to Make odds even vs TAG (13056 views)

pl Czarek
pl fanatic
pl Elviss
pl hassaN
pl grzesiek
pl Kruczeoko
pl hunter
nl aphesia
nl Lightning
de urtier
pl Frag'Stealer
nl Hope
lv Clown

EuroCup XXIV - ET SW 6on6

Group D: 2nd Matchweek
17.10.11 21:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXIV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Requestee)
Maps: Missile_b3
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Total Pot: € 134648
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 159


gl bp
gl fraag stealer
gl hassan
gl Lightning, FiluS
gl hassan ska fanatic numeric frag stealer
if FS and Light wont do any godlike actions bp will take it 4-0 :x
with high probability numeric and frag wont play in this match
yes but what is the probability of tag not playing given numeric and fragstealer won't play, how would one calculate this conditional probablity given 2 variables, in this case person a and b, random variables they may be, independent to one another? that is the question, what is the likelihood function of the density function with respect to both variables and how to work out the posterior probability based on the prior knowledge of the events?
math :S
bayesian statistics, stochastic processes, probability and classical inference, at master level, it's friggin killing me! but im a boss and will pass like always!

unlike most of et community, dropped out after school with no career aspirations, lolz
Gonna say that to my math teacher.
Typical bullshit of a student discovering the power of math and trying to impress other ppl with something you dont even understand
If u pass, your country's lost
well said bro
pretty sure im the most clever guy in et community, or one of the, just saying
pretty sure the most clever guy would never say that :)
well it is the truth right? it's not actually something to brag about cos most et players are polish, fin, ee, 3rd world countries where not much educationz.. but yeah im pretty sure i'd be in the higher 0.1% of smart people in the community, i mean how many guys that play et do masters and phd's srsly? and in FRIGGIN MATHEMATICS, most are stupid as hell and won't get far in life, especially in the ec/highskilled level -> positive correlation between highskilled players and lack of education i bet, with a few outliers, including myself
based on your behaviour its more like you are in 0.1% group of players who are trying to pass 4th grade for third time and are only few points from being officially admitted as handicapped
my comment is true though, maybe painful but it's true and we all know it
master troll
U are trying to be funny and failing.
You are trying to fail but you're french so u don't really even need to try.
"face it, im a super genius and u all dumb "
Polish 3rd wolrd haha :D okey mr. clever :)
I dont get how doing a master in maths makes you smarter then doing a master in something else...
face it, im a super genius and u all dumb
after this they'll have to rewrite definition of trolling, your magnum opus
thx mate, this is nicest thing anybody has ever said to me
Why you hate fin? Our country is better than yours , fuck you fucking muslim.

Ps. fix your nose fag
no education?

even poland is higher than uk in maths and reading.. and what about finland :)
osmahe :)
trolled hard
"even" :////
well was a suprise 4 me tbh :) .. so thats why "even"
wow, PhD in mathematics, do something real instead of studying something that has as much importance for the modern world as greek mythology. i really admire you.
Congratulations on saying the DUMBEST thing i have ever heard in my entire life.
so tru :P
how u constructing a density function out of two discret variables?......
funniest thing is people thinking i actually thought about it when i typed, just random crap lolz, i don't care that much to do it otherwise :D
My favourite was the fr frog who thought the nonsense was meant to be impressive high level math.
hmm defo one of my fav also yes
you can't calculate it. too much variables. you have to use something better than math...your common sense :)
Too much Polands in this match
I get riiich :-)
gl filus
I suppose 4:2 for TAG
GL both
gl hassan&fanatic
You have € 2000 on eu bp
Possible win: € 21340
Izi for tag , but no butchji :/
all money on tag:PpPpP
thought it said ec for a sec there
ez 4 tag
thought it said ec for a sec there

every player there, is better than you lol
hmm no, and you lost to russia
almost every of them. and lost 2-1 to denmark too
GL numeric !! ; )
Bedzie dobry mecz ;)
hassan, licze na piekna arte
spoko ale musze wiedziec kim jestes ;p
mnie nikt nie zna, ale o arte slicznie prosze :)
chyba nigdy sie nie doczekasz juz ;d
co ty pierdolisz? Slicznie prosisz? To jest gracz, ktory gra w komputer a piszesz do niego jakby to byl Blaszczykowski
jak sie gra w komputer?
tak sie mowi ! Nie slyszales? :(
mozna grac w gry na komputerze, bo w komputer to mozesz co najwyzej przywalic ;p
No tym razem to bylo nawet zabawne milordzie ; D
argh... mialo byc pouczajace ;/
tu nie chodzi o zasady skladni w jezyku polskim. To ma miec taki wydzwiek jak sens pisania "miszczo"

p.s. tak z ciekawosci zapytam, bez zlosliwosci. Maus swoim nickiem zainspirowal Cie do wymyslenia pseudonimu szczurek?
pseudo uzywalem w sieci jeszcze jak ET nie istnialo ;]
on raczej kota zainspirowal :D
maus = mysz
rat= szczur

Wiec mysle, ze jego nick nie jest w zaden sposob zwiazany z mAusem :)
prawdopodobnie za niedlugo ktos wyskoczy z nickiem hAmster. W sumie niezle to brzmi ;XD
jest juz niejaki hamstergesicht
diAler wrong team
should be a good game
gl hassan,ska
Dzieki wszystkim za zyczenia. :)
Niczym wpis na facebooku dzien po urodzinach
Nie ma tylko opcji Lubie to.
lubie to d -> kciuk do gory
hf fanatic,hunter and for sure hassan :)))))))))
nerds will get rolled
in soviet russia, rolls gonne get nerded!
nie stawiam bo lubie i chlopakow z TB jak i fraga oraz numerica. dobrej zabawy zycze!
all this for attention? :s
Aphesia and Lightning respresenting West Europ (Clap Clap)
gl fanatic hassaN
No cwelu, pokaz co potrafisz : D
kekeke hf watching, oh wait :-)
we use wildcard 8)
Brak serwerów Ettv :[
unscheduled, wtf!
ettv ??
how often will that be rescheduled?
eee once?
dunno,pretty sure i saw that match daaaaaaaaays ago alrdy :DD and it was always moved
izi tag
gl numeric :)
GL TAG and bp :) ahh filuS :*
good luck Dialer ^^
gl bp
Zawsze mi sie ten wasz tag kojarzy z napojem pewnym z pewnego sklepu mowa tu o BE Powerze
gl bp
hf Frag'Stealer =)
wow can't wait for this one!!!!!!!
wildcard incoming 8D
fuck no! cancelled my plans and everything :SSS
GL all team :)
funny odds
check the lineups before your bet ;p
pozdrawiam paly
miales racje , gwiazdorze
gl urti
backstab much
piekny debiut
hassan frag of the game
piekna zamiana dialera na urtiera =D warto bylo sie wyklocac :D
booring match
fajnie sie gralo, powodzenia w dalszej grze :)
chuj w dupe pierwszoligowcom xD
niiiiii, chuj w dupe kreinowi i dialerowi :D
polish "superstars" ruined my et-career, gl with et , cya 8)
nice last minute LU change ...... lost my precious e-moneh cause of that.
thanks to 'premier league' players
You have € 2798 on TAG
You won € 3665.38
Missile_b3 3:20 nice time :))))
czyli o co poszlo z kreinami i dialerami :o?