Skup Butelek @ #nuclear-outside vs Runo<3 (6764 views)

pl dizelowsky
pl micho
pl chudy
pl Kwilos
cz ZajaC
fi Merlin
gb Nips
gb Elly
no Hexagon
nl Ap0c
3rd matchweek
2nd division
04.05.11 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: dIZEL1337 (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 10811
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 23


izi4sb <3 , gl dizel,bloodje,chudy i micho :D
low vs low
gl hexagon ;:d
gl dizel,chudy
gl chudy :)
a gdzie micho =D?
u Ciebie na tsie lajzo ;-D
gl dTEC7
gl dTEC7
gl hex
Gl Skup Butelek @ #nuclear-outside
GL dIZEL ;))
gl Elly
gl dtec7
Thx, betting on us when its supply and adler is pretty risky game though :p
emo zajac xD
-dTEC7 + Merlin fi
-Element + Elly gb
who and who?
merlin l'enchanteur et elly simoon
ne parles pas francais svp
new school randoms gonna fuck some polak brain on walls np
you stole hste's gf ?
Gl ellyyyy :D
GL ZajaC!!! :)
BossHK: my mic is dead, no sounds at all, no need to mute me anymore, but im avi to play in main lineup to win OC 2nd, but i require professional attitude to win this OC

BossHK: brb jaymod no-pb server-->
38-1 at Railgun ~10min map. r2r.
ready to roll some polaks apparently :O!
problem officer?
Yes.. Nice one sir. Brain cancer or do you not have any idea what that means?
I regretfully inform you that fiBossHK is playing tonight instead of gbElly :/. I was looking forward to this tight match but now it's just going to be a spawnrape on your end of the map so sorry guys :l.
gl ficTRL-Kuoleman Enkeli
watch me playin
gl nude
bloodje no play = win :D
Red Shirt erase Ap0c 140 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? erase Ap0c 15 deaths without fragging
He's dead, Jim! erase Element 31 gibs
...and stay dead! erase Element 46% gibs/kill

I still lol at Dean, he played so bad I turned ET off, couldn't watch that :D
He was very mad.
I couldn't be bothered to put effort into it :)

stop the mad
am I not allowed to be mad when we haven't had a prac in a month and we need to use back ups and didnt have time to play a 3rd map which we wouldn't have had to play in the first place if we played somewhat decent and with brains no?
you just suck
actually, when you look at the stats better, instead of reading the titels, you can see i didnt do that bad at all. I just had most selfkills which mostly got me the red shirt. The 15 death spree was on supply when I tried to get crane controls which I eventually got and won us that map. In fact I have least damage received overall :PPP And my damage on last round didnt get counted because I left earlier.

So now that I have proven your point invalid, and yes I did play bad on grush because I couldnt be bothered, but other 2 maps I did pretty good, and you have failed to get me mad because I don't get mad from some kiddo writing stuff about something he knows nothing about you know, whats up?
what about a draw
Do you think we would rather play this match till end or have a draw and play less? Nerds always want to play more. The score doesn't affect us in anyway, we are still in playoffs so care if we lose or win you lol. Stop being our "merciful god" for giving us the opportunity to surrender instead of losing, retard.
heard a rumour that esSe will be back for the remaining OC matches, therefor erAse will win this shitty league h3h3
You have € 60 on pl nudE
You won € 225.6

ez for dECLINE 8)
You have € 1000 on nudE
You won € 3760
You have € 3000 on eu eA
You lost
u mad?:D
Betting to eA is always a gambling :-)
by betting to us? :pp
emo owning
you cant be serious erAse
nice zajac and chudy<3:)
wp nips