Netherlands vs Poland (9066 views)

nl saKen
pl lesti
pl Lukey
pl fanatic

ESL 3on3 Country Championship
Lower Bracket Final
26.07.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 3on3 Country Championship » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 70253
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 97


gl NL! =D
gl & hf l4mpje
-fanatic + upload = match of the year
Today? Dunno if we're be able to play this one due to the cgs seeding tournament. No chance to move it to some other day?
you may want to read the ESL protest, according to your teammates you're avi from 2230/2300 onwards.
No clue about esl. Haven't talked to lesti or fanatic about this match yet, just saw it a few hours ago here. I hope we can really play this.
its not like u guys and others team delayed the cup already!
gl fanaticcccccccccc
Will play right after CGS Seeding Tournament. ;)
gl nl !
fanatic > all PL!
fanatic > all PL!
Gl Netherlands
hf :-)
GL proland
still 1 match to play :ASD
sry, we are just waiting for oppo since liek 21;30..:D
give back my money saken stealer
this nationscup lasts for ages already o_O the current esl admins are the very best if it comes to running smth like flawless
It has nothing to do with admins, there are several teams that have delayed the tournament by simply not playing their matches or rescheduling their matches more than once. This game is taking long to be played because Poland haven't been able to play for a week because of some people being away and then the LAN seeding cup troubling the sunday game.
It is better to have some delayed matches than to have default wins due to noshows.
not rly, people agree to schedules/matchweeks as they sign up, so it's their own foult if they loose per forfeit
3o3 teampoland

chyba w bierki
serious buisness :XD
Bo all ma beke z Cb... wiec idz sobie pograj 6o6 low/+ i pokaz jaki to Ty skillowy jestes :)
Tyle ze ty grasz w ta gierke troche czasu i sie z miejsca nie ruszasz.. a otwierasz sie na gtv
a ten edit swiadczy o tym ze masz kisiel w glowie...
laske zrob temu fanaticowi... fanboju
z tego co kojarze to fanatyk tu wskoczyl za stexxa do teamu, bo tmoe przegralo w finale
Ty za to wyfrunales do przodu ;D
ta polonistom to nie zostaniesz...
a Ty sie ruszasz do przodu? ;D
szacunek za napierdalanie w grze? tego jeszcze nie bylo :D
z budowy jak juz klaunie...
Ciekawie się czyta komentarze napisane w górę od tego hah xd
promen in team poland.. i lol'd xDDDD
promen in team poland.. i lol'd xDDDD
Gl pelle m8, saken homo :)
izi Proland :)
ale spiny tutaj leca lol
i tak w najgorszym przypadku jest juz 3cie miejsce, wiec brawo. Wydaje mi sie jednak, że bedzie 1. miejsce :)
cant take this comp serious after med+ polaks afraid to play uk
*grabs popcorn*
So confident, we didn't even waste time 8)
mi to care ale have fun
wygramy ;]
Hopefully polaks aren't too scared to play this time

gl my NL boys!
so nice to play against team.NL mates after easy bashing team pakistan :)
y , wa very close vs team UK , was nice to watch
enjoy your match tonight :))
LOL legend :D
Im guessing taking a forfeit vs UK does feel like a victory for you
oh just shut up. This game is dead anyway, noone cares.

fanatic calling in the polak army to reply to me?
No but i can't stand reading such bullshits. Sorry if I wasted ur time EC Player. I know u have more interesting things to do instead of replying.

like playing computer games :XD
No mate im on gtv 24/7 just so i can reply to you
he's right tho :-)
GL Poland , go fanatic :)
Careful Netherlands Poland might try and get a forfeit win
GL m8s!
You have € 838 on POL
Possible win: € 3393.9
- fanatic
- lesti
- lukey

+ sw1ruz,upload,wassabi

and + xperia
ah well, guess that forfeit win vs uk was worth it


Rape is what a dog did to ur mum.

polak mad cos cannot into final :D
just played the final ahaha
lol loser final :DD

great to see u mad anyways
u so mad man cos lost in seminfinals hard? :DDDDDD
losing and getting outdamaged by saken :D

so embarrassing lol

maybe next year u take more forfeits and still lose :D?
where's ur dmg?

not here cos lost in semifinal

u so mad :DDDD
stop raging at me, it aint my fault u lost, look at your own performance
bad comeback mad kamz
getting lower damage than saken is an embarrassment.. you are an awful player and i can see why you guys needed the forfeit now
You have € 15000 on NED
You won € 19950
gg, failed hard with selfkills:XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd
gl bros

no forfeit no win :'(((((

get face
wow you are so immature
says you
rofl what have i ever done to u
Well it all goes back to the day where I asked who you was because I didn't know
and you replied saying how you were going to smash my face at lan + racism

immature = you

haha cant even remember that, + racism can be true cause i dont like black people :)
something tells me you wouldn't say a word to him at lan. also there's nothing immature about his comment, pretty accurate seemingly?!
Owzos getting internet soon, you better be back by then!
back home 9th august boiii!! but my gf will be staying with me so not much ET. :D (AFTER THAT IM GONNA ROCK MY NERD ON ALL DAY LONG OFC)
Implying he will ever go to lan, isn't he like 16? His mummy probably won't allow it :<
possibly! but generally the shit-talkers online are the quiet ones at LAN. :]
if u want to smash koop's face on lan , u have to pass me first.

je mag hopen dat ze jou als eerst niet in elkaar slaan XD
then kamz will protect me
nah kamz is to bizzy with posting messages at GTV
gg nl
You have € 1 on POL
You lost
saken carrying
saken never loose !
what u doing with that uk flag
He is at the Olympics... LOL He represents his country... OMG
yes representing France on ET :P
I saw you. You held the French flag on the arena.
I was at work =)
tu bosses aux JO ?
lol non en France mais je sais pas ca appartient à un groupe Anglais mais bizarre que j'ai ce flag ^^
u work @uk ?