Fear Factory X-Fi vs Team Dignitas (17835 views)

se blaze
be De57
be lio
be mesq
pl wiesiek
pl Wrobel
si JaKaZc
pl kot
ee Night
ie sol
de urtier
Winners Bracket Semi Final
20.06.07 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Qpad CUP by cadred.org
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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digitas imo
easy for FF
nice game
FF ftw!
Wiesiek vs. Kot wreszcie sie okaze kto tu jest debesciak ;>
Chyba gdzies przysnales, juz bylo starcie wiesiek vs kot i mimo ze FF przegralo to wiesiek mial praktycznie najwiekszy dmg na obu mapach, a kot sie jakos specjalnie nie wybijal :-).
Pojedynki 1v1 na damage sa faktycznie bardzo fascynujace... ZZzzzZzzzz
jedyne co to wiesiu moze sie zrewanzowac za poprzedni pwn od kota ale i tak <3 ich obu
Hueh, gl FF. "Dignitasy" imo;/
FF ;)
go go go mesq & lio
gl both :)
FF can win, but the must play as best as they can :*
learn english ! :C
omfg, great english :D
gl Pawle ( skonstruowali bariere :( ) XDDDDDDDDDD
Powodzenia Agaton -- :) wiem ze mozecie z nimi wygrac Dignitas bez Senji to juz nie to samo --- a wasz nowy sklad mi sie coraz to bardziej podoba :)
co ty kurwa nie powiesz? :O
Jak juz tak chcesz popajacowac to pomysl o pracy w cyrku dupku...Twoj flejm juz sie przejadl i jest glupszy niz smieszny. Wypierdalaj...
wypierdalaj to mozesz powiedziec swojej dziewczynie ktora niedawno lizalem :O
niezla riposta
naucz mnie tak plx
retardje pizdy to cie lizaly
wole pizdy niz rodzice jak u ciebie :o)))))))
CIPKA :o))))))))))))))))))))
pizdy to cie nie dorobily tumanie
Your bet: 22€ on dignitas Possible Win: 933.68 € (+911.68 €)
Fear Factory X-Fi 1.04 vs 29.09 team-dignitas Total pot: 177933 €
Your bet: 7€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 203.63 € (+196.63 €)
Your bet: 41€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 1,179.57 € (+1,138.57 €)
Fear Factory X-Fi 1.04 vs 25.79 team-dignitas Total pot: 178855 €


gl wiesiek&wrobel
dignitas ftw
with new lineup... hmm easy for FF!
dignitas go home!
wrobel <3 hope buldog prepeard u well ; )
dignitas .
r3vers for sure
r3vers was good one year before. Nowadays sol > r3vers.
sol is good but i think r3vers can still pwn
r3vers > sol imo
r3vers won't play anymore so we don't care
r3vers smells like a monkey, ofc he is good at gaming. He is like jacazc smells like sweat.
FF does very well (unexpected) :D
Your bet: 4100€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 10,865.00 € (+6,765.00 €)
make me some money wiesiek=*
gl wrobel!
GL pl kot <3333333333333
wiesiek + czeresnie > all
gl guys :) and more fun :)
np 4 dignitas imo
<3 kot
easy bash for FF.. dignitas = 4/6
FF for sure :]
<3 wiesiek
<3 wrobel
wiesiek vs kot = nice match

gl FF
reload and night :) HF & GL
pak ze lio en mesq
we need HOLZ
and r3vers and senji
new lineup FF > dignitas

easy for ff
kot <3
dignitas !
wow kot at dignitas .. cool cool.
digni wins 4-2 i think
Your bet: 14€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 42.00 € (+28.00 €)

Good Luck FF X-Fi!!!
dont know if idle is still praccing, but they will win goldrush for sure..
nahh idle is dead...
gl FF
Kto rzucil effect pod spawn???? :D
Your bet: 100€ on FF X-Fi
Possible Win: 300.00 € (+200.00 €)
i zeby nie bylo ze nikt nie dostaje...jasiu zjebales
gl dig!
senji won't play :( why ?
powodzenia wiesiek, hit them hard :-)
Your bet: 50€ on dignitas Possible Win: 74.00 € (+24.00 €)

.dignitas ftw :D
dignitas will take this one (but maybe they'll lose bremen) <3 Night
wtf is that? lol
all my money on FF X-Fi!!
The NightEffect 4sure
be \o/
Please, FF cant win, sry dudes, but Dignitas will show that they are worthy winning the Cadred cup, they will come back from their losses, cause from what I see , they have a new stable lineup, and r3vers was kinda shitty the last games, so sol>r3vers 4sure and kot>senji, so np4them
senji is on of the most skilled player of last 2-3 EC.. you can t neither dream about what means missing him
I take it you have no idea how important senji is to the lineup?
zeby wrobel pokazl im co robi sie obcym na berzie ...
Your bet: 500€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 890.00 € (+390.00 €)

eeRELOAd ma lõhun su selja ära kui sa vähemalt 9k dmg ei tee 1 roundiga
ahah..ta ei teinud ühe mapi jooksul ka 9k dammi..tegi 5.2...
Possible Win: 57.00 € (+32.00 €)

go ff go <3
where are r3vers and senji??? :-O
r3vers isn't playing cause of some school stuff I think, and senji is still ill afaik
they are having pee time
gl ff
thanks for rescheduling it to 22:00 cet; now it's too late and I won't be able to see it. thx
gl dignitas

hopefully sol wont fuck everything up again
nice betting the last few bets :DD how are u gonna bet on this one? just curious, so that i can bet on the other team :P
all my moeny on dignitas! LOLOLO
2 ez for FF, Your bet: 5€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 29.65 € (+24.65 €)
GL Polaks!!!
gl d.
hVk, then tell me how important he is? as much as I know, Night is pretty much their key player, but senji can be replaced by kot imo, he isnt that special:S
He's the reviving medic of the team, the medic thats always there when needed.
But kot replaced r3vers afaik, and sol replaces senji till he's back.
did youmaybe wonder why senji won 2 EC and 1 got 2nd place 2 Quakecon and before dignitas was placing 3rd with j52 and playing EC since it is on?

j/k senji is a 1337 can t be replaced by any newcomer even if he s kot that proofed that is leet too.
Digni will pwn them oO
all my money on them
Allthough I did a bet on FF, I hope dignitas will beat them and start their ownage again :>
well then sol can replace senji, np:) and dignitas will win anyways, there is no way FF will take this1;)
new lineup FF > dignitas
omfg ten `Hitman z ta smieszna flaga to jakis pierdolony fejk ... juz mnie to wkurwia po przez debila mam same problemy !
Fear Factory X-Fi 2.81 vs 1.55 team-dignitas Total pot: 1460941 €
Your bet: 55€ on FF X-Fi Possible Win: 154.55 € (+99.55 €)

FF imo :P dignitans z kotem to sie nadaje na team colts :D
Co ma oznaczac NA BERZIE i you are pidar ? :P
wrobel z raila ich xDDD nie zapomnij zbierac red armora :* pozdro
gl dignitas^^
FF will play with MG on Grush :D gl :)
zomg holz?! :o
over 13 min on bremen at d. defense
1 map
2:0 dignitas atm

7:12 set on grush by dignitas
4-0 d.
very nice game, however lost all my money
kot - fragmovie :)
d. is back and kicks asses ^^ ;)
kot win
dignitas are always ready to win when they can won money ffs!!
n1 pro attitude :D
kot > @ll