teamoxid vs Power Gaming (6372 views)

de Bl4d3
md eujen
nl xPERiA
de stRay
nl ins
be Jere
nl Jo0f
be siL
nl vANQ
20.04.11 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: stray (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 73340
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 103


nice to know du spast -_-
HF jo0f & eujen ;D
ich wäre ja für power gaming,aber da ich sowieso weiß dass oxid gewinnt xD wette ich auf die
genau =)
wette lieber auf power gaming^^
SAGS MIR DU HUSO!!!!!!!!!!
wow real jere xD, gl :D :)


e: spec joof on gold he be on fire!
izi PG
hf oxid <333
gl pg
gl both :)
nice to know du spast -_-
gl eujen m8
you're stealing my viewers you dickwads
gl eujen& kevji<3333333
SpyTe = sabio? :x
Where pumu?
gl bl4d3 & kevji
lies mal oben :)
Kevji spielt nicht, SpyTe spielt lol.
nichtmal das steht fest :D
jaja der spyte macht mal wieder einen auf emo. Scheiss game. Scheiss Leben. Hang myself.
obviously power?
gl homos :)
gl nerds
Good luck Kevji & eujen brain of rain <3
GL eujen <3
HF Jere
all on PG
wrong decision ;)
et 21.04 22:30 Hells Angels pl 1.14 vs. 8.29 br in game 10 € on br ingame Lost
et 21.04 21:00 Pharaons fr 2.28 vs. 1.78 pl Pucka Gaming 1,000 € on pl PUCA Lost
et 20.04 21:30 teamoxid de 3.30 vs. 1.43 gb Power Gaming 6,204 € on gb PG Lost

lost lost lost :<
gl stray + spyte <2
gl stray spyte jere :)
server ettv not good
That means a lot.... fuckin idiot.
Woah woah woah.
Actually it should mean a lot, since oxid is a clan that was mentioned 1st @ request.
You have € 40 on de oxid
Possible win: € 132

gg oxid
n1 blade + oxid :D
The Yermanz did it omg :)
pff !! i made the difference :P!
gonna watch replay!
nice leute :)
Not very sportive guys. But we had too much problems this game gg wp.
this is e-sport gaming sir
dont worry, i didnt bet
we allow them to play with a merc
then after 1st map our manager gets kicked, no specs :)

anyway, we fucked up big time, very bad game by us, gg to oxid, but be sportive next time..
as if it would matter if your manager is on the server or on ettv...
tbh: i never understood, why the manager even specs on the server & not on ettv, maybe they have to show the "tag" they can put in their nick because they are managers :o
ETTV has a delay. If they are on server they can also analyse the comments from TS.
as if the manager have clue about the game (Ekto has not ;))
seriously tell me, what is a manager supposed to know better than the team of players doing this for years on a good level itself?

There are practising games where anyone can be spec and analyze the comms to find problems and mistakes but certainly not the offis.
And if you think its is necessary to have a manager ingame to do some comms and stuff, i guess when 5 people are talking to each other ingame its enough.
i already never found out the point of eVo acting to be the big awesome superstar manager...
he has no clue about et
in heard in some teams is the manager the ingameleader
Player to watch? bl4d3?
wp oxid guyzzz ! :D thx for money
EC top5 team ":D"
lose vs oc team??????

That team looks now more decent after pumu left & fireball joined again they could also EC imo =)
they wont play ec as long as stray is still in the team :s
nobel price for this comment
Jere im dissapoint.
scheint sich ja das 24/7 praccen so langsam zu lohnen. grats
You have € 273 on de oxid
You won € 900.9
You have € 10000 on PG
You lost


gg oxid
+1 for FUCK YOU part
You have € 13027 on de oxid
You won € 42989.1

gg xperia!
wo ist keviderko ?
CB ET Europe 5v5 Ladder
bid deal