vs -7co- (6733 views)

fi woony
pt punky
cv nicon
fi niki0o
fr Francis
gb rolst
pl rafek
nl Ikaros
fr Melq
fr eraz
fr p4triot
fr BO'ukii
fr Mokojo
be BuNeD
fr Blanchet

Fourth League
Group C
01.05.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: BOuki (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 13467
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 43


izi for nicon
woony hendrix omg, gl 7co ;)
kavinsky will roll
GL 7co
omg omg gl les 7co, izi djsky yaaaaaaaaaaaabsolument.

gl punky
Gl punky, nicon it Melq and Bo'Ukii mate :D
gl punky, woony and eraz !
Gl punky :)
GL Wny, Francis & moKojo !
You have € 100 on fr -7co-
Possible win: € 188

gogo les gars, assurez moi cette victoire :)
Mokojo mais lol
Mokojo mais lol
Vous avez quoi les sudistes :D
Mokojo mais lol
moi je veux refaire une lan avec toi et benjimouss :)
new line up 7co :D
nicon vs. eraz

battle of titans
You have € 127 on eu follow -
Possible win: € 259.08
hf follow mates! :)
HF bouki & mokojo
gl punky <3 and nicon + eraz!
gl 7co
gl punky & nicon!:D
+ nl Ikaros
fr Francis
pl rafek
uk rolst
gl :)
gl bouki !
good luck rolst!
Go Rolst Go, gl and enjoy
sup visjes still alive!
sure, sup with you?
Chillin ET from time to time.
What have you been up to?
GTA and GT5 for the most part. also got a motorbike now - great fun
hf follow
gl follow!
get spngnerd or lose
unfortunately stole him :<
BO'ukii and Melq GL & HF team bacalhau!
Good luck friends
You have € 43 on -7co-
Possible win: € 101.05

Bon chance 7co.
hf Moko,fait comme sur le pub ;DDDD
Thanks :D, ouai ba rifle ça va pas être la même ^^
Score will be: 5 - 3 -7co-
izi 7co :D Go bouki!
GL Follow :)
gl p4p4 !
gl rolst punky & kavinsky :D
gl punky :D
gl punky and eraz mate
je vais louper le match de l'année pfff :'(
Me too si il play ce soir :O
le gars se connect pas ts tout ca !!: O
Le gars travail payday :D
bah tu pourras faire un replay de ton match si tu fais pas record :D oh le mec s'enflamme

izi for follow bros
GL les paydays :D
to izi for FiShii player :D <333
baserace 8o8
gl Woony:)
8vs8 :DD trolol gl buned izi for u gl 7co j'ai tout mis sur vous :D
kids with huge pause for loose .. np ?

gg wp
so party ts by djos? COME AT ME, GIVE IP hah
only if u would of let us won :/ sry, cu in final, will try to burn cd's before match then
You have € 250 on follow -
You lost

oh oh nicon
1h50 la war gg ! on va en faire un film
ikaros la gravera sur dvd tékaté ;)
You have € 37 on eu follow -
You lost

told you to contact punky, your fault we lost!
blame ur compatriot, burning porns on dvds for hours :s
blame pds for the 9345869034 pauses :x