Belgium vs Hungary (11492 views)

be acid
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be mAx
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WorldCup - Winners Bracket Round 1
10.06.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: WorldCup
Manager: NxM (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
Downloads: TV Demo: Belgium vs Hungary (3 Files)
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Radio Commentary
fr #NerdVibes Radio
By: Killerd@rk
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Language: French

Total Slots: 500
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go Belgium :) which will magic line up be this one ? :D
bel dream team - shewie, ganon, max, david, maus and mika imo :)
don't forget the owner Lio :P played with him 1 time hes so good we almost didn't have kills :P he had all of them xD
atm: maus mesq mika david lio max
but david has to play with TLR, hasn't he ?
mAus ² .. weird :/
I thought mika stopped ET >_> it's what he said after nT vs TFW
and he did stop et.
Belgium ofc
be will win
hu will need more than luck

gl both
idd but bel will take it :< still hope for hungary pls!
the hope dies at least
GL dAv1d
too easy!
ez bash for David :)
hf both, gl hungrary <3
very easy :o
gl hf hun
21:00 TLR vs pro5

21:00 BEL vs HUN
gl maus :)
gl hungary
izi basj for be
i guess no dAv1d and no maus for this time in BEL, but easy bash for belgium.
bel sure
be has other good player than dAv1d and mAus.
GL mAx mika and Ganon
i think maus dont gonna play this time

easy bash bel :D gl!
I hope to see Shewie this time
easy bash for HUN ofc
what's the name of your drug dude? it has to be a hard one :D
its called common sense drug xD
Shewie, Ganon, mAx, mika, mesq and lio is the perfect LU :D
yeah, mesq can plant strategic mines!
no mAus no david no win, easy for hungary
Match will be cancelled or what?
mAus and dav1d playing with TLR..
It's not because dAv1d is in TRL he is good or smth you fucking hungarian fuckface. get a clue. And mAx shewie ganon mika are lol man for team-be. Those guys aren't worth anything anymore compared to the newskool players.
"fucking hungarian fuckface" i lold enough for a week :XDDDDDDDDDDD
Why? you people are poor. Even my dog gets more food on one day than your whole population together. It surprises me that you even have a pc, where the fuck did you buy that shit? In the poor store?
dude? wttf?! are you still living in the 1970ies?!
kurva anyád! (sorry for bad spelling but my hungarian isn't that good though im living here for 11 years... :( )

gl magyarország
hf mAus
gl hf david, vila?
we already owned belgians, we will own them again i think
was that 2 years ago or smth?
backspace, come to hungary, ull see that we arent so poor ppl :P and ull see that we have girls, and u got animals with boobs

fuckin undisgusting!

belgian girls are the worst of europe

go home and fuck your animal, hf with your animal mother also

fuckin wnb

$13 This is probably going to cost you a month's salary but if you learn this, you can atleast discuss in English. Fucking retard, seems like they don't even have schools in that shithole
:DDDDDD dude, im richer than you, its sure :D
learn engrish fuckin wnb noob

u just ownd urself fag :DDDDD

the facial turned into a bukkake

May I ask what "engrish" is?
Maybe it's something what means "gay" in chinese? :)
engris<basic english<english
"Even my dog gets more food on one day than your whole population together."

Hmmm u have to shut up and suck your dog's dick.Who the fuck are u ? And why are u talking about the whole hungarian population?

You're nothing more than a pathetic retard...
Agree. I think this is just one of his fake accounts. :b
backspace is: ugly - fkin' ugly : odds are : 54.32 vs 1.02

btw:'This shithole': Tourists prefer Hungary to Belgium, so shithole>belgium
what's belgium then? :)
a small country with high taxes xD
thats true xd
but it's still better than Jew-land
i dont think so
yes, having each day suicide attacks must be cool
NICE 1 xD ahhahahahha
those are just some idiots...most of them are avarage ppl like you or me
avarage = average?
exactly :)
belgian has the worst girls??

come, i'll pay your vacation this summer ^^
i don't think so.. we've nice girl here too :)
Charlotte and Kathleen <3
lol xD
aren't you agree? :D
moest ik weetn wie da charlotte en kathleen zin, mss xD
check your mail :)
lol, yes idd xD
It shows us that we've got beautifulls laidies too :) (how was my nederland ? XD)
lol, what country r u from then? xD

it was, uhm, how should i say it, .. if u were 2 months in belgium, it was fantastic good xD
lol i live near Luik, so i'm really from belgium you know ^^
it's just that our nederland lessons at school are really lame :\
donc tu parles francais? xD
pourqoui tu n'e me dit pas? xD
Bon comme on dit, ça c'est fait XD tu es d'ou? :p Ca m'aurait été plus simple d'envoyer le mail en français alors :p
oui, mais je ne suis pas très bien au francais..

