teamoxid vs K1ck eSports Club (6435 views)

de gr0ss
de stRay
de kiwi
de sNoOp
ca bN
de s1lent
ee freeze
ee mant
ee subbi
ee rAul
ca monkey
ee JyrkZ
06.11.11 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle for Berlin
Manager: twidi (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 83558
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 92


First !

Gl sNoOp !
u sux no frist idiot -,-
GL Snoop & kiwi ;)
gl both!
gl anim and monkey
is kiwi a kiwi?
sNoOp !!!
gl oxid :)
gl oxid
gl s1lenteritis und gr0ss
The odds are pretty good- oxid just browsed k1ck's balls and the odds are still favouring oxid. Please keep betting on oxid, it will make a slight change.
GL subb jyrkz monkey !
gl oxid
ez for oxid now
gl BN!
gl anim, s1LENT, & gr0ss :)
mant <3
gl teamoxid!
gl germans
gl gr0ss & kräss
izi 4 k1ck!
izi 4 oxid

GL sNoOp stRay
freeze mant !
gl gr0ss & s1LENT :)
gl freeze :)
hf monkey freeze and anim :)
gl oxid
GL & HF Oxid
monkey to carry
gl oxid
luck&fun both
omg mant
omg monkey

:----D ˇlooks like Night at 9:30
You have € 10000 on k1ck
Possible win: € 19000

ez moneyz
You have € 202 on ee k1ck
Possible win: € 383.8
You have 1749 on k1ck
Possible win: 3323.1
You have € 249 on de oxid
Possible win: € 527.88

gg wp, i dont learn from my mistakes xD
easiest money.
Jyrki and monkey mates just showed oxid how to play adlernest. gege JYRKI
how does jyrkz cock taste like?
how does r0ss cock taste like?
i have no clue, u tell me?
Just quit stray.... just quit
You have € 1500 on ee k1ck
You won € 2850

You have € 361 on ee k1ck
You won € 685.9

<3 monkey
thx for having kiwi in your team, like to play 6v5 :D
You have € 24 on ee k1ck
You won € 45.6