Queens vs Team Dignitas (11497 views)

gb razz
gb R0SS
is phyzic
gb Jinosta
ee Anderson
ee Night
se nuggan
nl ZaK
Big Final of Caseking 5on5 Cup

Winner gets 5 Mousepads!
sponsored by Zowie
16.08.11 23:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Caseking Cup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: stray (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 27409
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Radio Commentary
By: stray
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Language: English

Total Slots: 100
Listener Peak: 37

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 256


fin R0SS
You have € 10 on gb d.intel Cancel bet
Possible win: € 23.2

all in!
gl tanelli, time to rape queens with good team now : )))

gl .ee nuggan & razz too =)
Gl flop <3 susl :d
lycka till ngn!
np4fysiek ;)

gl nerds
Gl Flopje ;)
fiR0SS! omfg
az ROSS!
hf nugg
Gl nuggan aka fragstealer 2k11! :)
2 easy for nuggan..
yo estube aqui
2-0 Q
Go quEEns!
gl JinoZiC O:) <3
hahaha fucking rolled
razz so useless vs better teams
where were you in this cup??
1) i didnt played
2) u seem upset because u lost single game and mousepad
3) go outside sometimes
@ 2.
id be upset too cause of a mousepad
great cup, nice final

n1 game.
gg ngn :_D

wp, and nice cast owzo :D

i told u bremen, best map :D
You have € 56 on gb d.intel
You won € 109.2
You have € 10 on gb d.intel
You won € 19.5

le money!

n1 game.
You have € 999 on d.intel
You won € 1948.05

owhh yea!
when dignitas unleashed nuggan, the lion it was sad to queens.
Wp !
Well played Dignitas :-)
only anexis can roll dignitas !

no mAus no win !
You have € 116 on d.intel
You won € 226.2
Are these pliers sharp? d.anderson 18 deaths without fragging gl next time bro
too bad queens! :(
Nerds madding hard
the only player in this community that is worth being called a nerd is anderson so i don´t know why hes commenting here, he should be praccing every game out there like he does every single day or just slit his wrist
Comment full of frustrations :(((((
looking at your SLAC log you play 8+ hours ET per day and you call me nörtti? :D

also how is it possible for you to lose when you have been playing the whole summer? I think thats why are you so frustrated
show me my slac log you 4eyed geek
I actually remember u pulling a friday/saturday/sunday marathon
you must be more retarded then i thought ive been playing/competing in golf the whole summer the same thing i do every summer and the days im off ive been sitting around nerding abit but nothing compared to you. i played like 5 offis about 2 weeks ago and thats about it , get your facts straight you moron
well well well, look at here, nerds argueing who is playing more, kinda ironic
calm down phyzic you mad again
Quote...and stay dead! queenseujen 45% gibs/kill

hahaha wtf?
has to be

but both mind and eujen were on ts, how can eujen possibly be IN THE MIND?

Viewer Peak: 256
ET IS ALIVE??????????????
as you can see chicken.
pretty shit if u ask me considering the cup was announced like 2 weeks ago, and it's the first tourny with good teams since sage lan

the game really is dying slowly..
Have you told these guys about Brink yet? I really think they'll want to know! ;p
Yes, ESL championship final is on Sunday. More likely to be 250,000 viewers than 250 :_(
Sorry Kamz, I was partying and obviously couldn't watch this gayme.
why everyone from queens hate on anderson?

btw nice match:)
cause he acts like a retarded everywhere and hasn´t seen sunlight for 10 years
since he is acting too happy, he lost 3 times of queens.

and now he won of queens since queens has a other line-up
good that dignitas has exactly the same lineup :>
eujen nice damage for a spec
phyzic sucked :D unexpected
phyzic carried his team and had top dmg, what game where you watching froggie?
phyzic is a pro !
damage isnt everything, i specced ur aim, and it wasnt as "amazing" as when i played vs you
thats because i havent been playing much this summer
he has been golfing hard lately so he must be rusty
RASHOMON on 16/08/11, 22:39:52 GMT

Phyzic faced a better aimer represented by Nuggan.

