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CB 6on6 OC Spring 2012
Premier League - UB Round 2
14.06.12 22:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: humM3L187 (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 43103
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 50


TBA + TBA = butchji + sNoOp ? :XD
kiwi sry
like butchji would play with them /x:d:x/DD/dx:d
KRP: olba,squall,blindi,sample,ensam,me
olba is not allowed he played EC , i cant take kresti + FiREBBALL aswell : /
i think that kiwi is not allowed either, sorry mate. he can't just play in every .de team - http://www.gamestv.org/event/33537-inspiron-vs-mysterious-monkeys/ . they say that kiwi is their new 6th. make up your mind kiwi :)
owned :D
Nah kiwi is allowed, kiwi played with us EC qualifier and OC premier. Hes a main part of our team bro = )

He merced only for monkeyz, ramoz ask him if he can merc the game because the opponent allowed him and can take both maps for that.
Otherwise he would never play that game with monkeyz, if hes not allowed we drop out from the opencup simple.
Because i dont have 6 , 4 inactive ppl who arent online at the game date.
And kiwi played with us almost every offi, isnt our fault if monkeyz said he can be a merc for the offi and it ended up like this.
Also a shame that the opponent allowed them a freelancer and then complain, but what do you expect thats ET.

It doesnt matter if he only merced for them. He still played for them, therefore he has played for 2 teams in OC. If he played for monkeys and 2 match weeks hasnt passed, he cant play for you, whether hes a main part of your line up or not.

That's a load of bullshit.

Assuming whoever he merced for is in a lower division and the admins didn't give him permission to play there, that game should be forfeited, I don't think this should or will influence his right to play for this team.
Well if hes played for 2 teams in the same league, one team should be punished respectively ye, i agree with you on that. But the 2 week rule should still apply, he knew the rules when playing for another team, so he also should be punished and have to sit this game out (unless 2 match weeks have already passed)
First of all its not the same division, and the other thing is he told them only if the opponent allow a freelancer because he will play with us.
And goldorak said allready the game will be deleted and the game needs to be replayed, so the game never happen.

And your 2 weeks rule is only if a player change the team to a higher division, and here kiwi played in a lower division and that is normally not possible only if the opponent allows him as a merc/freelancer, he played for us a offi 5 days ago.

so everything is fine :)
Well your not allowed to play for a lower league full stop, whether you be playing for another or cless. Freelancers are not allowed if they play for another team, especially in a higher league (the fact it wasnt the same league makes it worse)

Goldorak should 100% make sure the game gets replayed.

The game from monkeyz will be replayed, he allready said that almost on cup forum. So that game never happen, and like saken said it has nothing to do with us, kiwi thing about himself he was a freelancer. Well for me its also a bit hard for monkeyz because they allowed the opponent to took both maps and for that they allow them 1 freelancer. I mean ET is dead anyway, why its impossible to allow a freelancer if the opponent agree's.
Because its the same as allowing a top EC player to play for a division 5 team. kiwi is clearly alot better than any division 2 players, so he clearly has a massive impact on the game whether he knew the rules or not :P the match should be replayed and kiwi only play for you guys unless moving to a team in the same division or higher after waiting for 2 weeks ;)
Like i said , he will be allowed dont worry : ) because he played the whole OpenCup with us, and he was thinking about himself hes a freelancer since the opponent allowed him. And the 2 weeks rule is only if you change from a lower div to a higher and kiwi didnt change because he allready played with us EC qualifier and OC, so that rule is gone. Also because he played a offi for a week us, but anway you arent a admin and like saken said it has nothing to do with our team : )

gn bra
You can also deny a certain player to merc?

They obviously know kiwi so it would be totally fair to just say no.
My first impression and hummel knew it well - kiwi no more allowed to play for any team on this OC. but we talk with the crew and most said let him play.
And about kiwi playing for lower league, oponent know who are the merc and agree with it, http://www.qpic.ws/images/kiwiasmerc.jpg
so they cant complain
Whats the point in having rules it can easily be broken because players (not admins) say its ok
in this case, if oponent agree, they will assume the consequence in case of and in this case they make a deal
be sure that for me kiwi should be no more allowed to play but as i said, we talk about it with the crew and for the game we let him play back for L as a last chance
Totally true, im quite sure goldorak will also let him play. kiwi dont know that smth like that happen "only because he played as freelancer",
he was a part of us during the whole opencup and EC qualifier. Hes allowed dont worry, isnt our teams fault or kiwis fault.
They asked him to play as freelancer nothing more, kiwi also told them that he played with us allready and stuff.
WOW WOW guysguys dont write a book on gamestv?!:O
unwissenheit schützt vor strafe nicht ........ wenn man sich die regeln anschaut, sollte man das wissen. Sorry Daniel aber ihr spielt nun nicht erst seit diesem OC mit..... daher denke ich das die argumentation mal nicht greift... egal welche entscheidung getroffen wird.... nicht böse gemeint, aber ....

