to Make odds even vs turbot (7269 views)

pl fanatic
pl errol
pl hassaN
pl palemki
pl Voodoo
fi OldenSan
fi vokki
fi muuris
fi Squall
fi crittie
fi olBaa
15.03.11 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Robert (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 99588
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
de Teamoxid Shoutcast \w eujen
By: eujeN
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Language: English

Total Slots: 200
Listener Peak: 27

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 171


all on turbot
easy for turbot
gl olBaa
gl olBaa
gl olBaa ;dddddd
wczoraj na turbotow byl gorszy kurs i wygrali.
Stawiac czy nie stawiac oto jest pytanie? :D
najpierw zadaj sobie pytanie czy mozesz w koncu zamknac morde?
ostry tekst!
ja pisze z zamknieta nie wiem jak Ty
urosly Ci juz cycki?
hej dzieciak do ksiazek wypierdalac x)
KONIEC h8ow !
garbiel frajerze nie masz wiecej niz ona a wiec tez wypierdalaj cwelu bo ci cycki nie urosly hahahahahhhaahahahahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahaha ostry text bo to frajer i trzeba mu cisnac!
poucz sie, jutro sprawdzian z geografii masz a pani w gimnazjum powiedziala ze jeszcze jeden zawalisz i bedzie musiala wezwac na rozmowe twoja mame, pomysl o tym!
a co twoja juz wezwala ? x) pewnie szlaban na kompa dostales ^^
no i odpisuje ci na komentarze z wiadra...
geeäl olbaa
gl robaciek
hup hup turbot!
lose tomorrow so we get rank 1:)
if you win vs Nordic then we won't lose #1 place regardless of the outcome of tomorrow's game. I'm counting on you guys!
you gonna lose 1st place and the clan which is 2nd then gonna be new 1stt
Ofc you lose, but Nordic wont get first.
You have € 100 on turbot
Possible win: € 305

gogo crittie :D
gl dignitas duo
[16:09] <dignitas\olBaa> cu there
tää polakki on kyl nii vammane
izi for tmoe
You have € 77 on turbot
Possible win: € 83.93
Seems like some polaks are upset
You have € 15 on dk NE. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 164.7

gogo polaks!
You have € 500 on NE.
Possible win: € 5210
You have € 250 on dk NE. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2525
jezeli squall i olbaa beda grali to Turbot wygra bez problemu ;D
You have € 50000 on dk NE. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 127500
Zebys sie nie przeliczyl ; D

bo jestes w top 3 rankingu xd
Pending Money 2470 €
just forced the others to bet on tA to receive more money, then i make bets on us with safety! the strategy man!
bedziecie odpalac czy co ? ; o
You have € 135 on fi turbot Cancel bet
Possible win: € 282.15

gl finns!
Fanatic pokaraj ich tam :D
polakit uuniin
gl hf both ;)
i wouldnt bet on us... ;)
You have € 20 on dk NE. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 62.4

You have € 45 on dk NE. Cancel bet
Possible win: € 140.4

all in on you faggots, plz rape some faces.
thats what im thinking also
i thought you will be in lineup too. havent played for a while vs you ^_^
im not used to play with turbot :P
dont know if i can do it to the right time
haha best fin players now playing with new best fin team
hard match 4 nordic, gl.
No swani, no win
You have € 115 on turbot
Possible win: € 323.15
palemki haha nice one at supply truck!
eujen: kurwa mak xD !!!!
polaks cannot into plant
thought nordic is better :l

You have € 45 on turbot
You won € 123.75

as expected
You have € 77 on NE.
You lost
You have € 2500 on fi turbot
You won € 6875
anyway, gg
You have € 195 on fi turbot
You won € 536.25

You have € 46 on turbot
You won € 126.5
You have € 50 on NE.
You lost

i mad
You have € 20 on turbot
You won € 55
You have € 250 on dk NE.
You lost

You have € 1000 on turbot
You won € 2750
You have € 100 on turbot
You won € 275

You have € 11000 on turbot
You won € 30250
nice map choice there
You have € 10 on NE.
You lost
i mad
next time let them plant if you want e-money
You have € 20 on fi turbot
You won € 55
polaks so scared that they pick erdenberggggg and FUCKING LOSE IT
fins so scared that they pick Squall & olBaa
yes. and you pick fanatic instead of ska. fanatic crazy aimer. hes better than squall&olbaa
fanatic and ska played together so wtf are you on about?
cant see him in lineup :o
palemki replaced ska and it was only because ska dropped due to personal issues
didn't you rate yourself 10 for EC?
I'm sorry to say this but they are like much better than you. 10+ EC.
better than what?
"better than you"
KRP? or are you comparing their clan to me?
I was talking about the fact they signed up for OC with a rating of 10 EC only
lol nerds lost their homemap
You have € 805 on turbot
You won € 2213.75
voodoo mowilem ze sie przeliczysz ;XD
You have € 176 on fi turbot
You won € 484

no swanidius....... nice gaming
wp, although im already bored of constantly playing vs the same team-finland players when we play vs every finnish clan :p
plus fucking one, lu depends on their opponent so fucking lame
stop crying. If u cant beat team with eg. olbaa and sql dont fucking go EC then:D stick in OC where is no olbaas or squalls :_DDDDD
so basically u admit that they carry you in every fin team?
what are u trying to say? Sorry but I play only for turbos. I dont have other fin teams. gotta say that shit team if olbaa and squall beats them alone:DD
to lose vs d. or f5 or wherever they will play in EC isnt a shame. its sad that you are afraid to play with your normal lineup vs shit-polak-team
Hardyrah was working and I was visiting a friend so we had to use backups
Fanatic is right. Every non-Finland team plays with same lineup every match. Finnis teams, both KRP and turbot use NC players, since they are afraid to play with their real lu.. SO yeah, its just sad tbh.
no, unhit cheaters playing 24/7 but losing to some semi-random mix with two good players, thats sad...
obviously not talking about palemki nor errol...
i wouldnt call this mix but ye
We are also bored of constantly playing vs erase :////
cant beat a mix team with nerd clan, sad...
cant beat a mix team with nerd clan, sad...
cant beat a mix team with nerd clan, sad...
cant beat a mix team with nerd clan, sad...
You have € 70 on fi turbot
You won € 192.5

NORDIC-eSport 1.57 vs. 2.75 turbot 100 € on turbot Won275€

You have € 135 on fi turbot
You won € 371.25
izi for finns!
Polaks nice gayming.

Lose to OldenSan = time to quit!
You have € 209 on turbot
You won € 574.75

i love finland :*)
wybrali mape ktorej nie znal palemki izi
You have € 20 on NE.
You lost
next time, more dignitas players :P
crybabys!!!! Robaciek's ego exploded in his face
inb4blindi be mad
jebac biede polaczki