Germany vs Netherlands (13541 views)

de s1LENT
de Kevji
de reAz
nl Ati_
nl joshua
nl Lun4t1C
nl saKen
nl xPERiA

CB NationsCup XIV - Playoffs: Lower Bracket Round 4
20.03.11 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XIV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: szczurek (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 90302
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
de Teamoxid Shoutcast \w eujen
By: eujeN
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Language: English

Total Slots: 200
Listener Peak: 61

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 387


omg first omg
sweet revenge
gl s1lent & krest
gl germany

here we go again =)

gl nl pak se terug ;)
pm s1LENT for insider infos @ #credibilis
gl Germany.
Haut die weg!
haut sie weg drago<333 OMG DRAGO OMG
What a Panzerfaust from Drago!! :D
hf ger :)
Revenge! :D
gl br0s . das ist bashdibilis :*
did all decent guys quit playing et or wat
all decent captains, yep
i won't bet on u guys a second time :p i was not impressed last time. But GL you can do it :D
i won't bet on u guys a second time :p i was not impressed last time. But GL you can do it :D
Gl saken and joshua!
cmon gogo im smelling somthing a its german pussy
that pussy can´t smell very well
idd thats why u smell it so fast
Need teKoa to win this!
Germany's got it.
GL Germany. Beat that rubbish collectors the second time.
Gl Germany & Joshua!
izi 4 s1LENT :D
gl xpr
epic match
Flopjehz GL
gl s1lent :D
good luck Netherlands
have fun Germany

4-2 Germany
gl kresti
gogo germany
Good luck reAz
gogo s1LENT

GL FLoPJEHZ mate<3333333
You have € 10 on NED
Possible win: € 41
lineup germany:

Kevji, KRESTi, reAz, s1LENT, sTOWNAGE

dann verkackt ger super LU
dann verkackt ger super LU
bb germany
was is mit drago & bl4d3?
da is ein samstag is könnte man das argument bringen, die haben keine zeit und wollen ihren abend anders verbringen als ein sinnloses game zu spielen.
wäre meine theorie.
wo isn das am samstag? o_O
tut dir lesen weh?
srry im urlaub verliert man das zeit gefühl :( dann halt sonntag tut aber nichts zur sache da der grund des nicht anwesend sein der gleiche sein kann.
der kann auch an jedem anderen tag gleich sein ._.
im urlaub checkst du also gtv : DDD
ich bin nicht im urlaub ich habe nur urlaub
bb germany, seriously kevji wtf???
Kevji ftw.
Where is : sNoOp
Superstars desNoOp and debutchji sadly will not be part of this years edition of the CB NC. Just like last season, desNoOp boycotts the 5on5 decision and Clanbase in general. debutchji again lacks motivation and leaves the stage to the newcomers.

Good luck s1LENT und KRESTi <3
Wat ben jij nou voor kanker allochtoon
Niet zo boos he, maar je hebt gelijk: Good luck Ati_!
no luck, pure skill

Met je teammates heb je toch wel wat luck nodig boy
i dont speak this language but when i read it i think i understand every word hahha

hup holland hup
hij is voor team irak niet haten
Thanks for the money

You have € 50 on de GER
You won € 183.5
w0nd3r gonna shoutcast?
germany will get dutched jsut like estonia, and zhey will give me moneys
Good luck s1LENT und KRESTi <3
netherlands will be germanized
gl joshua & Kevji
gl Kevji :P
gl germany
gl ger!

np 4 oxid`kevji :D
drago left?
eujen shoutcasting!!!
gl kevji
gogo kevji, ill be watchin you !
Good luck noop :p
gimme some 3man rifle, der Demontagebetrieb der niederländischen <3
gl kresti, joshua n silent!
drago soll spieln ... :(
wiso spielt Drago nicht??