hf gl
Wir haben damit garnichts zutuhn, also unser team wir spielen einfach. Und wenn ein anderes team fragt ob kiwi mercen darf, klar warum nicht solange er vom gegner erlaubt wird. Ich hätte auch zugesagt solange es nicht auf mein team zurück fällt. Wenn der gegner im nachhinein complained, warum soll unser team darunter leiden? kiwi wurde gesagt er darf spielen gut ist. Die admins haben da genau richtig entschieden warum sollen sie einen spieler der den ganzen OC mit seinem team gespielt hat ausschliessen nur weil er merced.
Regeln lesen... dann klappts auch .... daniel mercen oder nicht, er hat für 2 teams gespielt und das ist halt nur bedingt erlaubt. Das ja nur meine meinung... kein angriff ;) Aber Ihr seit lange genug dabei um sowas zu wissen und solche gefahr eben nicht ein zu gehen. Wie gesagt.... nur meine meinung... will niemanden verurteilen ;)

und so oder so!!!!!!!!!! HF GL guys! ;)
it's ET what do you expect :D okay nice then . gl bros B)
not true he wanted to play for our team :/ i didnt ask him to merc! :)
kiwi is allowed, as it wouldn't be fair to tell him he cannot play with the team that he started out playing EC qualis / OC premier with (Legendary / STAR.ET)

the mMONKEYS vs inSpiron match has been dealt with and should have no influence on this match
aight :D i was just refering to ramoz's words from clanbase forum under inSpiron vs mMonkeys discussion. quite funny guy :)

"Maybe you know that we searched a 6th Player for Team after LAN. he talked to me about this that he wanna join us. cuz old atoon/bambino.et rebuild didnt work. star.et dont know and survive rebuild will fail he told. he just wanna play with some mates he knows. can send you logs if you dont believe that he wanna play for us. and yesterday he said he wanna join and we let him. "
" RE:monkeys vs inspirion - ramozjii - mMONKEYS - Tue 12 Jun 23:29
He will play in the future yes. but cuz of he decide it shortly before game/after. i have to use him as merc "

he wrote to us after we searched a 6th guy and said he is avi. if you dont believe can send you loggs about our conversation at CF :) yesterday he talked to us that he will play for star/legandary again after hummel asked him. if you dont believe ask him :)
you ramoz are full of lies, good luck in life.
Yes Sir! pm for logs mate :)
You are slippin already m8.
Half final xD
You need woDka!
Its not called half final, its called semi final
gl kiwi :b
gl in half final krp
we'd appreciate if we could play the game one hour earlier. atleast I didnt agree on this time since I have to wake up veeeeeeeeeery early :(
we talked about it on irc, i told you that some of us almost here at 22cet :/ , its only 1 times :p
Dein englisch is herrlich :D
hf timom8
lol it's u?
I dont know what you are talking about.
dual personality?
I still dont know what you are on about.
why hfing yourself?
Why would i do smth like that?
I said "hf timo" not "hf bong" oO
you are timo aka bong...
Am I? Didnt know that. Thanks for the information Altsim8.
you are very very weird guy timo...
No, hes not.
why not u in lineups? :z
to shit
i mean altsi :* he is pro gamer, one of only guys in fin gang that is very humble and very skilled :)) also twidi, sample, kapaa cool guys :P
dachte du bist headset kaufen und pad :XD kleiner lügner
Ah, sorry then.
yes i'm. lineup is: Vanhaomena,ENSAM,Blindi,kapaa,ME,TBA
ok nice mate :) krp has been in dire states recently, olbaa ensam twidi etc lost the other day to nyke, fumble, darkrider, etc.. so maybe u r the one to save them from these rough times :P or maybe almighty c team just pro, i don't know.
i didn't even play faggot
there's no reason for this rude behaviour sir
u bitch ass faggot talkin shit about me bhind my back when i didnt even play??? curry nerd
omg gay detected
Spast :DDD
kamz so pro :D

only two week back from 1 year break and rolling nerds already! xd hehe
thats how it has to be: p
hoe smaakt pakistaans konthaar?
I look up the the sky!
maps ?
gl rkp
timo beast
You have € 65 on L
You won € 137.8
You have € 5555 on L
You won € 11776.6
you trusting in us?:D lolz
you kevji bong hummi joke - almost old dQ, so yeah :D
you guys play active, why not to bet on you >.>
didnt play for months :)
do we?:;D
dunno, if you think 1 day per week is active "oK" :D

me & kevji playing all days cod4, bong didnt play for months. kiwi allways hang around with the tschayamos.
We play only the offis, and that is 1 day per week.

Anyway gl in your future (K)urden(R)einigen(P)arkplätze

not my proudest moment
hehehehehehehe mä sentää hävisin vaan nc:n. ei humm3lille voi hävii
vittu misä sä luulet olevas, hummeli vastas ja blindi tikkuna = insta häviö
where is the fuck do you think a per, and was responsible for hummel blind tikkuna = Insta loss
This match ist NOT available on demand.

Because not even ETTV wanted to see the almighty krp get rolled by such an opponent!
ez dQ
hoi jude X:D
geh mal deine vorhaut suchen loLZZZ :XASDSXD