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CB 6on6 OC Spring 2012
Premier League - UB Round 2

devilry forfeits
24.06.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Spring 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar

Total Pot: € 25233
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


but.. but filuS made a topic in cF :/

can just say...stfu ? yes i can : stfu


You want his link to pm him to say that hes a shit admin ? here it is : [url]
ok go on and show us your whiner skill.
As usual you know nothing and you are saying shit, go explain to hybris that hes shit
calm down kiddo
yeah calm down, if your not happy go pm hybris.
honestly its time for you to take your medication mr brown, prozac can be the solution
ur fucking kid pls stfu idiot
I was the one who reported this to the Chiefs in the first place as you and every other admin failed to follow the simple rules.
no you wrong look match history
what happened anyway?
Why are you so mad at something that doesnt concern you?
not gonna happen, and if without me
What exactly happened? O_O
honestly, I have no idea and I am too tired of this to investigate whats going on again.
all that rolling for nothing :(
mant too skilled for OC premier :(
jacks 2 good, polaks scared, sad story
actually it's hummel who is scared :D
ye, nothing to do with polaks, they were awesome and chill, mr burrito(hummel) on the other hand..
True devilry were cool guys all the way.
go eat some frogs...
All these players belong to the kind of ET I like, so hf all! Go go Dolar!
boski omg, omg ! :D
olaboga balanko
omg, omg cwaniak z Karczewa ! :D
dobrze ze nie z Karczewia, Siedlaczku!
no raczej już nie ;)
panisko, robisz na garach w londynie? :=D
Karczew? ze niby za Otwockiem? o_0
yes sir, za grubOM rurOM

ps. roberto sledzisz mnie?!?!
nie, patrzylem tutaj bo hejt na CB i przypadkiem jakis mst sie nawinal. myslalem, ze nie zyjesz :D
aj tam, wpadam raz na pol roku sprawdzic, ktore nerdy jeszcze w to graja
jedz na lana to zobaczysz :P
sad story ; /
gl abj mag:)
gl abj mag :D
everytime I see someone whining because of an admin decision, goldorak is involved, and everytime the decision that has been made is retarded..

need a new sort of CB without the retarded rules/decisions/admin(s?)
It's not cb's fault if your players are too retarded to add guids on cb.
Wasn't really pointed at our game only
why dont u start typing at your laptop/pc a new set of rules and presenting it to the comunity?

why dont u appeal to be a supervisoer/cb admin?

why dont u proove to the comunity that u are what they need?

the right man at the right place

just cause your mami and daddy gives u a lot of money that they have no ideea u spend on video games,that dont make u smarter than others

Loooool just looooool
Yeah I love my mommy and daddy so much for that :)

If I were interested enough I'd actually do the things you stated, but I could not care less, would just like to see some new thing coming soon :)
if u could not care less,than stfu go take your daddy credit card ,make more teams(=give them money to full fill their dreams,while u win nothing in return,cause u never gonna be a trully e sports organisation and shit) and have a nice day

What makes you think I would need my dad's money for, plus why do you think I spend money on teams?
do u have a job that gives u enough profit that u can spare it on every day things and also save something for tomorrow?how do u keep your servers and your website up?did u not invested any money in et ?ok than perhaps ,it was all made from unicef donations
Yes actually, I do have a job that makes me more than enough money to spend a little bit on NBS and save a lot more for not only tomorrow but way after as well.
I know you have never heard of that being possible, but yeah.. too bad :)

Love you
how u know i thaught that was never possible?of course is your age and your qualifications and recomendations i m pretty sure u earn around 2000 euros /month,give smt for your parents to help them out ,save smt for you,and the rest invest in et.oo yea is totaly possible,and i m pretty sure that who ever says your parents support u with money even if they have no ideea what u doing with it,is a total retard
maybe everytime u see some1 whining because of an admin decision,goldorak is involved because he is the chief supervisor of the cup and he is supposed to get involve?u fuckin moron
It's not just because of this cup, but everytime I see someone whining about CB stuff. Other admins make reasonable decisions and are generally accepted by the ET community, but Goldorak just isnt. Now get ur head out of your ass again fucking dickhead.
only thing i got in my ass is lots of hair.there is whining regarding esl decisions as well.just perhaps u never took time to get your head out of your ass headdick
and probably the dick of your two dads.. I'm not retarded and search for stuff like that, this just comes up by the time and cb has much more trouble with players/cups than esl. headdick is not really an insult, but Im already surprised that you are able to communicate in an other language than romanian.
so said your mama i quote":i m already surprised what you can do with your tongue"

