Slovenia vs Australia (11790 views)

si c0ld!
si carniee
si immoo
si Meth
si ReZoN
si vektor
au forty
au haste
au iceman34
au noname-
au riCo
au shaggy
WorldCup - Matchweek 1
20.05.07 15:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: WorldCup
Manager: NxM (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
cz eeriness ETTV
By: Smejky (ettvd)
de - ETTV
By: chroot (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

By: samocerne (ettvd)
us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: Phoenigore (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 273


ez bash for aussies <3
GL australia =)
jakazc isnt playing in slo? one of standard dignitas players isnt playing in slo must be kidding me... but ok i put bet on slo...
plz they got pwnerers like snail,meth, optimal..
.. cold
ja ce to ne zmagajo so pa res nubi :S

res da avstalci niso slabi sam se zmer
tebe rabmo v teamu pol bi zih zmagal : )
the slo team has some idiots that annoy half of the world. that's maily the reason jakazc isn't playing afaik.
maybe he's too high to play for team slovenia :o

or maybe he's a chefur : )
or maybe u whine 2 much :P
too high on his own sweat fumes
well maybe yes, but still slovenia has good aim - not high - like they might think it is, but allthou if we remember last one with Ireland, no gameplay at all, like every1 were there to make good stats, and not to win, and if you havent changed a bit from last year, youre gonna get pwned as hell imo...

too low for him
<3 immz0r
easy bash for immoo :]
SNAIL <3<3<3<3
riCo to smash. tbh.
gL Slo. (vsi skupaj)
gl carniee & co
GL Slovenia. eazy bash for slo.
all my money on SLO !!!!
GO 4t!!!!
B Grade
gl aussies
ez4aus :D
my money on australia but gl to slovenia , (</3 Meth)
iceman34 > all
GL Slo ;) rezon ownaj!
swerve 2 b gai hehe

Go Australia :D
snail, jebi se
GL immoo and vektor
vektor nub:
go REZON kreten
sami pedri......
dejmo slovenci letos mal vec volje od sebe, ftw
vso sreco, ceprav bo tezka. ^^
ce bi jaz pa sly igrala bi zmagali...
=D benz da ich da nur den namen sly sehe denke ich das du gesagt hast warum sly net da mit zockt aso zockst du überhaupt noch et?
Please what fucking lineup @ slo :(
need saw and cruel
superboyy , jackazc , ill-ya , saw , cru3l , olympus etc. :P
immo>jakazc :)
benz pusti rezona on se ma za najboljsega playerja v slo:D
vektor, the chefur is playing, that's not good for SLO
and he's playing teh uber |2!F13 wtfomg :X
i can't play coz of sql problems :<

gl Slo
better so, may we win now :]
rezon je ubistvu se najbolsi med usemi temi..
jebes team work

samo da mas dobr aim !!!!!!
lol rezn, se prav de sm jest slab : <<<<<
jah rezon, ce bote tko tuhtal bote res delc prsli, zelo delc...drgac pa tut aima nimate nevem kaj, tko de nc bat, ce se naute u kp vzel, pa mau razmislil, kaj je boljs - met dobre statse al zmagat, bo isti k kt lani...

we need nocti on the team!
is there going 2 be australian shoutcast? i luv that :)
snaiiiiiiillllllllllllll gl <3 (i'm st4tic)
easy for the aussie boys. Rico to rape
mh.. australia or slovenia? it's a good question :]
gL snail!
sam ris, sm pol bi skill dvignu teamu :')
Too easy for Australia !
australia will rape them. vektor? LoL
jp ;<
^^ : DDD
frozz age: 80