phyzic on 16/08/11, 22:43:31 GMT

d.NgN 98 549 99 101 18 0 2 16 16937 18557 273 0/0 6/7 92/64

quEEnsPhyZiC 103 548 90 86 30 1 0 15 17554 15225 327 0/1 6/12

Quit being so happy in having the highest damage, NuggaN is for a fact a better aimer than you, for one, the highest accuracy award on every map. You can still be a good aimer while doing objective/reviving instead of ramboing shit so damage is not related.
im not happy , we lost but when i get raged for playing badly which i didnt compared to how much ive been inactive i get a little unhappy , i like getting critizised because then i know which part of my game i need to improve but getting critizised after playing quite well is unfair.
welcome to my world mate
You are a great aimer, but saying you're better than NuggaN is also unfair.
as i told! check sqls comment!
Did not mean to start the flaming with my comment on cf, just a random comment sry :F
no mAus no win !
ok no sqzz no win :>
and where is she btw ?
Jelle :), wp nuggan!
someone pls use lancard then we have a perfect fight
phyzic would have won lan, but had golf course coming so couldnt attend, too bad :(
golf course coming ? what
squall means, phyzic is gay :p
i might be man , i like it when my girl puts a finger up my ass while shes blowing me so you might be right
i actually won the golf competition that was on 3 days after the lan and last weekend i won 4 out of 5 games i played in the matchplay and tomorrow im heading back to reykjavik for the icelandic matchplay championship
whats the name of the competition (just a golfer myself and I've played in iceland)?
OH YE? well squall got 2nd @ sage so there haha rolled
inactive progamers > active nerdgamers
phyzic whats your handicap ?
im at 0.1 atm
much better than me :(
what's your home course? if you're actually 0.1 that's pretty amazing, forget ET

still the best team even if they don't play 24/7 :{P
ngn is still best aimer
looks like ppl are still passionate about this game!
Which you should be doing too!
how about u start playing this game again and give us all a reason to watch matches
people in this game nowadays are far better aimers than he was, jinosta..nuggan..phyzic for example also kresti..
jinosta ?
StrAf e.g.
didn't see anything impressive :o still maus better than any of those
ye he is, no offense anyways, i always rate newer players over more 'oldschool' players because the longer the game goes on, the harder it becomes because everybody becomes better, plus with 5on5, etc, im sure u didnt take offense to it anyway :] just my opinion
if you look at mAus he is still the best but he is worse than when he was on his prime because he plays a lot less. just makes no sense that the new players should be better
yeah but because he has more experience and knows how to use his aim the best, in terms of raw aim, i don't think maus is the best, nuggan for example when he's active is better, imo but maus will get most headshots, acc and dmg most likely because he knows how to play the game better
+1 very nicely explained imo, first time I can agree with you even though I am random :P
stop starcraft, come back to reality, play ET :)
more flame plx :)
nice read
reload calling other people nerds, i've seen it all
Game of the eeNight
had a blast. nice read.
d.anderson [0:20]: maybe next time razz..next time
quEEnsRazZ [0:13]: when u take supplky
quEEnsRazZ [0:07]: instead of shit map
quEEnsRazZ [0:06]: maybe
quEEnsRazZ [0:05]: :)

no east tower = no win
werent queens the ones who could win a shit map only aka karsiah? :XD
Yes mikael, yes indeed..
If u didnt notice they took out Supply, to play either Bremen or Alder, Goldrush was close, and they got Raped on Karsiah xD
Nice making it look like there were only 3 maps left, you were the ones removing the best map from the list - radar.
the map choice was supply radar bremen alder You took out supply first, ofcourse we aint gona play radar vs a clan when we are a mix. Tbh go watch all the Queens Dignitas games, we never took a easy map to win :)
"mix" :D???
ye NuggaN and ZaK are playing for dignitas since ages
don't listen to razz he's just angry he didn't get a mousepad to sell for drugs don't be too harsh on him just because yer from the army. He's only a kid you know.
I am not really listening to any of your players, like yesterday showed you're all still kids. I'm not saying my teammates are perfect..
+ Maybe it's time to stop talking about the army now(unless you join), you seem to think that I went there voluntarily and loved it. Get over it.
your taking this too serious im just having fun and i know you got to do 1yr in army by force just be happy laddy
;D love to see this random hate @ internet
I'm a little disappointed that I replied in the first place, that's a sign of weakness :(
But I don't really hate hate, I just hate the stupidity and ignorance of some people, but it's not like my comments are gonna change them.
wp ngn <3
Lol, noobs.

Thats all.
woahh ;)