#sticked.et vs Chickens With Guns (5944 views)

fr soma
fr Skynet
fr Taichi
fr Provok
fr MSHOu
fr teki
se Sonofevil
si Seareal
fi Good
pl Tikej
nl outlaw
pl Btw

#et.tourney 6vs6 Tournament
Group 4 - 3rd Matchweek
01.04.12 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #et.tourney » Matchlink
Hosting: #et.tourney
Manager: fanatic (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 27601
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 31


gl seareal :)
2izi for sticked
izi4 outlaw
Gl les coupains :)
Gl sticked :).
gl seareal & cwg:)
hf both :)
GL taichi!
gl les coupaings
y u no paly
can't play ET for some months now :)
dno, u have to tell me!
Nothing much, temporarly stopped ET :p
I'm not sure if i'm here at 21. so Mummy get the ip please and give it to your oppo. I should be online after 10pm
I will give them ip
yes moomi please decide the date, the time and the server please.
cup admin forced it so ididnt do anything so plz stfu [Match Forced due to sticked's uninterested attitude.]
ye was hard to contact me since I blacklisted your whole retarded team on IRC :-)
Well if we win, realise you lose to retards. So what does that make you? ^^
thank you for proving my point.
I guess you didnt even know what the sentence ment :-)
k, but you could still join our irc chan :P
I wrote mummy because he has some rights on gamestv so he can get the ip on his own. and afaik he pmmd me that you can't set a date because you didnt reply to him and today is the last day.
Reply? reply to what? I didn't get messaged and my mate answered him on tuesday. We can't play before sunday but you had the great idea to set deadlines in the middle of the week so..
well then I might let you play on Sunday, because probably I will let aToOn/team uk/team nl play on sunday. but sunday is really the last day. at night/monday morning im starting with playoffs. So if teams care about this last game but can't play this tonight, I can allow them to play it on Sunday. 8-)
ok thanks we will see to play on sunday then!
okay but firstly talk with cWg about it and wtf is this issue with you cannot play on their server?

seriously , about 40 games have been played in this tournament, and only about this game my priv is spammed every day, 10000000 times. server is bad, date is bad, oppo doesnt reply..... it's so hard to arrange games between you guys ee ? :@
We got only problems to organise matches vs Cewege. We play offis every week without probs...
Dude it was already known in start at the cup when the games will be played. Learn to read...
yea so what to do ? we couldn't play, it's not a question about "interested attitude"..
U must be lucky you can play it @ sunday
sunday offi's day :)
gl sticked
Good Luck tikejku i btw.
best of luck riva mate :)
gl sticked
Due to new deadlines, we are able to play on sunday about 21h15
aucune chance pour les low fr
est-ce que tu es le même forzz qui a sortit sa copine en excuse après son bust?

si oui, ferme ta gueule et brise toi la nuque contre un radiateur plz
j'aime :)
ForZz -10 / Kaze 10000 :{D?
je t'aime toi
Tu aimes Ouchen aussi, sale plow.
mon héro
tu l'as assez bien fracassé quand même
parle parle vien me le dire en face sale geek de merde apres on reparlera boloss
Si tu m'avais laissé la rifle chez les gi je pourrais être low+ mnt.
tg t mauvais que ca soit la rifle ou la mp retard
gl sticked !
MDR Skynet tu m'as bien fais rire :D
gl riva :)
thx but i'm not playing this one :(
Gl soma, skynet, provok!
gl tIKEJ :)
no Snatix in LU :((( anyways good luck sticked
Not active anymore sadly :(
Snatix Saturday, 31st March 2012 20:54

T'étais pas encore couché a 20:54 ? rooh, jvais le dire a papapapi jcrois hein :xd
vous allez voir quand j'vais revenir! Ca va trollé hard
teki gonna rape :D
Gl sticked!
gl sticked friends
Gl tiKEJ
gl Tikej : D
GL sticked! Selena et teki je vous spec assurez :)
Trop de pression ! :{D
gl soma & tikej!
gl tIKEJ <3 & btw <3
fr Riva not avi, add fr MSHOu instead.
gl outlaw
ggwp, skynet beast !
gg sticked !
You have € 100 on fr sticked
Possible win: € 316
gg sticked :D
was like ding ding ding and still lost ;(
wp sticked
you're playing as a team
unfortunatley :P
You have € 7490 on no ceWEge
You lost

GG les gars! Ma technique a enfin payée!
You have € 151 on sticked
You won € 477.16
You have € 10 on fr sticked
You won € 31.6
team > fraggers