ;) gg
nie przesadzaj :0
pl tMoe way to the final:

4:0 vs nl OVERLOAd
4:0 vs fi RAAB
4:2 vs de SPEEDLiNK

oni juz sa lepsi niz FF bylo jesli beda w stanie bic te i podobne skillowo teamy
aha :XD
jednak mysle ze do ff to im troche brakuje
acha :XD zobacz ile oni grali czasu razem a ile my :XD
no racja errol, ale wlasnie moze dla tego ze oni istnieli tyle czasu maja moje uznanie. Wy jestescie jakby nie patrzyc swiezym klanem ale macie zadatki na 'legendarny' polski klan, powodzenia ;-)
biorac pod uwage w jakiej kondycji scena byla gdy ff ogarnialo na swym najlepszym poziomie, a jaka jest teraz, gdy wy ograniacie to i tak nie ma mowy zebyscie dorosli im do piet jako klan ^_^
o tym wlasnie mowie ;)
polskie lany chciales mi pokazac? ki chuj mnie one interesuja? tmoe vs ff mecz bylby rowny bb
no elvis WIN braFFooo
thx <3
tMoe pl 1.87
2.15 de SL
You have € 1521 on pl tMoe
You won € 2844.27
noobs got rolled
tMoe dostanie bezposrednie zaproszenie do EC i do EMS :)
zwlaszcza ze ET nie bedzie w EMS VIII, a w EC zaproszenia ustala zyd. POJEBALO CIE CHLOPCZYKU
no i po co to przeklenstwo :P. Nie bedzie w EMS ET? No to niefajnie...Kurwa why? For money? Szkoda...To ten eiM z ESL nic nie zrobic w tej kwestii? A ten Zyd to jest jakis niefajny koles? Bo prawda jest taka, ze tMoe powinno dostac zaproszenie patrzac na to co zrobili ostatnio :P. Prawda jest taka, ze obecnie to nie maja zbyt wielu rywali, ale mamy sezon MISTRZOSTW SWIATA. Poza tym zbliza sie LAN, wiec teraz kilka fajnych klanow powinno powstac.
no abort no win ;p
da reiben sich thomas u. stefan die hände xD wir wussten es doch vorher !
nein so sind sie nicht, man hält dann doch immer noch zu den deutschen kollegen
You have € 10000 on de SL
You lost

you got r0ll3d

Who cares its just emoney , a bit shamed for topstars like gifty & snoop to lose against that guys but okay thats ET :-)