The Last Resort vs Impact Gaming (17412 views)

15.04.07 17:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Prizefight Challenge 2 LAN
Manager: arni (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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TLR vs ?
d. fo sho
tlr vs impact/idle?
which maps will be played?
i hope for impact
best luck to the finnish skillzors
TLR versus dignitas
4-2 TLR
Nevermind who is it - TLR imo :D
TLR vs. Dignitas! Again! Exciting!
noob update
tlr tbh
tlr vs impact
GOOD LUCK IMPACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
battery plz
yes if tlr is gonna be as lotto as before
Impact ftw :D
GL impact :p
first TLR vs. impact ended 4-0, the next 4-2, and again 4-2, maybe this time it will be different?
maybe not
i hope so
impact are on really good shape.. beat dignitas.. bET on IMPACT !!!
easy money
But then Tlr also beat dignitas..
imho 4-2 for impact.

Your bet: 35€ on Impact
Possible Win: 81.90 € (+46.90 €)


Your bet: 35€ on Impact
Possible Win: 38.15 € (+3.15 €)

gonna be so fucking close , so fucking close
TLR are invincable atm.. although i want Impact too win, i dont see it happening =( GL tho !
impact has to win 2 times tho...
Your bet: 130€ on Impact
Possible Win: 299.00 € (+169.00 €)
np4 tlr!

gogo guys!
Impact 4 : 0 TLR
GO impact!
easy for tlr
TLR owns impact, why should impact win. TLR wins all the time 4-0 4-2 4-2 so why you bet on Impact :S?
be a smart person and remove your comment and make some profit ?
Because they first won with 4-0, then with 4-2, then again 4-2, so there might be a chance that Impact now will take it with 4-2 ?
dude, please... I want to win that 3 times more money that i bet... and you are ruining it! :'(
Possible Win: 143.00 € (+13.00 €) OMG No! :<
Total pot: 2054480 €
nice pot
Your bet: 1750€ on TLR Possible Win: 17,360.00 € (+15,610.00 €)

its double eliminations is if impact wins they have to rematch ?
this isnt winners bracket final, but the grand final
its what im talking about, tlr hasnt lost yet, in double eliminations teams is out after 2 defeats, so if they lose final they should rematch and play a deciding match. it works in many leagues, used on shg @ cs
yea sure it is like that, dont care about that confused romanian or whatever his nationality is:)
yes, impact has to win 2 times..!
Looking forward to great match such as ET Masters Final... gl both!

mAus and mystic <3
Gl impact
comman impact <3 xpaz
Possible Win: 286.00 € (+156.00 €)

That's better... Anyway, nice pot :o
Your bet: 100€ on Impact
Possible Win: 219.00 € (+119.00 €)
Theres only one winner.. the bookies
mystic cant play...
impact will take it :>
chill outside!
no pressure!
stabbed @ internet! :XDDDDD
more impact vs tlr games pls :P
omg more time changes
love you mashed :O
Again delayed :<

It's only delaying lol... :X
whine more... as soon it will ended u will keep wishing more :o
I am sorry but we are having no communcation at the moment, so im keeping this time changing until i know the real time.

Sorry for the inconvinience ... But i expect us to start at 17:00
Update: match should start at 17:00 !!!
<3 mashed
anyone know why r_drawfoliage is cheat protected on ettv today?
I think it's depending on wich ettv you are...
it's on my servers only ... i cant fix it, sorry
pb? ;p
dont have enough access to fuck with pb :) ( turn of pb etc )
2 bad ;p
Just on the two server.
imo at 18 :]
all players are on server, admins are just setting something up i think, should be on soon.
Something for the cinema?
probably yea, or shoutcasts cuz i haven't seen tosspot around. is woring fine anyway... Just some movies, but it's online at least :D
17:11, Sunday teams are on server and setting up, casters also preparing the cinema

thank god
-for mashed ;)
delay to 19.00 and np!
score anybody? :o
looks like 2:0 for TLR , but map first round has not ended yet :)
mashed plz sometimes have a breath!:D
2-0 tlr
4:0 TLR tbh
Congratz TLR, well deserved win. :)
gg aCozz
Congratz TLR thnx for the money
omg mashed dont quit :( :( :(
thank you

gr8 commentary <3
mAus oWnnnnned
gr8 match

nice shoutcast mashed ;)
Gratz TLR, Impact & Dignitas and thanks for top quality games.
nice by mashed. Papa Roach "Last Resort" when TLR won :).
n1 TLR <3 aCoZZ rifles!!!!!!
_boring_ final
mashed is the best
Great matches and I can finnaly eat my dinner after 6hours of shoutcasting :p gratz TLR and wp impact
welldone mashed btw :D
Your bet: 283€ on TLR Won 517.89€

Thx <3
i'm sick of maus fanbois.He's just on fire.You'll forget about him in next few months.Remember one thing.He's just one moment star but he's good player.Dignitas are legendary.Urtier and rest of band are the best ever.Dignitas( if you want) they are like and Jordan in basketball.They are number one and the rest is number 3rd.There is no number second in Et history.
parodia is
sorry, but you're talking crap.

IF dignitas, then the first dignitas et team ..

but parodia stays the best et team for me .. :)
and, the TLR bwois are getting to it !!
gunslingers imo

is mAus on drugs or something ? congrats mAus very good LAN gaming (;
who are them?

mystic (front) raveneye (back)
mystic and raveneye

gg TLR, was an awesome tournament, i'll write a big report when i get back, in bremen airport at the moment. 2nd place is good given how long we have been together, we all agree we will get back together and i can confirm this team will stay together and no further lineup changes will be made. See you @ EC and CPC2 and ET Masters #2
funny :)

omg :D

mystic - lovely fat baby!

raveneye - real ravenman!
: )