i did not knew u have a baromenter to measure the level of cb/esl whining.face fuck....u are
wow that joke was probably as good as your school graduation, and by looking at your english, I highly doubt that you achieved much. I dont need a barometer for that, I just see people posting on gamestv or crossfire about these problems, and CB problems are more common than ESL problems. Now please do me a favour and stop replying, reading ur mental vomit is a pain.
than dont read it u fuckin internet cunt ,mister analyzer of cb problems.go suck some dick in the park next to your house and stop wasting your time on internet judging other people u fuckin stupid moron imbecile homosexual
then*, and as I already said, Im not analyzing. Neither I will do your dad's job and suck dick in park, sorry.
i wish i would knew your daddy email so i can send him some screenshots of what his precious son is writing.i think even if he is same retarded as u are he still would feel ashamed and kick your ass a little bit
i hope you die. fucking retarded faggot
the hopes of a cheater values as much as shit of a homeless dog in a street from a poor village in it ,son? , lets see if you have some balls :)
first :u said u won t reply to me anymore,u just did .who s the retard?
second:wtf should i do with an imaginary email address?who s the retard?

first: I said that I wont reply to you on crossfire anymore.
second: That's not an imaginary adress, maybe you mean invalid, but it neither is invalid. Just write an email to this adress and show what you got.

I dont even have to argue with you a lot, you are making a fool out of yourself on your own :D
so let me see if i got this right:u (the retard) tells me (the guy that feels pitty for the retard) that u wont reply to me anymore.but u did not said u wont reply only on cf.need proof or smt?your memory play tricks on u from 18 already?so u wont reply to me anymore on cf but u reply to me here on gamestv.and i m the retard?FUCK NO

why should i write to an imaginary email address.mother fucker if it would be the destiny to meet with you or other "fans" i would eat u alive.

beside that being very low probably(under 0.000001%) i really see no bravery in talking shit on internet to me,or the admins of cb(except fanatic =i allow u to talk shit about him) but about goldorak,let me tell u this:not even if u reincarnate a 1000 times and live 1000 lifes u wont be half as this guy.
Haha I knew that you dont have balls to write to that email adress, and no, it isnt invalid, try registering at with that email adress ;)
You dont have to tell me who Im allowed to talk about, and about that reincarnate shit: Yea, even after 1000 lives I wont be half as shit as Goldorak is nowadays :D
retards like u dont worth reply from cool guys like fo real ,drop death.
Retards like you arent worthy to reply to, apart from cool guys like me. So for real, drop dead*.
of course he is involved because he's the chief sups of CB ET. forward your whine to players that do not follow those simple rules that have been made and they accepted them by signing-up to the tournament.
you still quite dont get it, do you?
you used a player that played in EuroCup before (I don't mind using mercs as long as they play in lower or the same league, I know you will say that you don't care about any other team using mercs from EC and higher league, but there are few people, CB admins, that care about it), so why you should be treated in other way than any other OC/EC participant? (on a side note your team is so lazy that no one of you reported an OpenCup score from a single game in a proper way via CB forum, I entered most (if not all) of your scores just judging by Gamestv score). you should be glad that you have got a chance to replay the game. so everything is clear to me. cba to read your stories about mant joining your semi-active team that play just for fun, so don't even bother. cheers
as I said, you don't get it. We didnt use merc, mant is our player, he was used as merc in EC (however, this wasn't even my point). Whats hilarious is how CB works, we spoke to CB admins TWICE whether we can play with mant or not (cup supervisor himself as well, who is the highest instance in OC), after both of his appearances in EC, we had been given free hand both of the times. If we had been told we cant use him, we wouldnt recruit him in the first place. And on top of that, admins were changing their decisions on daily basis, first giving win to devilry because we didn't inform them of using merc, then accepting 4-0 score with not allowing mant to play next game, then forcing us to replay the game without mant at all. This is not our problem, we had been given the permission to play with him as regular player way in advance by cup supervisor, now CB admins are just playing a game who can piss further. Once again, this is not our problem, for us everything was settled before game even started, because we informed cup authorities about using him and we were allowed to do so. This is internal problem between CB admins, maybe they should discuss the matters before making final decision instead of changing previous calls of each other.
just get xyllos he didnt play for a team yet
I would take xylos now :DDD
I dont whine, I just said how my point of view looks like. But seeing the conversation between u and FiluS, I guess you are just here to support your polish comrades as it seems that you havent even bothered reading correctly what Filus wrote.
I support rules. couldn't care less about devilry though
so you say that if the admins accept it even though they knew it was "against the rules", it's still invalid?
gl boski :)
Shit just got real
whining about random match in mostly dead game -> priceless :)
its neither about the match nor you guys, it's just bad luck you are somehow involved in this.
i wrote "whining about match", not about us ^^
Some serious business going on here. Anyway, I agree with dabster and also, lettu.
gl mag abj
gl Abjecto
gl filus izi
cancelled? rescheduled? more drama? info please :D
devilry dropped out afaik