Poland vs Czech Republic (11727 views)

pl dialer
pl fanatic
pl Frag'Stealer
pl hunter
pl Krein
pl zMk
cz malfoy
cz charliezed
cz jalo
cz Rifleman
cz Green_Clon
cz mnew

CB NationsCup XV
Playoffs: Upper Bracket Round 1
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 187628
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ET Television
By: aiRen
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 164

Overall Viewerpeak: 164


P(r)olandia enjoy.
gdzie kurwa WuT? do chuja pana
gl zMk
omg Krein -__-
izi 4 hunter
jalo ftw!
gl Charlie :D
thx bro dont worry i will fail:-D
Nah, you will win through your incompetence :D
omg jalo omg
gl Krein & charlie
GOGO Czech!
gl charlie slapka!
twoja stara chodzie po lasach:-P
btw thx
a twoja moczy piety w czajniku
Gl cze ! <3 Cypis
EURO 2012 GRUP !A :d
where is your hockey team? ;)
why r u nagging;)
just askin (not this perfo again) :)))))
gl charlie, malfoy & rifleman !
hf =) heard belgium is dropping out of NC so top 3 should be np for Poland
joking around ^^
insider info, im kamz, everybody in community come to me with their problems
I have no friends. What should i do ? !_!
similar story for fellow community member named razz.. i told him to attend lan
not a bad idea m8 keep up this work
u know me.. always willing to help the community :)
:XD ?
pt Sporting vs. pl Legia?
they just want to show them snow :D. and im not sure that pt guys will be able to do anything against pl supporters ;D

and btw.
its tomorrow not next week ;D

next week will be pl vs. pt in Warsaw :D
no WuT no win !
cooooo ? xD
no green_clon
Udelejte ze me bohace
Cesi dotoho
czas wprowadzic tajna bron dialer!
perfo zostal naturalizowanym Kolumbijczykiem
a wiaderko czemu sie opierdala i sam nie zagra? :D
moze ktos bedzie gral z dawnego skladu ?
hf fanatic,hunter,krein,charli,mnew and rifleman :)
GL kuci charlie nasekej jim už !!!! :D jalo izi bash ;) mnew+CYPIS own to win ;) malfoy brainiac xD Rifleman .... no coment ;)
gl hunter:D
You have € 103 on cz CZE
Possible win: € 5650.58
easy for Jalo!
GL seDou a Nikco :D
Vela stastia ceskemu timu.
You have € 416 on cz CZE
Possible win: € 19032

chtelo by ...
izi pl rozjebac czechow :DDDDDD
Twe jesli je vyndate tak se probehnu nahej po Vaclavaku :DDDD izi 4Jalo :]
no ShiSha mate no win ;D
hf zdravim vsetkych hejterov!
Forever aiRone

Total Slots: 5,000
Used Slots: 0
Viewer Peak: 0
14 viewers actually
47 clear viewers
Okay okay:-( N1 mate:@
Keeping ET alive for inactive users since now :D
wp gl
gg wp
jalo - one man army :)
wp jalo :D
jalo 2on2 powaa
jalo beast
This match ist NOT available on demand. wtf ? :<