Finlantic6 vs Nothing But Skillz (6108 views)

fi Iron
fi Jewe
fi Matias
fi Salaneuvos
fi twidi
be PlAyer
ee yEnch
ee Sinnu
ca bN
be fostruM
nl MOT1F
#et.tourney - 1st Division


Time might change.
09.04.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #et.tourney » Matchlink
Hosting: #et.tourney
Manager: yEnch (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 94218
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 131


easy for nbs
gl Belgians
gl jenka! :)
this gona be a nice match if chry will play
hf sala, fostrum<3 and co
gl nbs
why u always flaming on ettv? idiot or what?!
its not me ...
i seen u always flaming on there, think u need to grow up and take responsiblity for your actions
its really a namefaker who uses his nick to flame on ETTV. Same as people use your name to flame on ETTV, and we don't blame you either like you do to harmen.

harmen is a great kid, he's just unlucky to have a lot of namefakers :)
timbolina why he got those namefakers? because he whined mutch in the past ;D
now he is kinda nice and friendly but in the past he was flamming to :D
imo it's lies, it's understandable that people fake me since im quite known and famous, but not him.. i think it's him flaming then using nickfaker excuse :/
believe it or not lol its the truth, i wouldnt be defending him if i wasnt sure
just let it go , he's stupid if he doesnt see it , idc much about that gaynamefackerfanboys
i can see how defensive u r getting, this only tells me that u r lying to be honest.. my advice to you is to grow up and stop flaming people on ettv and then blaming others
dude wtf is ur problem , its not me and if there is some 1 who have to stop blaming on ettv its you
dont believe u
can we drink a beer together some day?
yea... just wait until the lan :')
who says i go to the lan
i heard kamz is a gay parrot
sure mate =)
ye im not surprised, typical kiddo talking shit online but not showing his face on lan
what do u think that i change my name to harmen or h&n _ harmen or hARMEN and insult and talk to myself ?
i dont think it, i know it.. why would anybody fake you? i just can't believe that
lol u troll
It's not him...
It's not him...

e: i inherited a 30 year old parrot from the passed away aunt of my mother
gl lads xo
You have € 10000 on eu Nbs
Possible win: € 35100

Tired of making bets :P
no chry no win fostrum plays in my place
no chry no win, ez for olbaa now
I agree - no chry no win.. ez money!
1 star?
gl anim/bN
now nbs dont have chry they might actually stand a chance
gl Nbs
peale seda pela peate uue 6nda otsima - sinnu kelle muu :D

fostrum best aim in nbs
izi for team fin
gl nbs <3 greetz from turkey :D

updatee on score <3
2-0 fin
i feel braindead
Was worst game ever for me atleast but gg :)
at least you won
i think you couldn't be better :PPPP
Don't worry, u weren't the only one :Dd
need to start playing with me again oula mate!
gg wp guys.
You have € 7787 on fi F6
You won € 9266.53
close game tough
well played both.... but no chry no win.

player/fostrum/chry in da same LU would've been gg...
You have € 1712 on F6
You won € 2037.28
cu@lan, first round on me then u can explain me how u survive internet with all your haters