Impact Gaming vs Evolve Gaming (18745 views)

gb Mztik
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
nl teKoa
nl M1lk
fi Saintt
gb Adacore
nl Azatej
de butchji
sc razz
de snoop
mt toxic
Loserbracket Round 8
08.07.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Qpad CUP by
Manager: eVo (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
Downloads: TV Demo: Impact Gaming vs Evolve Gaming (2 Files)
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Total Slots: 5,500
Listener Peak: unknown

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Viewer Peak: 738


Nice Match !!!
evole vs impact or ger vs tba :o
how can butchji and snoop play both the matches XD
ger match is gonna be resheduled :]
woot great match
butchji has 2 pcs, he'll play on them both..

4 evolve and ger
gl both :*
gl :o
those lineups wtf
butchji, razz, mystic, mztik, raveneye, tekoa, tiigeri, ALL IN ONE GAME xDDDDD
i thought razz has been banned and is not allowed to play oO
lol @ you
lol @ you
he has been unbanned already
welcome back 2 earth
its hard to read news in english correctly :O
thats the true german education.
i was inactive so fu
so you Austrian really know that?
gl both will prolly be a great game!
No XPAZ no Win <3
nice match gl both
no perfo no win, evolve will lose BIG TIME
5o6 for evolve imo.
Good game coming. Good luck for Impact
wow, awesome lineups, should be a great game. gl
im really lookin forward to this match
gl snoop <3
gl impact <3
good luck dudes
go butchh!
mt always win!
1 st
lets hope that mystic shows up this time :D
cuz if evo has to play impact is going to loose ^^
will be a good match.
gl both
izi for impact
np 4 evolve
wheres saintt?
playing for impact
plss a comeback from saintt would be so nice :)
idd =)
GL & HF both!!
gl snoop & adacore
gl evolve, gl butchji
go impact !
Match cancelled??
why they doestn play?
I like both teamz so im neutral on this on :D
Your bet: 100€ on Impact Possible Win: 448.00 € (+348.00 €)
gl evolve
gl impact
gl kaas
gl cheese
gl me when im eating cheese
impact ezy
eVo, Can you play match with imapct?? :D
gl evolve Gaming

Mashed ftw! Gl hf..
uh nice matchup !
best lineup for impact!
AzatöjarN wiNZ
Good match, dont understand most of the people bet on evolve:O
Impact's line-up is really good. Most defently impact will win. Tekoa FTW M1lk FTW:D

hf gl impact
do you already understand it now?
tiigeri :o He really gonna own !
funny m1lk vs azatej
adacore:o dono him
evolve 4 sho <3
go go go evolve :D
my money on ToX!
lineup tonight:

gb Mztik
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
nl teKoa
nl M1lk
fi Saintt
And here i was hoping to see you in action again ^^ <3 but noehez the saint is back.
Well good luck impact
Your bet: 1000€ on evolve
Possible Win: 12,320.00 € (+11,320.00 €) izi moeny
OMG ITS SAINTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 izi 4 impact
WB saintt
<3 sainttti
saint ololololololololol
and what i said
gl Toxic!!
saintt :o
saintt inda house <3
old :<
Nice, Mashed is shoutcasing :>
What's so special about saintt? (just asking, no need to flame me to hell)
experienced, good spammer, knows the team well
Mkay, but he's been away for such a long time now :s.
one of the most underrated players in et history imo
just spec him :)
you should get flamed as hell tbh
Saintt <o/
replaced tiigeri with saintt just like i said u shld!

rat = her0
if the lineup of impact is true they will win :)
so were waiting jafo & drc to showup and parodia will relaunch :)
mystic pwn plz! :D
battery oO

I'd like to see how Saintt does after such a long period of inactivity!
imo impact may still need xpaz to win:( replace mztik with xpaz, m1lk and tekoa with jauhis and jafo and see the wins coming;)
milk and tekoa > jauhis and jafo...
azatej is gonna pwn them all <3
he played for aMonkeys one time and was very good
impressive game on paper, lets hope ingame it will be the same :)
fi Saintt > Panzer
Impact lineup for today:
fi mystic
fi raveneye
fi saintt
fi Xpaz
fi JaFo
fi Drc

gl saintt <3
the most annoying player in ET is back, welcome back saintt!
saintt? now i know who will win this match
wb saintt<3
go butchi go!
they are playng already?
omfg:- DDD ada
Impact Gaming 0 - 2 Evolve Gaming
wow first time listenning to et radio

WTF mashed talk fkint fast!
He want's to go wc:<
Your bet: 1000€ on evolve Won 4340.00€
sounds exiting....
Impact Gaming 0 - 4 Evolve Gaming
LOL @ Mashed, u talk so fast ;D
yeah well, you listen slow :P
ever try to breath while shoutcasting?
i do it all the time
it not looks like u do this :D 2-3 words/sec isn't normal :D
Your bet: 1000€ on evolve Won 4340.00€
but saintt won razz imo (in flaming!) thats all that matters!
but who the the game? LoL
Oh, i forgot, gratz for rivatuner man for winning a match <3
you are a fucking retard.. just like saintt

GG RAZZ! <3 (and no.. i'm not a fanboy)
join my razz-fanclub we need all we can get!
jump off the bridge pls.. kthxbye
first you gave him heart and now you dont like him? 8(
i said i'm not a fucking fanboy. I just think you and saintt are acting like retards.. that's all :o
bibuy yourself
Congrats to Adacore & butchji for their outstanding prestation.
Your bet: 70€ on evolve Won 303.80€
thx mystic and rest <3 half of my money BB!
Your bet: 24250€ on evolve Won 105245.00€
My graphics cards are overheating I think, I kept going 999 for 5 seconds and my display went all weird :x
history repeating?
Nah, not as bad as before...
£20 for a Radeon 9700 @ CDC3? : o)
Err, no thanks. I've got dual Radeon X1800 512MBs atm, in crossfire mode (the card m1ke is talking about is my old Radeon 9800 Pro, which has a known problem with cooling).
Your bet: 8€ on evolve Won 34.72€
wp ada, didnt expect that :O
well done adacore <3

adacore > xylos :D:P
gay newbs
NICE GAME Evolve gg butchji @ all
omg nubs ? Impact Gaming 1.30 vs 4.34 Evolve Gaming
ettv still up for this match?
so siehts aus
Your bet: 234€ on evolve Won 1015.56€
what a bullshit butchji you SUCK
why did xpaz stop play?:S
Replace mztik with Xpaz and m1lk with Saintt and it will be izi bash for sure.
saintt was replacing Tiigeri
perfo has little balls
saintt aims pretty shit:<
like he had good aim before...
well i supposed he sure had, never seen him but he was in parodia...
OMG! Why doesn't jauhis play in impact? I need mystic, raveneye, saintt, jauhis, Xpaz and jafo (let him return too) as line up of impact! If they will play with this lineup they will win everything fo sho !