Chickens With Guns vs (5094 views)

se Sonofevil
si Seareal
nl outlAw
pl Tikej
fi Good
fi Squall
fi olBaa
fi Altsi
fi Salaneuvos
fi Vanhaomena
fi SpugE

ESL 6on6 Winter League 2011/2012 - Division 2
Playoffs - Grand Final match 2

Playoffs' Road to final for fi :
Playoffs' Road to final for no Chickens With Guns :

0:4 no Chickens With Guns
4:0 fi

1:0 nl TaylorGang
1:0 nl TaylorGang

4:0 de Lost Soldiers
1:0 nl inSpiron

4:0 fr
4:2 fr

2:4 nl TaylorGang

1:0 cl Synergy.ET
15.03.12 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Mo00mi (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 26853
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 43


GL OUTLAW & polak
ceWEge ftw!
gl outlAw<3
gl erwin*
ESL 6on6 Winter League 2011/2012 - Division 2 and squall in there... sad
that you get by forcing it to an other day that we cant play ;)
hope rules will be changed
Gl Tikej squall Seareal
this match gonna be epic
cewege nerds gonna get rolled
Gl t0psu my man
Gl cereal! :DDDDD
gl tikej,squall
well new line up - olbaa, altsi, sala, vanhea, spuge and hirvi

no, spunge was not playing only hirvi from jari :D
pretty decent for 2nd div!!
Bet toMi was afraid <3
cwg tactic backfired a little :XD
You have € 48 on fi jari&
Possible win: € 144.96

jari wins like always :P
outlaw rage :(
More like iritated, show that jari is just weak
you took squall, dick against dick
Cause we couldnt have 6 u twat u get 4 new players. I guess thats the same ;)
yes and the only player possible was squall, yes? just shows that the finnish commuity is still intact.
my choice went to phyzic :-)
so scared about squall that u had to get a whol new team to play against him LOL
we took a merc, you took a whole new team lol
seareal its funny you search for RIFLE, and you take squall. GG
our rifle was online, like the rest of jari's team but they wer 2 afraid to face us lol
i want my moneyz back :x
LoL ! =)
lol u guys need squall? thats rly poor tbh :x
best of luck jari mates !!!!
idd... luckily we won :P
that you get by forcing it to an other day that we cant play ;)
proofs we forced it :D ?
admin told
me and mummy agreed to play it on thursday
Not what mummy told me
we never agreed on anything, even esl admins r calling jari pussys so pls :D
thats what u get when u start to mess with finns you retarded faggots
roll fins 4:0 fins egoquit, they get a new lineup just before the game :D fins >

[ESL|FoaMeA] the league has nothing to do with jari's unsportmanlike behavior
this one comming from FoaMea is fucking funny
u get squall and they are not sportmanshipski?
Last time for retards who cant read. We wanted to play on sunday so all players were avi. Admins forced to thursday and we needed a merc. We dont set up a new team and egoquit to play another day.
bullshit, you begged squall to play with u assholes :DDDD
Nah i wanted phyzic :ppp

no hate squallii <3
stfu you cheating cunt
Dude, jari never accepted to play both games on sunday its just mummy's bullshit talk so stfu and eat shit..
let them whine
yes, they did accept, we got logs :D then they ego quit when we bashed them HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD
Thats not a proof, you said that YOU can play it on sunday and tomi just said "ok".. tomi never said that JARI.ET are able to play it on sunday
Last time for retards who dont understand, If we lose 1st final and play the worst game of our lives, u wonder why we dont want to play second match in same night? And what comes to our lineup today, u had 1 player missing today we had 4, that means u had 5 players of ur original lineup, we had 4 BACKUPS and still managed to win. I think that tells something about repertuar.
real jari scared, and shit :D

You dumb shit. You got squall because u knew you would have get raped. The fact just is that if you start to play ugly like that against finns, you will just get yourself covered in shit :DDD

jari 69 - 0 cwg cancer team :DDDDD

Thats why btw is offline? Good comeback bro
yeah and their whole team (jari) is online :XD so scared to face us hah
all on ettv watching like little childs in a corner :XD
and happy as shit when the other team won against a mix cwg :DDDDDD
jari got a golden pocal

you didnt :DD
GG jari stronger
You have € 46 on jari&
You won € 138.92
nice lineup xd
hahahahahah XDDDD changing date of final match after 1st match lost
next to
taking new whole team

gg in future c=3
its dead due no sponsor now
Cheaters got raped
17:26:59 • Topic: gg jari is dead
17:26:59 • Set by: _toMi on Wed Mar 14 21:39:08 2012
You should quit et again you dumb cheating scum :DD
Serious gaming
nerds got rolled and they hatin' hahaha :DD
You have € 250 on no ceWEge
You lost
You have € 67 on no ceWEge
You lost Didnt trust on our backups.
Enemy team sucked so hard
played against jari before thismatch, they said dont bet on us were gonna play offi with mercs cuz tomi is going afk all the time, FUFUFUFUUF no moneyz for me
ET is alive
pretty pathetic from jari to play with a whole new team..
I want my moneyzzzzz!

Lol mad
i lost all my money :( You have € 26 on no ceWEge You lost
izi bash ! gg better team won
tomi i have to tank you for this match since i dont have to pay my team 600 Euros now since they lost
more like u ppl to shit to play with ur own lineup
butthurt lol :P
butthurt for what? i couldnt care less for neither u, or any of these nubs in ur lineup lol, just stating the facts dumb idiot.
haha oula'd!
well done jari,i would have do the same on that situation :)
lol outlaw bad
finish people trolled you hard like a bossssssssssss
Nerds trolled hard by finns, gj jari
when a team started to play together, they should finish it as a team. rules should be changed!

to change most of players in the team is generally a evidence of poorness...
cwg got what they deserved :)
:D i agree


you call that close :DD ? ppl running around and just fragging and still won :DDD
yes pretty much u fucktard :D
hahahah nice cwge troll face? XD
This match will be replayed on sunday
good stuff jari!