Provok vs kartez (5984 views)

fr Provok
fr kartez

ESL 1on1 Winter League 2011/2012
Playoffs - Grand Final

Playoffs' Road to final for fr Provok :
Playoffs' Road to final for fr kartez :

4:2 fi Swanidius
3:1 fi vokki

1:0 pl l4z
4:0 de mental

4:0 de nicon
1:0 be Slicer
11.03.12 18:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Kartez (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Multi_huntplace
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Total Pot: € 13160
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 34


Easy for kartez
You have € 40 on kartez
Possible win: € 78.4
fr Dominating 1on1 scene :)

gl provok!
not hard if there are like 10 ppl playing it
gl bro
You have € 20 on kartez
Possible win: € 40.8

go kartez go
gl both
hf frenchies
gl mon kartouche ! izi !
nicon 8th best 1v1 player in teh world
gg bro
haha knew it - np 4 provok
Easy provok :)
gl provok
gl kartez
gl gl!!
way too lame, unbelieveable.Its not 1on1 its Camping only. In RTCW was sthm called gentleman agreement...
gotta agree on that
1on1 hasn't been anything more than camp, since always.
not true!
there is just 2 ways to play,

1st: camp, hide, play "smart"

2nd: dont stop moving like a boss :d
1st: i like the quotation marks @ smart :)
2nd: yep, it's like playing more attractive football, spectators want to see that shit!
ye everyone play "smart" at every format, thats annoying as fuck :D (wait 10s in ur spawn, backshoot, hide&seek) so we cant rly play "attractive way"
its like playing football, yes. you either play it smart, with everyone knowing his place, or you just run around (just imagine goalkeeper running around not caring about his net. now its funny, right? finally, football might become interesting to watch)
oh you

by "attractive football" its the ball whois still moving, or play with 1/2 touch of the ball, taking some little risk with pass. eg barcelona

by "dont stop moving like a boss :d " we meant having a lot of real duel, not moving anywhere like a retard.

you get it or you were trying to troll mister gay clown?
You have € 56 on kartez
Possible win: € 77.28

je compte sur toi gros :)
vise le body izi bash :)
gl provok!
Who is slicer? team?
gl provok
Provok à la pression face à un adversaire si imposant.
GL !
GL & HF both !
You have € 250 on Provok
Possible win: € 1547.5 gl
Tu vas surement avoir des propositions d'Aulas ne les prend pas en compte kartez !

Aulas va avoir moins d'argent de poche avec les resultats actuels de Lyon :[D
2 suceuses en finale...ce jeu est vrmt mort <3 <3
GL Provokounet <3
gl Provok
gl kartez
gl provok ;)
omg provok omg :D
GL provok :DDD
Gl provok !
gl Provok m8 :D
Bonne chance à tout les deux :)
GL Provokou !
gl kartez
gl kart(ez)
gg wp
Snatix's Gambling Stats

1,000 € on kartez Won1,180€

Il t'a backstab toi aussi
WP kartez
J'avais pas pris un grand risque. Gg kartez ;)