Insignia Cadre vs Impact Gaming (13634 views)

fi cadein
fi kmble
fi lettu
fi MulSu
fi Squall
fi twidi
gb Mztik
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
nl teKoa
nl M1lk
fi Tiigeri
Winners Bracket - Round 5
25.06.07 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Qpad CUP by
Manager: andyF1 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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By: smOke
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Total Slots: 750
Listener Peak: unknown

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Viewer Peak: 525


1st.. go go cadre... twidi ftw
2nd.. go go impact... milk ftw
3th.. go go impact ... (I'm not a fanboy :b)

So unlucky, fins vs fins. :(

Okay, there are some players from other countries.
fin vs fin is like whinebattle in fin but gl both :>
impact need a win, so gl impact
we aint lost in cadre cup why do we "need" a win?
Good for morale...:D Fins + dutchies :D
what then need a lose.
ofc you need a win cant say you dont need a win plz.
no but its written like that as to suggest Impact are in need of a win to get over a string of defeats :S
jezus how dump are people here....

Insignia Cadre 1.08 vs 14.21 Impact Gaming Total pot: 53835 €
Your bet: 20€ on Impact Possible Win: 284.20 € (+264.20 €)

starting to see it now moron why they have to win...
wtf i post this and suddenly this

Insignia Cadre 1.45 vs 3.20 Impact Gaming Total pot: 72813 €
Your bet: 20€ on Impact Possible Win: 64.00 € (+44.00 €)

if u say so.
What did you really expect. You point out ppl are betting the wrong way then complain cos they realize your right and bet with you, hence shortening the odds.
IMO your own fault!
jezus how dump
I couldn't remember asking for replies anyway bitches pfff... but people admit I'm right...?
andyF1 Monday, 25th June 2007 10:48
You point out ppl are betting the wrong way then complain cos they realize your right and bet with you, hence shortening the odds.

See I am right....:D and smokey ty for pointing that one out... jezus how dumb are..... >D
Insignia Cadre 1.05 vs 20.49 Impact Gaming ?! :o)))
Your bet: 23€ on Impact
Possible Win: 354.66 € (+331.66 €)

nice =)
gl impact <333333
Insignia Cadre is underrated.

They can beat Impact Gaming.

But... (h3h3) GL Impact. (:
Insignia Cadre vs. The Last Resort | 2007-06-18 | etQcup ---> 4:0
Insignia Cadre vs. K1ck eSports Club ® | 2007-06-12 | etQcup --> 4:0

They have beaten famous and good enemies. So everything can happen. :b
cadre imo.
mystic and impact is 100% win
go nl
plz impact :)
lineups for both teamz? :)
hard choice for finnish ppl to bet some money :D
go twidi ! but GL both :)
50 € on Cadre<3
hf gl both!!
could be close
gl Insignia Cadre and Impact Gaming =)
gl&hf both ;D
mulsu wont play against cheators!!!
go go Mztik and mystic !
Impact will pwn
impact for sure
gl milk
By bet depends on the availability of fi Mobile MG here! :O
I am the headadmin of this cup, so try to guess if MG is available or not!
lame :(
Just give fi Supermarko the FG42 and let him snipe the fi MG down!
We need Mashed!
bah, where is xpaz :[
xpaz is not part of the main lineup in Impact anymore, hasn't been for a little while now, hes just been filling in when others haven't been available
Did Mztik pass by him, like Mztik being "the better player", or is it because of inactivity or whatever reason...?
xpaz wants to stop playing et, basically
sad to hear that he wants to quit...:( though, best of luck to Mztik :)
no xpaz no win ;[


we need english shoutcasters imo!
This man is right! Listen to him! :)
can you use MMG at bremen?? :|
ofc! what would bremen be without mg? :(
gb Mashed
gS.mystic will take it

gl twidi mulsu & lettu
where is TosspoT?:o
need english shoutcaster!!!!
mystic OWNS!
Perfect line-up for Impact (<3) they will OWN !
tiigeri ftw
no chmpp... no win T_T
gl cadre
Need english radio for this!
tekoa FTW
no biggz no win V_V
no mystic wtf?
bb money


bb money.
no eVo no win :D

ByeBye my money...
bb money
v55 7€
have no fear XPAZ is here w00t
-.- nice lineup ffs
cadre won 4:2
Oh, so cadre can win without chmpp. Should've bet :(
he was playing!
Then why is cadein in the line-up instead of chmmp? :o
kom xfire / vent?
he played too! mulsu didn't play, and lineup was given what we though it would be but we changed it before match because mulsu wanted to play wow!
Freedune, I'm at university pc atm. Tomorrow morning exam :o)

c u 2 morrow
wow lol
allways bet on the team with the most fins hh
cadre ;o
gg wp impact
cancel bets pls :p
well played ! nice back to back defence at cp on bremen from impact oO
no mystic, no win !
expected :)
this was nowhere near expected, if xpaz would have played from the beginning it would have been 4:0 for impact, np;) so in the Grand Final with imapcts lineup:tekoa, mystic, xpaz, mztik, milk and raveneye they will be 2nd after dignitas;)
omfg !!
again; a really good game from cadre
my upload was 7kb so I cant cast OMG! and gg - eVo hero of the match for playing gr :))
gg cadre!!!!!!!!!!!!!
half of my money lost, gg wp
Classic Game replay of this game up on YouTube:

lineup slightly wrong here :P kinda messed me over being tired. -mystic +xpaz&evo and -mulsu +chmpp