Israel vs Russia (11466 views)

il b3njee
il FrAgOn
il Gizz3D
il mASSiON
il Ranje
il sensy
ru humM3L
ru hypNoty
ru murDa
ru Officer
ru pulZa
ru zerender
WorldCup - Winners Bracket Round 1
09.06.07 20:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: WorldCup
Manager: NxM (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
By: SaQq (ettvd)
de Burner TV 1
By: X-tra (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)

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easy for Israel :P
The winner will meet Finland... GL Both ^^
gl rus :)
Uda4i and HF :>
GL :*
wooohooo israelians <3 hf
np for rus
np 4 germany
GL russia!
wel.. since half of the players in russia are half german, and they powned last time... AND they got good vodka.. i'dd say win 4 russia :) :p
but i want linups before i bet xD
israel lineup :
il mASSiON
il Athlon
il sensy
il FrAgOn
il Ranje
il benjee
lama ani lo ba lu?
shtok kelev mishuga!!:D

mASSION ftw!!

But I hope RUSSIA will be better this time..=)
"shtok kelev mishuga" LOL
;-) ken ahi..
kol hem russim israelim
leho tishto vodka ve tohlo falafel eim homos!
get a life :<
Athlon... hmm... interesting
isr for sure
hummel my money on u :D
well depends how is our teamplay at the gameday :p dunno ISR isnt bad won over sweden and stuff.
yeye I trust on u anyway :)
have fun @ saturday
like... lag?
lag is fun
lag a lot
no not funny
RUSSIA humM3L <3<3<33<<3 rifle H4X0R my money on you XDD
gl humM3L :*
GL FrAgOn & my russian brothers :D
gl 2 Russia!hope 'll be gg:>
gl guys
make us proud
gL hypNo & murDa !
ich hoffe israel laggt russland zu tode damit die mal richtig auf die fresse bekommen

go go isr <3 sensy <3333333333 pwn them pls

edit: außer murda, der ist nett.
Vaggi Age: 15 ( 23 June 1991 ) GG

und das bedeutet?

mein alter ist nicht ausschlaggebend für mein benehmen in der wahren gesellschaft.
i tought the world ahte jews :(
i dont hate jews! i like them :) they are friendly and nice
<3 fragon's rnade - isr will win
Your bet: 172€ on [flag=il_s]
Possible Win: 552.12 € (+380.12 €)
russia lineup?
russian lineups pls
ru Lineup:

ru HypNotyx
ru Officer
ru PulZa
ru murDa
ru HumM3L <3
ru zerender
GL Sons of the Ironman!

BUT Israel has more chance.
np 4 jews :D
officer mine @ radar ftw!
Israel playing @ sabbath? :O
Shabat is out after 19:00 :)
the NICE jews will lose 4 sure..

**Edited **
racial comments may be deleted and racial ppl may be banned
dont you think muffin??
maybe but i wasnt beng racial.. i could also say that the NICE israelies would lose 4 sure and it wuld be the same and probably not racial according to you.. so whats the big deal.

** Edited **
stfu ? better for all imo
go israel
get life lol
ez bash for yermans :)
shaaaloooooooom :D - the short vid is great, m1ghty
pulZa plz
gl hypno
dont get forfit... israel :D

Gl hf 2 both teams
tnoo lahem barosh!!!
Athlon :O the real one?
hf Germany
nP for Israel but GL Russia
gl iSr
easy for mASSiON
Gl iSr
gl zerender,humm3l,pulZa
Do it jews please, do it for me and for whole bunch of guys who betted on you!
Russia will win -.-

You know, I know, nobody knows...
so easy for pulZa!
Athlon won't play ...
gl pulle =D
Lineup for sure

ru officer
ru hypnotyx
ru humM3L
ru zerender
ru pulZa
ru ???????? (We dont know yet who is our 6th , murDa is out today)
i will be XD........ hummel, you got 7th, 8th and 9th in backup.

ru humM3L
[flag=ru] hypNoty
[flag=ru] murDa
[flag=ru] Officer
[flag=ru] pulZa
[flag=ru] Quiki - 9th?
[flag=ru] sLay - 8th?
[flag=ru] totto - 7th?
[flag=ru] zerender
quiki inaktive
totto inaktive

both about exams.

murda & slay are out today :) to disco
no way :))
mb Wiser? : )
Wiser - riflist, hummel - riflist 2 rifles
Wiser > hummel (rifle)
hummel > Wiser (smg)
da ladno, ty ne videl kak hummel hakeril rifloy? :D
hummel>chuck norris with rifle.
nu hummel obi4no smg...eto on igraet riflei, potamu4to bolwe nekomu, a esli budet wiser, to eto lu4we imo...
zet, vibor ne velik: x3, 5k - inactive (?), ad - skill...
btw slay - inactive ? :o
omg slay low+
but not so bad teamplay.... =]
mb slaw? : )
gl isr
Unfortenly [flag=il]Athlon wont be able to play , he will be replaced by [flag=il]Gizz3D.

btw n1 german lineup :)

gl both.
israel go ! go ! go !
2-0 rus
das ist gut!
probably 4-2 Israel, ridiculous, 6 more on banlist please
4-2 isr
thx 4 money
ban massion
Your bet: 50€ on ISR Won 193.50€
prove it :)
Your bet: 20€ on ISR Won 77.40€ izi money
what happened that got everyone worked up a bout massion.
tracking through walls? Aimbot? I didnt see!! info needed!!
fcking JEW-land =(
Your bet: 7€ on ISR Won 27.09€
never bet against the chosen people.
thxxx isr
thx for this thrilling game ---> Your bet: 15€ on ISR Won 58.05€ :D
omg omg yarden cheater =>
thx russia! <3
great game! great victory! great money xD Your bet: 19€ on ISR Won 73.53€
lol nice guyz
thanks israel :)
Won 665.64€

<3 israel
Russia... are you blind? ! impossible, Israel's member disconnected @ goldrush, fullhold @ goldrush... and then i went out of ETTV... damn.. :(
....what maps played on after goldrush?
radar + supply

both maps lost
Israel 3.87 vs 1.35 Russia Total pot: 275835 €
Your bet: 12€ on ISR Won 46.44€
Israel fell back to the good old tactic of cheats, miraculously low+ players turned into highskillers
you gotta be kiddin me
unfortunately not
at least some money for me
Your bet: 11€ on ISR Won 42.57€