Team Decerto vs K1ck eSports Club (7958 views)

nl saKen
nl joshua
nl SQuid
sk filuS
fr An7ho
pl zMk
ee freeze
ee mant
ee subbi
ee rAul
ca monkey
ee JyrkZ
10.11.11 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle for Berlin
Manager: baggiez (Highadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 122420
The bets are closed.

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de #CubeCast Cast server 1
By: Franc!s
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: 17

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 147


in soviet russia, rolls gonna get nerded!
You have € 61 on nl MouseCon Cancel bet
Possible win: € 89.06
I can´t play on thursdays, you can remove me from lineup.
monkey carrying for sure :D
gl monsieur frog ;)
You have € 167 on ee k1ck
Possible win: € 718.1
succes pelle
izi fab
gl An7ho (:
Bonne chance an7ho ;)
gl mant
You have € 3000 on ee k1ck
Possible win: € 9840
Serious business.
quite sad actually
I kinda dont follow...
betting on oppo for e-money :XD
you obviously dont know me, 95% of my bets are on my matches, and I always bet on my enemy
kinda realised after looking at your bets now :D
get net sqUID
Subbi mine hulluks ära.
no Ince, no win :<
Easy for monkey
gl k1ck, especially freeze.
gl an7ho
gl freeze 8)
You have € 124 on k1ck
Possible win: € 455.08
You have € 1000 on k1ck
You Won: € 3670
gl robert
You have € 150 on MouseCon
Possible win: € 205.5

You have € 150 on nl MouseCon
Possible win: € 205.5

You have € 1083 on ee k1ck
Possible win: € 3974.61

easiest money ever, .ee m8's owning :)

Ps. told ya saken
subbi was again amazing^^
subbi best player
subbi amazing
subbi mindblowing
subbi astonishing
monkey potm!
Saken you need me
haha k1ck too skilled !
You have € 15 on ee k1ck
You won € 55.05
You have € 167 on ee k1ck
You won € 612.89

GG! <3
You have € 500 on ee k1ck
You won € 1835

sigh, forgot to bet
You have € 4000 on ee k1ck
You won € 14680
When's that movie coming out bro?
did not expect that Oo
You have € 30 on k1ck
You won € 110.1
after a great game vs. anexis, disappointment vs. kick

great nades walle!..congratulation kick
You have € 200 on ee k1ck
You won € 734

ty k1ck ;)
You have € 100 on nl MouseCon
You lost