United Kingdom vs Germany (7577 views)

gb Artstar
gb razz
gb Jinosta
de s1LENT
de Bl4d3
de gr0ss
25.06.12 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 3on3 Country Championship » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Kwiz (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 91495
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 89


gl razz & jam :D
gl UK

gross is shit :D!
gl gr0ss bro
You have € 5000 on GER
Possible win: € 16250

ruszaj tam !!!1
nie gralem od 4 tyg. i nie mam neta w domu :DD tak ze gram u dziewczyny lOl

dobra, a jak wygrasz jak zmienilem beta to ci urwe jaja :D
You have € 5000 on UK
You won € 10900

<3 dzieki :D
same for u xoxo
gl Gav :_)
gl UK
Gl artstar <3
gl boys :D smash them!
Gl sqzz lad & gr0ss :D
gl kresti
kräss gl jungs, stille und gr0ss ich vermiss euch lasst euch ma wieder sehen :D <3
noob germany g3g3
missing koops dog and R0SS
You have € 47 on gb UK
Possible win: € 88.83

krest, gross ich glaub an euch!!!!!
gl uk
All in aggro gonna pwn!
You have € 80 on GER
Possible win: € 168

GL Jungs
You have € 50 on de GER
Possible win: € 103

GL ger
GL Team Germany ;)

You have € 140 on de GER
Possible win: € 267.4
dieser gr0ss woah ;) gl hf
gl yermanZ + artstar m8
You have € 38 on UK
Possible win: € 86.64
You have € 15 on UK
Possible win: € 33.15
^gl credibilis!
not to be mean but ROSS should play for artstar
he didn't want to play
I have never been asked to play except from Razz asking me earlier. Without sqzz i dont see this as Team UK. Maybe different if i was asked from the start
razz asking is what I meant. :P I told razz that him/you/sqzz would be the best option already.
nice not wanting to play for your country... treason if you ask me
gl s1lent,kresti
- Sqzz
+ Jino
nice lineup change after bets closed :P
We can work that out if you open some cb matches after bets closed haha
HF Blade
You have € 100 on UK
Possible win: € 218

Share your feelings with me after you found out sqzz got replaced :-(
You have € 10 on GER
You lost






gl razz
GG guys, dat double nade :D
omg my money :/
You have € 2500 on de GER
You lost

yo wp
You have € 100 on UK
You won € 218

sicheres geld :<
gg :D after gr really didn't expect it to turn around
nice nade bro! yea, guess every team could have done things better :D
its about time i did something useful in an important match. :P
yea, gl in further games :)
You have € 25 on UK
You won € 54.5 thx
You have € 250 on UK
You won € 545

thx artstar :p
no Tuma no win
gtv should change something about lineup changes. doesnt really make sense to make bets like that
You have € 50 on UK
You won € 109
You have € 745 on UK
You won € 1624.1
You have € 80 on GER
You lost


scheiss noobs xD
You have € 164 on UK
You won € 357.52

Sehr einfach Geld
You have € 640 on UK
You won € 1395.2