Fuck The Name vs Hells Angels (3488 views)

in rAmbo
fr Kavinsky
gb clarkee
pl Arvo
pl dant3
pl wilku
3on3 CB Summer CUP
Division 3 Playoffs
Quarter Finals
09.08.11 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 3on3 Summer 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: rAmbo (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 8803
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 8


gl stamina gitarzysto XD
gl FTN
stamina z inshanem ;> ? widze staminiak ze nie masz z kim grac :P
ogarnij, to nie ta sama osoba, no i lu na dzis jest inny niz dodany
gl rAmbo & rest of FTN
Insane ;DDD more lows on gtv
rAmbo was rozjebie.
inrAmbo ;DDD more lows on gtv
gl hA 8)
gl rambo & co :)
hf rAmbo ;)
pfff nice crashing the server :S:S