und wo ist FLopJEHZ :(
frag shmoe nicht mich
dürfen keine 5 spieler von 1 team spielen drago kann nicht das heißt stownage muss spielen das heißt wir sind zu 5 von einen team das wiederum heißt das kevji spielen muss weil zu wenig smg spieler aus anderen teams. So kommt man auf dieses lu
gl kevji :)
no drago no win
gL KRESTI <3 Hau sie um!

bb ger =((
where is drago, snoop?! NL win this, gl GER.
really strange lineup combinations
gl germany
gl stille+kevin+kresti+reaziboy ;)
lol, Germany is going down badly, gl stown tho
fake line-up for odds i think
Need Sem! :)
gl germany
gl stowni <3
You have € 633 on GER
Possible win: € 2057.25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stowni and KRESTi werden sie schon umhauen:)
gl stowni <3
gl silent and netherlands pwners

and gl nr.236 on the best dutch players ladder
no tele no win ^^
Gl hf kresti <3
Easy money woo!
gl silent & reaz ihr 3on3 huren :D
go marvin :)
Good luck, jjjjjuuuuunnnngggggggsss!
Vorwärts Jungs!
stownage ?
kevji how u knew ati was right there?=in radar behind the ammo house?
wanna see that replay tbh cuz he went there ninja.
coz its ati
pause -> ts
maybe he thought that me was an enemy
They used ettv to know that, one even went to get ammo and didn't even do anything when I was just leaning there.
thats quite obvious, but is it allowed? rules dont say anything about this
yeh i was speccing u , didnt make a single sound and no1 saw u, then he randonmly shot rifle shot there :/
I take it that is also why you kicked that other "teamoxid" shoutcaster at the start, sounds like you should have kicked them both :p
score ?
saKen haahahhaaaha
das ist s1lentdibilis !!
wp ger.

nice work.
autokorso incoming
congrats germany, nice match
You have € 15 on de GER
You won € 55.05

Tks saken
gut gemacht bratmaxe xD
You have € 55 on GER
You won € 201.85

nice gaming by germany!
s1LENTdibilis regelt :D

saKen haahahhaaaha
well done
LOL... loose vs the worst DE lu with one if the best Lu of nc
GG deutschland uber alles!
gg kresti & s1lent
You have € 250 on de GER
You won € 917.5
danke jungs
ggs wp :')
most retarded loss, ever
s1lent regelt.
gg both, congratz ger
fucking nice obj cap at the end s1lent, saved the game, ehehhehe
You have € 14 on de GER
You won € 51.38

so good game, kevji <3
You have € 70 on de GER
You won € 256.9

You have € 5000 on nl NED
You lost

low is low

gj germany! :)
Hammer Sieg!

sehr schön gemacht, s1LENT sehr schön das obj geholt auf frost;)
You have € 250 on nl NED
You lost

WTF! :*
Keke, Bratmaxe.
You have € 30 on GER
You won € 110.1

danke s1LENT
To Sample (since reply thing seems bugged for me) No idea, don't want a forfeit win for this anyway. The way we lost is just so retarded, deserved loss tbh
no one can check if you do it or not.
stelletje kankernoobs
You have € 25 on de GER
You won € 91.75
You have € 132 on GER
You won € 484.44

thx jungs <3
wat de fuck noebs!
You have € 258 on GER
You won € 946.86

You have € 300 on de GER
You won € 1101

fuck ,ich werd noch reich jippie

thx ger <3
lolz germany rules
joshua mate :(
gg GER
nederland kanker belachelijk
Ohne Holland ...........
oke dit is wel slecht
You have € 150 on GER
You won € 550.5

tank u wery matsch
Yo tnx krest <3
You have € 250 on de GER
You won € 917.5
gg silent. war wirklich wichtig :o)

low is low

gj germany! :)
Haha wp ger !!
german ruleZ
xperia xperia xperia...
WTF ?!?!?!?!?!

Jullie stellen me zwaar teleur :|
saken :XDDDDDDd