dLICIOUS GAMING * 3v3 vs PowerPlay (4489 views)

be MEPHii
be xKl
be Viquel
be sAilenZ
be miQi
be sliCr

ESL 3on3 Spring Cup 2012 - Cup #4
Playoffs - WB Round 1
12.05.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Spring Series 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Meph!sto (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 11487
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 7


izi for BE !
me vs slicr bro :D
u gonna play?:P
yes and without mephi :D
gl miQi :D
the fuck is deli doing in this shit 4th division ? if i look at their ladder rating they're 3rd.. and 7 games undefeated or smth..; they should atleast be in 2... the fuck is this shit...
you do realize nobody plays the ESL 3on3 ladder right?
I do realise. and ESL is a joke anyway.
they are not in 4th division ? it's just a group.
ye fourth group just like me :D
yeah we are in #5 but 1st on the 3v3 ladder.. weird huh :D
come on xfire
ahah t'es spotted :D
may the "beste belgjes" win? :-)
i think the best beer drinker will win :D
easy win for our sliCr than :P
gonna roll this wnb slica :D
heads gonna roll tonight!
rolling on steroids NP
gl powerplay!
gl belgen
gl both
vlaanderen vs wallonie

ta tout compris fieu :D
nice life
thx bro :)
the fuck happenned...

my cfg got fucked up at b4..
loosing against this...
that's a new excuse :D not?
no excuses. at all. i had to change some stuff on it after 1st map. and for the rest on supply was kinda easy. we just messed up.
ok mja lekkere match toch, neem nog een jupilerke :-)
You have € 10 on be PP|
You won € 70

Stop mad :D
Just because we weren't active in the last 4 years and you don't know us makes you judge us "LOSING AGAINST THIS..."

Quit the ego already and don't come with excuses like my cfg got fucked up, nobody cares about that shit anyway
actually i'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about the spring esl :p he just loves to flame low oppos. He failed that game and i think he mads at himself for loosing to such low noobs like you. As far as i remember the games we played 2 years ago while he was active, he was called a cheater in every single game we played beceause he owned oppos that were called "high"

he'll always be > than you low shit. playing onyl at weekends won't make him play like he used to
yo m8 :D long time no see. still playing ?
and yes you're right :D but nvm this x)
Fanboy gone wild
well yes he mad, and he mad on mephi always same shit and stuff... it's rly boring.
gg les gay mais c'est pas grave allez vous prendre une jupiler !
You have € 30 on be PP|
You won € 210 in miQi i trust :D
You have € 30 on PP|
You won € 210

wh00p :)
You have € 30 on PP|
You won € 210
btw speel je nog altijd active na al die tijd? :D
late we dan nog es een wartje doen same fzo :)
You have € 20 on PP|
You won € 140
You have € 25 on PP|
You won € 175
You have € 3 on be PP|
You won € 21

thx guys
You have € 117 on deli
You lost
You have € 500 on PP|
You won € 3500
You have € 3100 on deli
You lost
omg xkl...
alone at bunker, alone at UP can't do everything alone :XD
gg PP