inSpiron vs glitz (5772 views)

nl imPluX
nl Mott4
nl Highway
be fratske
nl dipstick
nl fritsie
ee x3NJa
de violy
ee Elliot
ee Cannonize
nl Lilly

#et.tourney 6v6 Tournement
Match from 3rd Matchweek
19.03.12 21:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #et.tourney » Matchlink
Hosting: #et.tourney
Manager: highway (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 47792
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 36


gl motta and violy
gl glitz
gl xAeee
Goodluck inSpiron !!
gl xAeee violy
gl inS
omg inSpiron omg :D gl
gl inSpiron!
GL highway!
Gl Implux bro !
gl cannonize
easy for glitz x
You have € 45 on glitz
Possible win: € 127.35
GL imp, motta en high! :D
gl frits!
gl motta m8 !
gL ins, fritsie !!
gl violy <3
gl inspiron :)
you better fucking win this one glitz
gl inS
violy ben zona
gL glitz
gl inS :)
gl inSpiron
gl frats en de martijnen!
komop highway alles geven !!! xp doop hier
izi for inS , GL
Gl martijn en ehmm martijn! :d
gl bro implux bro

anima <3
gl implux
gl inSpiron !
gl xae
gl Mott4
gl xae eliott
i'm not playing :P
gl viol :)
gl highway and implux
`goed geluk
easy violy
4-2 ins gg wp
You have € 900 on inS
You won € 5616
gg wp
WP, too tired for last map!:D
close map though
True, but i was braindead, x3NJa yelling at me all the time XD
Damage and objective carry does not compute
You have € 100 on eu inS
You won € 624
expected, wp
You have € 647 on inS
You won € 4037.28

keep it up inspiron!
amazing ability to fuck everything up in the decider -> glitz
You have € 30 on inS
You won € 187.2

You have € 40 on inS
You won € 249.6
You have € 50 on inS
You won € 312

thx motta
gg ins <3
You have € 70 on eu inS
You won € 436.8

You have € 20 on eu inS
You won € 124.8
You have € 20 on eu inS
You won € 124.8

oh come on glitz
You have € 20 on inS
You won € 124.8
why the fuck is iinspiron allways so underrated? they are fuckin' pwning..fuck yeah!
for the money ;)
thank god for that :P
You have € 900 on inS
You won € 5616

You have € 10 on inS
You won € 62.4

izi money
You have € 250 on eu inS
You won € 1560

dankjewel pluxje xxx
You have € 150 on inS
You won € 936

You have € 10 on inS
You won € 62.4
You have € 14 on inS
You won € 87.36

thx !
nice ins,.. wp

glitz... :\ ?
tubli mcleod, highskiller.
wp ins and frits!
McLeod, miks sa seda mängu mängid?
expected after x3NJa even lost against lowshy+ :{DDDdddD
You have € 40 on eu inS
You won € 249.6