Norway vs France (8432 views)

no Snuble
no w3st
no Kris
no Woah
no Domi
no Lakaii
fr An7ho
fr karnaj
fr emorej
fr kartez
fr rizkk
fr didi

CB NationsCup XV
Playoffs: Upper Bracket Round 1
23.02.12 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: snuble (Requestee)
Maps: Missile_b3
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Total Pot: € 98497
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 119


Gl Fra' !
hf snuble,kris,zodiac,domi,menth and kartez ;)
Im afraid nothing will be very fun for Norway in this match:))

if u will play grush u will pown them ;DDD
Gogow Fra !
gl snuble
gl snuble et fab :)
gl no ... but still ...see ya in LB :)
Gl Fra!
gl fra !!
gl nor :*

and gl kartez, hf crushing them
GL messieurs F & G
gl fra !
didi & kartez <3
Gl Snuble & An7ho
GL Fra
omg domi omg
gl snuble
GL fra
b2theb killer

il est ou le bras cassé

tg culey :DD,j'ai encore mal :p
Ce soir tu m'expliques tout !
oué je vais t'expliquer lol mais c'est pas ce que tu penses :DD
MMS ^^
-20:47:25- (@aToOn|kartez) sinon SIMOON_ jsais pas cmt il s est fais mal le papy
-20:47:33- (@aToOn|kartez) surement un faux mouvement
-20:47:35- (@aToOn|kartez) :DDD
-20:47:43- (@SIMOON_) :D
-20:47:55- (@SIMOON_) il s'est tapé un ladyboy qui faisait trop mal le vieux
-20:48:19- (@aToOn|kartez) il la fist
-20:48:22- (@aToOn|kartez) sa passait pas
-20:48:23- (@aToOn|kartez) : D
-20:48:30- (@SIMOON_) :DDDDDD
Mdr,vous etes con tous les deux :DDD
jme disai "jle voi plus sur le bio" :D
gl w3st and Kris :p
emorej has returned!!!!

gl both :p
gl nor :)
gl kartez,karnaj, an7ho
hf Rizkk, An7ho <3
Succes Domi held :P
Ja en nu maar hopen dat me PC niet zoveel crashed :XD Hij crashde 3e x achter elkaar toen ik met jullie speelden dus toen had ik geen zin meer om terug te komen :P
ik had het door ja, we mistten je :-(
duel between two nigger and paki lovers countries :))))))
gl snuble
Gl Norway!
gl snuble
gl Norway <3
gl norway
emorej :O gl snuble!
gl norge !!
gl kartez rizk & an7ho
GL Snuble!
et le banane, elle glisse la banane?
t'en es une drole de banane toi :D
Gl Fra!
awaiting connection ... over 9000 :(

gl france
snuble new sqzz
lol:) man i fucked up..haha:)
gl lakaii
gj norway taking the first map!
epic lag snuble! :D
haha.. so funny.. standing behind that shit, waiting for right moment, jsut when im about to moove.... 999.. but only for 5-6 seconds, enough for so I have to wait another spawn..haha!
wp france.

2 bad we couldnt give a better show on grush, and our sd defence:/
You have € 6900 on fr FRA
You won € 7107


gg norway tho :)
You have € 50 on no NOR
You lost.... :(

thanx tho:)
Well played :))
You have € 50 on no NOR
You lost

ncie try
karnaj le pwner :D
Indeed :D
around 23k - like a boss :D
and like 10000hs :D
INB4 la quote de paulad sur la corrélation Taille de ton viseur - Ego.
real nice try no shame ;(
wow better as exspected! gj norway
Where is ankel?