: )
lol frozzen what are you doing in team croatia, sth n elite....changing songs at supplys radio?
izi bash for SLO! :)
gl snail
australia > all
all on australia coz REZON is not playing :<
Aus easily wat time is the match in aussie time? 1:00pm?
aus is gmt + 9/10. If the game is CET 00:00, roughly 8 or 9 am aussie time?
no kad no win, but I guess riCo will do..
Your bet: 60€ on SLO Possible Win: 5374 € (+5314 €)
hf snail,ReZon,immo
Your bet: 150€ on SLO Possible Win: 15,000.00 € (+14,850.00 €)

gl SLO!
Possible Win: 39,000.00 € (+38,610.00 €)
lol on3md ti si fuknen retard imo. ET je game pa boli te kurac ce zgubijo ... mongol pofukan
a to je igra ? aja faq jest sm mislu da je neki za na kruh namazat :(
gogogogogo immooo!
10€ on SLO :D
8€ on SLO :o

we will loose anyways nP :P
gl SLO
i think SLO will win ;]
did an admin finally see some aussie demo's? : P
Your bet: 5€ on SLO
Possible Win: 362.40 € (+357.40 €)
if rezon is playong for slo it will be izi bash for aus
gl 2


finally I will win some money with big odds
U wont coz odds wont be big
over 12 for slo!
I can tell u it will rather be something like 3 or 4 than 12 :)
did i mention b grade?
should be fun, managed to get the best team possible this time around. gl hf.
how is it the best team possible when 4 of the 6 players are from the 2nd place team in aus?

b grade retard
you're right. i will retire and Serp can play in my stead. team fixed.
aha! violiting the rules! forfeit imo!
omg go summmerman
gl australia ;)
strong aussie lineup! Interesting to see how they perform together.
good luck Aussies. oi oi oi
go immoo & reZon
Gl Aussies!!!! Shaggy to carry :)
gl optimal and carniee
gl Slo , that will be difficult
ez bash for aus
30 eur on you slov!
get up em aus
GL METH!!!11 :O)
easy bash for immoo :]
Your bet: 117€ on SLO
Possible Win: 1,030.77 € (+913.77 €)

immoo > alll
I was admin in a 3on3cup, carniee, vektor and meth played as a team, they were very good, though they almost lost vs. bust3D, but they won the cup. =]
and ReZoN da hackaaaaaa
2bad this is 6on6 and we have no tp at all !
Go Slo
gL Carniee & optimal =)
2 eazy for Slovenia
slo ftw, ezzy bash, np for slo
"Mladen`ci,, zdaj se pije
zdravljica vaša, vi naš up!
Ljubezni domacije
noben naj vam ne usmrti strup;
ker po nas
bode vas
jo srcno branit' klical cas!

no snail no fun
2:0 SLO all money on slow FTW!
line up will be

Your bet: 5€ on SLO Possible Win: 35.50 € (+30.50 €)
2:0 aus
rly unplayable ;(
they had the same pings as you ? ;o
yes i know but its for both unplayable and not far ;(
cry more
please visit australian sponsors for more information.
its same for aus, so dont use it as excuse
they are used to it. thats the difference
how come? they dont play @ euro they play aus leagues they r not used to it, get facts b4 saying something like this
Yeah, seriously you think aus play better @ 250 ping than at normal ping? PLS!
how are Australia used to playing with high ping?
why r you replying me? :D
roYal: "they are used to it. thats the difference"

quote of the week imo
immo !!!
4:0 aus

[sarcasm]unexpected ^^[/sarcasm]
Hah, so playable would be you 48 ping them 400? :)
easy bash!
wP :XD
rambo rifla zajebu jebiga : )
qahaha owned
gg was some close stuff
lotto :/
i lol'd @ slo tbh
YEAH!!!!! a will watch the replay :D nice job forty <3
Thanks Meth NOOB.
sramota za slo reprezentanco je to da je rezon najbolsi pr nih...
need FAFAJ!!!
:O je to zaljivka?
ja za slo reprezentanco ne zate :D (ceprav si u reprezentanci)
wd aus
kad made all the game breaking calls (and still slovenia couldnt win!)
close match :/