ChAos Bois vs Awesome pwners! (4515 views)

bg dnbradio
bg Drovage
ro Stary
pl Yoddha
pl R4mirez
pl stokkie

CB 3on3 OC Spring 2012
Sixth League - Grand Final
14.06.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: dnbradio (Requestee)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 5469
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


You have € 1000 on eu ChAos//
Possible win: € 1960

Avi for this ;)
Let's take a look at my priorities table:

Offi > Team Prac > Random irc war
Let's take a look at my priorities table:

ET>TV>Real life
I'll take a look at your life table

gl drovage (:
fanbi spotted

gl drovage
oh that odds
oh that team now we can play baserace!
gl chaos

this is 3o3 :D ... no 8vs3 :X
good thing u told us!
they want baserace u know
sorry i dont eyes ! xtream say :D baserace
kasmet pichove!

A mersi! Dano da go vzemem finala :D :P!
lets play today guys
yes 8v3
gl PWN !
Too bad that you're playing with those cunts Stary ...
he is a random rage nub xd let him be least now we know how dumb he is xd
You talking about bein random XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
random shit is random
? :[
u guys have such a big ego :) that's awesome. tbh there's nothing about myself being mad, or rage, or anything like this.

That's just bad to see Stary with morons like.

Your reactions towards my sentence are just one more proof.

And u kept talking about randomness ... bitch plz.

"For me to be known to the people i like is enough, and prefferably unknown to the idiots on the inet."
I see a lack of IRL friends here :/ hopefully i'm not one of the first part of your sentence :)
leave it drovage, hes retarted also

Gl chaos<3
bg Drovage
ro Stary

glllllllllll <3
Just say gl or gtfo;d

All this bullshit, pictures and commands cus that idiot posted something
Gj, thats it ;)
i heard base likes penis
i heard chizzle eats healthy x(
True ! I support MC Don XD
i pick the healthy salads x(
gl stokkie!
sry guys my pc crashed and wont turn back on, :[
A kebab subscription for 3 months it's ok
wp stary
stary to stronk
nice teamplay too :D
gg wp guys :>>
wp stary
oooo I see nubbie :D wrote like 10 pages of that shit notebook, cu tmrw
oh please, its last league...
Can i ask how you went to sleep and still replay at focking 5 o'clock
gg wp :)
Stary carried, UNEXPECTED Captain obvious
idk where u saw carrying but ye he did his job!and apperantly ur not familiour with the term carrying , are ya? I suppose not..
I still think ur mad tho xd for no reason...ur Girl name says enough xd

(falme falme flame) ( for no reason XD )
your name is a radio, bitch please ^^

"falme" let's say that was a mistake more than you english ...
And ye he carried and i'm familiar to this word sorry bro :) I don't necessarly have to play against you to use it anyway.

I'm not mad, i just don't like you cause you're a retard and that's so easy to make fun of you ;)
o rly?! how did u reach the conclusion that Im retarded since ur the prick who started all this..he has 2k more dmg than us .. I don't see carry at all, yes he is rly good play but in this case he just played more aggressive thats all.. and u from all shouldn't talk about carry cause ur being carried by buned(yes he is good 2). but u in the other side... ur nothing .. just a random mad guy with huge ego with nothin to cover it
Thx for trying to make fun of me.. but im to low to buy that shit xd
ye, talking shit bout drovage without knowing him.

If hes a retard, then what ru? Stfu already plz.
and dude...for the record .. my name is dnbradio not just radio ;)
his name is giiirlzjE and not just girl ;) just wanted to point out you contradicted yourself
Ofc u reply only on that1^^
Same when i read your post tbh ;)
You have a nice imagination and taking thing like you want them to be, unfortunatly we aren't living in the same world ... I mean you seem being in that children world where you're the best and fuck the rest ... But that's more a Punk life you have -> No future.

My ego isn't that big since i don't play this game seriously anymore, competition are boring with CB and ESL doin shit.
Some random IRC wars are way better, even when we're playing against you and you're ragging without knowing who we are
Only saying omg 70 000 tzac, old busted and so on.

Keep the fun alive bro.
is A radio, not is radio, damn learn to read.
Not this freaking nerd again...
You could say welcome back bro