Belgian Fraternity vs Monks of bolivia (4465 views)

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pl abj
pl Robert
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pl mag
pl Czarek
ee mant
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Grand Final
6on6 Fun Cup -
04.02.12 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: hEAVENNNN (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 8749
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 43


estonian power!!
gl Robert
gl BF xD?
gl polska fraternity
why would admins even allow Polish fucks to sign up with our team & then putting it on gtv?

Et is really dead now :s
You polish fucktard just used our account dipshit.
sorry Adriaan :<
klekaj do miecza dziwko. Przepraszaj pana
why u let robert join ur cup team? :)
teams match with the site, no reason to decline
oh you again, you're such a fag.
how is it my problem, or my fault if you allowed him to join your cup team, meaning he can sign up with your team?
Belgian fraternity with polaks :D
lowest EC BF ever.
robaciek die of aids or in carfire gay fucktard get skill watafuck u use our account for u gay ass fuck nerd cripple I buy you a wheelchair and throw you off a cliff you idiot gayspastical retardationalized
wasn't there some controversy over using another team's account to play ..
idd, al1 must be mad right about now
brackets are gone now, but yeah :p
gl gb griim
wtf :D
"Belgian Fraternity "

full with polaks
gl jewe gold medal winner
Polak Fraternity
boycott this ettv match !!!!!!!!!
die of aids polaks wtf its bF and not pF cocksuckers
klopt gwn nie.. kut polaks
they take for you the second place^^
jewe hahahahahahahahah
I was eating half of the match. :D
deserved win, way better than tmoe
lol nerds playing cups on saturday rly..
lol nerds commenting on gtv about other enrds playing on saturday rly..
fintard is fintard
lol nerd please stop refreshing gtv for comments rly..
ic what u did there
gl bf