avec autres mots, je suis mal au francais xD Lol
je suis de la flandre Oxidental
Bah, tu te fais comprendre ça va :) le pire c'est qu'on est du même pays et qu'on doit limite parler anglais pour bien se comprendre :S
tu ne devais pas dire que tu es mal au francais, on a des yeux nous-memes, putain
Pas besoin de s'énerver inutilement ^^' il est pas francophone, c'est normal qu'il fasse des fautes :)
[Edit] devais*
je sais qu'il n'est pas francophone, parce qu'il s'est assis 7 mètres de moi... Je ne m'énerve pas, c'est justement pour voir sa réaction =), quand meme, il est stupide en langues =D
graecos :) il est mon frère xD
malheureusement... :<

Ah ça explique tout :D Et tu te débrouilles qd même mieux :p
easy for hungary
This wont be easy for Hungary, but - I think - isnt impossible. GL!

And if mAus and dAv1d dont play really, I think we will have really good chance to beat them.
agree, belgium wont have a snowballs chance in hell
=) Well this is only my opinion. :b
ye i know, so we share this opinion
gl&hf both teams :)
gl&hf hun
Belgium hasn't got only mAus and dAv1d -_- indeed dAv1d didn't play even one match in the last NC...
he played 1, of that i'm sure
I did played against Finland in the groupstage last NC "we won that match btw" ;)
oh sorry ^^' as we say in french, autant pour moi :)
I had started to watch in 1/8 so :S
"au temps pour moi"*
tu es sur ? ça me semble louche comme orthographe :$
:) easy for belgium gl <3 ganon @ shewie !
lol...tlr and belgium and the same time...who will mAus play for???
For TLR ofc, belgium doesn't need his aim to win anyway
even if belgium needed it to win, he would still play for tlr
belgium with or without mAus & dAvid , gl TLR & Belgium
logic itt egeted magad az angoloddal, nem kene:)
ugyerted h a nyelvvizsgammal?
sereyat a lineupba!
Te most akkor zsidó vagy, vagy magyar? :) Vagy magyar zsidó / zsidó magyar? :b
a zsidó az nem magyar...
es az anyad kurva trev? csak azert lenyeges mert aki kurva az nem magyar. amugy elobb tartom magam izraeliinek es zsidonak mint magyarnak. ennyit errol
ennek itt mi magyarok nagyon örülünk... hf izraelben
sztem beszelj csak a sajat nevedben, jobban jarsz
hát remélem dolgozol h gyüjthess repcsijegyre hazafele... ha még nem hát kezd el...
nagyon kemenyen beszoltal, felek. Ha ennyire fasza gyerek vagy hagy itt elerhetoseget es lerendezzuk valahol, ne a szamitogep mogul irkalj.
gyere arra a lanra vagy mire...oda le fogok nézni, megnézheted a fejem... külön meg nem pazarlok időt rád
belgium for sure.. mAus en dAv1d arent the only good players in belgium, they would have greater chance with them but belgium will take this anyway.

gl & hf both teams
if Shewie, Ganon and Mika will play, be will win...
gl lio & co
The Hungarian government made some nice move so the new lineup of hu Hungary:

hu Butchji
hu Night
hu wiesiek
hu XyLoS
hu Kris
hu sexyhot
real hungary lineup?
butchji de
night ee
wiesiek pl
Xylos it
Kris nl
sexyhot pt

lol @Trev :D
wiesiel? 8D
with k sorry, i've corrected it :)
they r hungarians atm!!!
mAus dont play. : S

HUN lineup

[flag=hun] Kot





[flag=hun] Xylos

hu not hun: its about [flag]
all the flags are wrong idd :D
TLR match canceled so i think bemAus and bedAvid will play
Yep looks like it
OMG dAv1d slab!
gl HUN, hf BE
easy bash for belgium with that line-up =)
gl both teams
Logic teh busted cheat0r? :d
2:0 @ hun
2-2 atm
hun ftw, this team be sucks
we need mAus + dAv1d :=<
4-2 bel
finally BEL did it
gg acid and be!