colt 45 and two zig Zags vs miNd's Pro Gamers club (11239 views)

gb Kamz
gb sqzz
gb R0SS
fi olBaa
be Kevin
fi miNd
fi Lepari
gb Baggiez
fi Squall
se NuggaN
nl perfo
Evolution Challenge
Lower Bracket Final

About lineups: anim will play rest of tournament with overload, olbaa joins us, razz got replaced in mpg for squall.
13.08.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Evolution Challenge » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: KAMZ (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 53356
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 126


kamz will smash the nerd mind with empty pakistanez hands and mind will cry like a little fintard biaci that she is.
sqzz will carry them,as usual...

why the fuck bn even playing?
guess kamz felt pity for him so he just took him ..
there has been some lineup changes, nothing against anim.. i think he wanted to play with overload anyways since he will most likely go to lan with them.. olbaa is the kind of player we are missing tbh, gives sqzz more of a chance to play his crucial medic role and ross back to his engineering. hopefully works better for us because we have been sucking lately :D
Kevin is not good enough for this :p
take me!
So you're actually active? Thats surprising.
big edit
well colt45 pracs like once every two weeks so we're hardly active as a team, i mix most nights but gonna go inactive for few weeks again cos of dissertation
I remember the days with sleeperz when we were mid/+ praccing everyday except fri/sat... nowadays its once every 2 weeks :D
yah i think overload are the only guys that actually prac a lot.. they are in every tournament
Who do they prac against? :D And damnit... was hoping they were out of shape got some offi with a fun-team against them later
against mixes mostly I'd guess :D
ahaha dw just remember the team name "colt45" all of yours colts will dink dink dink & boom dead dead dead, automatically. :)
gl kamz rape faces pls
olbaa didn't make it with jugnle brothers so he tries with another team now hue hue
well actually i asked him to play with us
izi for Kamz :/ :D
gl mere bacheo
shukirya bro, meh ye kote nu ik bada tapar den laga
chup kar kota benchod
if i m not mistaken is gypsi dialect
finish them kamz, destroy that faggot mind
izi with my tatics 8D
gl Colt boyz (most of them)
should be a good game, something to watch for long time :p
gl nerds
Whoever wins we can play the final on tuesday at 22:00 CET!
gl Flop & kamz
gl Kamz, sqzz, Flopje :)
hf sqzz :)
gl kamz, the true hero we all love
I'm not sure I understand the meaning of "all".
really? you should probably go find out what it means then.

and yes i know what you're trying to say.
Gl sqZz, FLOP, ROSS !!!
gl kamz kurwa
Stop the troll Kart:(
it's 4:20 somewhere
told u mind u cant defeat me! :<
colt45 is nothing without gav
colt45 is nothing without gav
colt45 is nothing without gav
colt45 is nothing without gav
colt45 is nothing without gav
gav is nothing without colt45
colt45 is nothing without gav
losing twice to kamz - GG



supply was to close
Kamz > miNd
Wp colt45 Gav is just insane, Some nice moments from kamZz too!

Mind good captain

--> Replace damage dealing fops
--> Recruit overrated noob who spams medpacks and camps
--> Give the noob the rambo positions
--> The noob gets lowest damage
--> Spot the noob???
You have € 50 on colt45
You won € 84
Quote by miNdWe are happy to have some summer competition with some cool prizes, think its gonna be really easy win for us based on the teams playing. Would be a big disappointment if we aint winning this!
was kinda awfull from my side but well played! :)

Lepari always awesome ;) <3
Kamz lowest dmg in team , im dissapointed!
lowest received too!

care anyways, win = win :P im doing all the covie 3rd eng dirty stuff :d
prolly cuz he was covi whole map !
also played with 200+ ping

nerds mad cos kamz winning? ;o
gav in his own hundreds in xp, like always.

I realize that mpg had a pretty random lineup but just wanna shove it in mind's face one last time.

"Ps. I still think that we should win this competion, easy? Well, have to play maybe couple more games."
squall lowest damage? what is dis
1 round @ supply with 0 damage. U got your answer there :)
dat Kamz, too stronk